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Five Fun Adventures You and Your Senior Loved One Can Take Near Home

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Enjoying a warm summer day does not have to be a distant memory for your senior loved one. Many senior loved ones find great joy residing in senior communities where they are provided with the amenities and care that they require to live an engaging, safe, and fun life among their equals. Nevertheless, even though the majority of elderly relatives adore their homes in senior living communities, it is essential that they are able to go on fun adventures with family and friends. Here is a list of tips to keep your senior loved one active this summer.

Although most senior living communities offer many exciting adventures for their residents to do as a community through an elderly home care business, there is something extra special about planning fun adventures with friends and family only. This can be an excellent way to lift a senior loved one’s spirits while also giving families much quality time together. Prior to planning one of these fun adventures, it would be a good idea to select a time when the elderly loved one does not already have an outing with their senior community as to ensure they do miss out on something they will enjoy just as much.

Choosing the Right Adventure
Finding a fun adventure that is suitable for an elderly loved one’s abilities takes some planning and creativity but is well worth getting out of the house and switching up the routine. While different senior loved ones will enjoy different kinds of experiences, it is crucial to choose an adventure that will not only be enjoyable for all those who participate but one that will not exhaust or overwhelm the senior relative. Although the family may love to hike, not all senior loved ones will be able to participate in this type of adventure.
When choosing a fun adventure, it is important to keep the elderly loved one included in the planning process. All things considered, this may be the best part of their week, month or possibly year.

Here are five fun adventures you and your senior can take near home that you are sure to enjoy:

1. Visit a Museum
Museums offer senior loved one’s wonderful learning opportunities. While many museums offer a deal for seniors, others are free. Prior to heading out on your fun adventure to a museum, be sure to do your research to determine where to go and when. (While doing your research, if you do not see a senior rate, be sure to ask. Not all museums advertise their senior discount rate.)
Also, when choosing this destination, be sure to take your aging loved one’s interests into consideration.

2. Explore Your Town
Native New Yorkers joke about how many of them ever (or rarely) go to major tourist destinations such as the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty. However, this is not limited to the Big Apple. City-dwellers and townies alike admit to overlooking major attractions in their own areas. So, why not make this a summer season to play tourist with your senior loved one?

3. Go Antique Shopping
Looking through an antique shop is much like going on a treasure hunt: there is no telling when you are going to find something totally amazing. If your elderly loved one collects something like Fiestaware or Depression glass, you will both have fun hunting down the perfect piece for their collection. If not, with an open mind and some time to explore, who knows what brilliant things you will discover. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to share memories or reminisce as well.

4. Go to the Local Bingo Parlor
Everyone loves to yell “Bingo”! Many churches, community centers, and senior centers host fun bingo nights for senior. If you are unsure of where to find these Bingo halls, simply contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find one near you.
If you would rather not leave home for Bingo it is easy to host your own bingo night for family and friends. This is a terrific way to promote multigeneration fun – both young-at-heart and the young will have fun playing together.

5. Attend Community Events
There are numerous community events during spring and summer, from Memorial Day concerts to Fourth of July fireworks and parades there are opportunities for senior loved ones to get out and enjoy themselves. Many communities offer outdoor art shows, musical performances, flea markets, car shows, and more. Look over the event section of your local newspaper to locate adventures happening right near home that fit your senior loved one’s abilities and needs.

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