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Tips to Weatherproof Your Loved One’s Home

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The cold months of winter can be harsh for seniors. It is imperative that your loved ones stay safe during the wintertime. Your loved one’s safety not only includes dressing suitably for the cold weather but also ensuring their homes are ready for the winter season.

Depending on where your loved one lives, there may only be a little bit to do to winter-proof in and around their homes. On the other hand, if your senior loved one lives in the colder regions, your to-do list may be long. Here are a few tips from Startup HomeCare to help weatherproof your loved one’s home this winter.

Check the furnace and make sure it is in good working order. Also, clear away any materials that can become a fire hazard. Purchase and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and stock up on batteries for both devices. If there are any other heating units, have them inspected and serviced. If your loved one’s house has a fireplace, clean it. Furthermore, to ensure your senior can use the fireplace, leave the wood where it is easily accessible. Purchase a fire extinguisher if your senior loved one does not already own one. Be sure to teach your loved one how to use it.

To keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside, caulk the windows and install weather strips around doors. To protect pipes from freezing it is important to insulate the ones that are exposed. To prevent animals from going underneath the house for shelter, seal any holes in the foundation of the house. Gutters should be cleaned out and make sure sprouts are clear, so water moves away from the house. If your loved one lives in an area the expects extended temperatures of 32 degrees or lower, protect the attic by installing additional insulation. Inspect all de-icing and snow equipment to ensure they are in working order. Sand or ice-melt salt is useful and provides extra safety during icy weather. Drain water from garden hoses and gas from mowers.

Emergency Preparations
Now is an ideal time to develop bad weather emergency kits for both the car and home. For your loved one’s house, make sure there are candles, lighters or matches, extra water, batteries and flashlights in case of a power outage. Non-perishable items such as canned foods should be stored, as well. In case of such emergencies, keep flashlights on the bedside table.

Car emergency kits are just as important. Even though you do not want to store water in your vehicle during freezing temperatures, consider having a to-go bag near your door. Inside the to-go bag include some snacks and other non-perishable food, plenty of water, a cellphone charger for your car, flashlights, and batteries. Packing a blanket or a warm change of clothes is a good idea.

If you reside away from your senior loved one, this may be the ideal time to contact home healthcare businesses in the area to ensure his or her safety during the winter season. These agencies have highly-qualified staff due to their intensive home health care training. They can help with light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and provide transportation for errands or appointments.

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