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10 Days Of Cutting Edge Boot Camp Training

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You do not have to purchase a franchise to be successful – but you do need people behind you who are financially motivated to help you grow and how have personally started and grown their own home care agencies from the ground up into multi-million dollar operations.

Initial Training Is Needed But No-One Is An Expert After 10 Days of Training

If you wanted to get into college playing a sport – wouldn’t you want a coach who had been to college playing that sport…. and preferably a top notch college team? The same holds true with any coach. Why would you hire someone to help you grow a home care business into a multi-million dollar operation if that person had never actually done what they were claiming to help you achieve?

Here at AHI Group, we would never ask any of our members to do anything that we have not been able to do ourselves. That is why our coaches and mentors have all owned their own home care business before and successfully grown it from zero to a multi-million dollar operation.

We understand that the initial 10 days of training is important and gives our members some great tools to go out and get started – but there is so much we don’t have time to teach in 10 days and that information is critical when operating a new business. What is the discharge planner at the hospital asks you a question you don’t know the answer to? What do you do now? Where do you go to get the answer? What if the administrator of a skilled nursing facility snubs you when you try and hit them up with your sales pitch… what do you do now? Bring them donuts and hope things go well? Details matter and everyone needs to learn the details of their role as time goes on with their new business. Situations will arise and they will need answers to correctly navigate odd situations to avoid liability and win business and beat out existing embedded competition.

Our AHI Group Coaches/Mentors are motivated financially to help our members grow. The more clients our members get in our three optional programs the more revenue AHI Group and our coaches get – all without charging a royalty on income. Our members save losing 1/3 to 1/2 their take home profit in a royalty payment and yet our coaches/mentors are still financially motivated to help our members get more clients. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We would go on and on about the value our Coaches and Mentors play in helping our member agencies grow – but here is some detailed information about the 10 days of initial training we provide to get the game kicked off and running.


AHI Group Initial “Boot Camp” Training Content & Schedule

Our initial 10 days of training is always taught by the founders of AHI Group. You get to learn directly from those who have been in your shoes and actually grown their own business from zero to a multi-million dollar operation and are now sharing the secrets of their success. Our Boot Camp classes are small and focus one-on-one attention. You won’t walk into a room with 75 people and get 5 of your 50 questions answered by the end of the week with our Boot Camp. We hold five Boot Camps a year in our Corporate Office.

Unlimited Lifetime Access To Training – our members get unlimited access to both our in-office and online boot camp training courses. You get to train your future employees on any part of running your business via our online training portal – no need to spend money on them traveling to our corporate office.

The following are a list of the major content categories included in the 10 day initial training (5 days in office and 5 days remote via video and text book. The five day live training is completed at our Corporate Office in Irvine, Southern California.

Human Resources & Liability Protection – information and tips for hiring, firing, and avoiding liability in the home care industry. Applying for liability, workers compensation, and bonding insurance.

Policies, Procedures, and Caregiver Training – review of home care policies, procedures, practices, guidelines, and client/employee legal documentation. Training on how to provide senior care (what one can and cannot do, and the best practices for doing it).

Hiring – how to find, hire, and retain quality senior care aides; what behavior is normal/what to expect of your employees. Orientation/application/interview process review and time/liability saving tips. Running background checks. Caregiver training.

Sales and Marketing – hands on guidance to marketing your agency: marketing plan creation; assessing local competition and market analysis; AHI Group competitive edge tools; where to focus time and efforts for maximized benefit and referrals; creating the look and feel of a professional and stable agency that people can trust; beating out embedded competition, etc. Due to the fact that sales and marketing are so important to the success of a home care business we spend one third of the Boot Camp training on these topics. However, as mentioned previously, even spending 3.5 days on sales and marketing will still not cover all of the obstacles and situations you will encounter day to day after opening your doors for business and that is where your assigned personal coach/mentor who has owned their own multi-million dollar home care agency comes into play and helps motivate, guide, and direct you to success after you open your doors for business.

You won’t leave our boot camp with instructions on how to find an SEO company to try and get your website ranked on the first page of Google like some home care consultants will have you do. We realize that it takes 1-2 years to get ranked on the first page of Google if you are lucky and there are many other franchises out there who are spending much more money on such than you will ever be able to come up with. Also, even home care agencies that are ranked on page 1 of Google will tell you that they only get 10% of their referrals from their google ranking. Most people who need care are not making decision based on website searches – they are talking to a hospital discharge planner or their doctor after their dad took a fall taking out the garbage and ended up in the ER. You will need tools that set you apart from your competition when talking to these healthcare professionals – as they are the ones giving out the referrals.

Also, government Medicaid Waiver Programs can pay as little as $13/hour in some states like California and Virginia. With what a caregiver must get paid, it makes little sense to contract with such programs. Long Term Care Insurance companies can pay decent rates but are super competitive to get referrals from. You have to have things that set you apart from the competition – and everyone is saying they have the “best trained caregivers”, “specialty programs with Hospice/Alzheimer’s”, or “will take your difficult cases”. If you don’t have something else to offer then you will not thrive against the embedded competition.

Five Additional Senior Care Revenue Streams – Training on four additional “Snap on businesses” that will drive additional revenue to your home care agency. Assisted Living Placements, Non-Medical Transportation, Medical Alert Devices, Telehealth, etc.

Staffing – how to schedule and incentive your home health aids to be a professional face to your company (includes hands on software training). What is normal? How many hours and what type of hours do they expect to work? How far should you push them? What should you pay them? This is where our members have a leg up on a franchise as they don’t have a royalty taking away 1/3 of their profits and they can turn that around to their caregivers and pay them in the top 20% in their local community.

Client Intake – end to end sales approach – how to sell your clients on your services over the phone and distinguish yourself from the competition (includes hands-on training on tracking all sales calls and follow up).

Client Assessments – How to perform an in-home assessment and close the sale. What is normal? What is the competition doing?

Client and Senior Care Aide Matching – How to match the right Senior Care Aide with your clients.

Client Service and Maintenance – How to keep your clients. What are they looking for? What do they expect? What does the competition do to maintain relationships?

Billing/Accounts Receivable – How to operate your cash based business and keep a zero aging report (no outstanding receivables). What is normal? How far can you push clients if they are late with payment? Late fees? Phone calls? Tips on incentive them to pay on-time. ACH and credit card payment software training and setup. Quick Books hands-on training.

Payroll – How to track employee hours, automated GPS systems to track caregivers, overtime laws, mileage expense laws, bonuses.

Technology – How to use technology and automated tools to significantly reduce the time and effort required to perform basic office functions like recruiting, hiring, orientation, staffing, time sheet retrieval, document management, web-site and marketing materials editing (includes hands-on software training). This also includes information on our back office solution that saves our members $2,000+ a month in office overhead.

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