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Getting Into Home Care
The founders have often been approached by individuals who want to know their secrets to success in the competitive Southern California home care industry. The founders decided to create a company that specializes in giving people the knowledge, tools, materials, and skill set needed to start and successfully operate and grow their own quality home care agency - instead of purchasing a franchise. Click the below video to see the basic steps you need to take to start a home care business:


How To Start a Home Care Business


Ask us about getting access to the other four video's in our free "Intro To Home Care" video series that include topics like:

  • Keys To Success In Home Care
  • 3 Reasons Why Home Care Agencies Fail


Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are so confident that you will be thrilled with our training, programs, materials, and membership support services we are willing to offer a full refund to anyone who decides to purchase a senior home care franchise within 30 days of taking our Boot Camp. Also, we guarantee you will get licensed in your state or we will issue you a full refund. This refund is based on you (and any business partners) passing a state background check. Not many organizations are willing to "put their money where their mouth is" when it comes to backing up their offering. We stand by our service and membership organization!


Home Care


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Ongoing Support

What Ongoing Support Do You Provide To Your Member Agencies?

With the franchise model, the franchiser is happy to supply and offer ongoing support; after all, you are paying them a lot of money to have the right to call them and ask them questions; it's called a 2.5% – 7% Royalty Fee taken off the top of your Gross Revenue. At AHI Group we are similarly financially invested in our member agency's success but the difference is that we do not charge a royalty on everything our member agencies earn - we charge a fee for optional programs they get to 'opt-in' to be part of. The three 'opt-in' programs AHI offers its members exclusively are its Veterans Home Care Program, its Agency Management Software solution, and Veterans Assisted Living Program. The Veteran programs drives clients to AHI Member agencies and allows them to receive revenue accordingly. Each member agency is not required to participate in these optional programs but 95% of AHI Group agencies do participate as they see it as a win-win scenario: The agencies get clients/revenue and AHI Group gets recurring revenue that allows us to keep the entry cost to our organization down and not have the need for a royalty to keep our organization running efficiently and provide the necessary resources to our members ongoing. Any other income our member agencies make outside of these programs do not have any fees attached to them. Again, if an agency doesn't want to use AHI VA Program and wants to use another solution out there to take care of their VA clients they are more than welcome to choose that other option and AHI Group will not take any recurring revenue from them. AHI will still support this agency just the same as all other agencies who use our programs ongoing.


AHI Group allows its members to make choices - that's the key difference between AHI's organization and a franchise or a membership company who charges a flat $500 a month fee - no matter what the agency makes in revenue. AHI is motivated to have its agencies make as much revenue as possible and is motivated to provide programs that its members will CHOOSE to be apart of. If AHI programs are not unqiue or competitive then AHI members will not choose to use them. AHI is motivated like no other organization in the home care industry to stay current and on top of the competition. Our recurring revenue depends on it!


At AHI Group (AHI) StartupHomeCare we know how important it is to have an experienced, prior home care business owner's "hand to hold" when you are going into a new career and often into an industry you have never worked in previously. Our training and ongoing coaching is designed to help people through the maze of starting, operating, and growing their own successful home care business - with a focus on long term strategy and short term goals to maximize revenue potential. Our support is provided only by those who have owned their own home care business before. We are not like most other organizations who have people who have been "trained by a trainer" providing day to day support to their home care agencies. Unless a person has been in your shoes as a new home care agency owner how can they possibly understand what you are going through each day?


At AHI, we take our support seriously and allow only members of our team who have actually owned a successful home care business to provide coaching support to our members. You are not just getting support from someone who has worked at a home care agency once upon a time. There is a big difference between what the owner of a company can teach you and what an employee of that same company could teach you. Until you have been in an owners shoes you will never know what it is like to run and operate a home care business. AHI coaches provide daily support to AHI members. AHI coaches also provide weekly conference calls were five or so home care agencies can join and share how their week went; the struggles, the lows, the highs, the wins, etc. and learn first hand from others across the nation that are growing their home care business. These calls are all recorded so that anyone can go back anytime and listen - if they were not able to attend. This type of information and support from those who have gone before you and been successful is invaluable in helping you beat out your local competition who may already be "embedded" in your healthcare community. What will you say in your first 60 seconds of talking to a healthcare professional in your community? What will you show them? What sets your agency apart? If you don't know the answers to these simple questions and have unique programs to back up your organization and stand out from the crowd you will undoubtedly have a tough time cracking any embedded competition. AHI's long term care insurance contracts, training on how to crack government paid care programs, Assisted Living and Independent Living specialty programs that will generate revenue and provide much needed goodwill, and AHI low cost Veterans Benefit Care Loan Program are just some of the things that set AHI members apart from their competitors nationwide and allow them to provide free care to their clients.


Our member agencies get day-to-day support after their Boot Camp training which requires a mandatory eight weeks "out the gate sales coaching" - once they are ready to open their doors for business - with one of our sales coaches who has previously owned their own successful home care agency. Each member agency gets to call/email their coach day-to-day with no restrictions for the lifetime of owning their home care business at no extra charge. Certain consulting type companies may claim to offer "life time training" or "life time support" but when you look at the details you are either invited to come back to their training classes as often as you like but actually need to pay extra for one-on-one day-to-day support AND/OR that ongoing support is not provided by those who have actually built a highly successful home care business and been in your exact shoes. Make sure you fully understand what it is you are getting before you sign your future away with such companies as we continually get parties come to us after getting poor results from other companies who promise much but the important details are not hashed out on the table prior to pulling the trigger and these individuals unfortunately find out what they are lacking when its too late.


Some people ask, "How will you provide superior support when you are not getting paid ongoing for that support - what motivates you to provide quality support?" Our answer: AHI funds its ongoing support via the recurring revenue it receives from the optional programs its agencies can "opt-in" to be part of - like its VA program that pays $24/hr and allows a net profit (on average) of $8-10/hr. The average Veteran client qualifies for 68 hrs a month which equals $7,000 per year in net profit for the agency. Ninety part-time Veteran clients equals $630,000 in net profit per year. As each agency gets more clients with these optional programs, AHI gets more revenue. So, AHI is motivated to help its agencies not only get day to day support with their needs but to also help them grow as AHI's recurring revenue grows accordingly.


Some people then ask - "What's the difference between AHI's recurring revenue programs and a Franchise's royalty?" Answer: If an agency doesn't want to use an opt-in AHI revenue driving program it is not required to and AHI will not take any recurring revenue from that agency ongoing - but is still committed to providing superior support to help them with their home care business - with the hope that the agency will eventually see the value in the AHI optional programs and want to join them. It's a win for the agency - who doesn't pay ongoing fees unless they use AHI's client producing programs and AHI gets recurring revenue as they do verses a franchise who charges an across the board 2.5 to 7% royalty on any Gross Revenue that its franchisee makes - whether or not it was through a program that the franchisor offers or not. Many of AHI's members choose to use AHI optional programs because they see the value in getting the "low hanging fruit" that the programs allow them to go after in their community (i.e. our Veterans Administration (VA) Program that offers a very specific niche in the VA world that no other nationwide home care agency has in place and allows our agenices to provide 10-25 hours of care per week to potentially 1 in 3 seniors in their area via a government funded VA benefit. AHI has a very specific program that can help people get this benefit with no money out of their pocket to get started). If an agency decided they didn't want to use the AHI VA Program (as an example) anymore they could go out and market to that demographic on their own and pay no more program fees to AHI. If AHI is not helping its agencies get clients then it shouldn't be taking a piece of their profits - that's our AHI motto and we have the business model to support it.

With that being said, in order to be successful in this business it does require that one has a deep understanding of the building blocks of a home care agency: Employees (Caregivers), Clients, and Referral sources and how to effectively attract, cultivate, and maintain relationships with each. Being trained on how to provide assistance with activities of daily living may sound simple but involves many intricate things that need to be understood in order to gain the confidence of your potential referral sources and clients. For example, if a client or a referral source asked you if you can help administer a prescription eye drop what would you say? An incorrect answer could disqualify you from getting the business in a few seconds. Knowing how to provide your services to stay within the guidelines of the law is crucial to gaining credibility with your potential referral sources and clients but also to avoid potential law suits due to performing tasks that should be performed by a registered nurse.


Also, separating one's agency from the competition through innovative marketing and hiring techniques is key to growing one's home care agency. This is where AHI - StartupHomeCare excels! Reading a book or attending a few days of "seminar style" training with dozens of other people on how to start your own company will unfortunately rarely suffice in today's competitive environment. AHI StartupHomeCare has built and tested a real world business model to achieve maximum success in competitive home care markets. Please talk to one of our representatives about our competitive edge sales approaches - including our one of a kind Veterans Program - and "back door" marketing techniques to learn more.


Once the innovative marketing techniques, care provider training, and all the other administrative skills are thoroughly learned and practiced day in and day out it doesn't require much to keep them going - just your time and effort. Yes, there are always situations that will come up day to day that we will not have covered in our extensive eight day AHI University™ Boot Camp Training Program, but over time you will find (like most all others) that you are seeing the same situations rise again and you will know how to effectively handle them. We also realize that there will be situations that arise after your first year that you may need assistance solving and that is why we provide comprehensive day to day unlimited support for the life of you owning your business.

Who Provides The Support?

AHI offers comprehensive ongoing day to day support to its member agencies. Support consists initially of our mandatory "Out the Gate Sales Coaching" program which links up each agency (you) with a personal AHI StartupHomeCare Sales Coach (who has been a prior home care agency business owner) to have meetings to discuss who you visited, who you talked to, what you talked about, what your next steps are with that person, etc. All agency owners are required to complete sales coaching forms on a weekly basis with the above information and review them with their sales coach who will give them advice on how to maximize and grow their position with each of their potential and current referral sources. In addition, phone conference meetings and daily email and phone support to help you get through all the nuances and challenges of starting and successfully growing a home care agency. StartupHomeCare team members who have owned their own home care agencies, and are Certified Senior Care Managers and Licensed Social Workers, assist with the day-to-day support - so you learn only from those who have real life experience owning and growing successful home care agencies. Kristy Dunning, Vice President of AHI, heads up the support team and personally spends 90% of her time providing daily and weekly sales coaching and support to AHI Members. Our team is committed to providing prompt and immediate support to all calls/emails from our members, no exceptions!


AHI Group, Inc Reputation: We have almost 300 members nationwide and growing. With that, you will not find any negative feedback online from our members. This is because they are getting what they were told from our organization and are busy growing their home care busineses with our day to day support. The proof is in the pudding - so to speak. We encourage you to do a search on "AHI Group Reviews" or "AHI Group Compliants" and see for yourself.

AHI Group, Inc (AHI) is an international membership organization that assists both providers and recipients of senior care to achieve quality and affordable care outcomes. For more information please contact one of our business development specialists at the number above.