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Five Ways to Stay Engaged When the Weather is Bad

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The days when birthday celebrations and bingo were the highlights for seniors have long since passed. Today, countless communities offer seniors a well-rounded list of activities that will keep seniors stimulated and engaged when the weather is bad.

If you take care of a senior loved one, you are a senior living on your own, or if you are considering obtaining a license for non-medical home care so you can start a home healthcare business, look over these five ways to keep seniors engaged during bad weather:

1. Swimming

Swimming is a great activity to enjoy all year. It helps improve endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. In fact, an Australian study discovered that men over the age of seventy who regularly swam were thirty-three percent less likely to fall when compared to men who do not regularly swim.
To get the most out of the pool, plan ahead of time. If your senior loved one or yourself are not a confident swimmer, search for pools that offer exercise classes for seniors.

2. Dancing
Dancing has been found to be a powerful form of exercise for keeping both the brain and body healthy. All that is needed is some music and a clear spot on the floor.
A recent study conducted by the Queensland University of Technology and Queensland Ballet looked at the health benefits offered to seniors who participated in ten ballet classes. The study found that dancing leads to:
• Greater flexibility
• A sense of achievement
• Improved posture
• A sense of community and friendship
• Higher energy levels
• Reported increased happiness
If ballet is not part of your style, all forms of dancing offer benefits.

3. Indoor Yoga
Yoga is another form of exercise. This type of exercise is low impact and very gentle that frequently involves doing a variety of positions and poses while focusing on relaxation and breathing.
Yoga has been shown to:
• Increase flexibility
• Build stronger bones
• Reduce anxiety
• Improve your balance and strength
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Lower high blood pressure

4. Going to the Gym
Gym memberships are not just for muscle-bound twenty years old’s. Seniors can benefit by utilizing all the latest exercise equipment.
Ask your family and friends or call around to find out which gyms accommodate the needs of senior citizens. Most gyms offer new members an introductory session where one of their experts will teach you and your elderly loved one how to properly use the exercise equipment.

5. Walking
The most natural form of exercise is walking. Other than a good pair of walking shoes, there is no additional equipment required. Walking outdoor provides your senior loved one and yourself the most benefit. However, during the icy and cold months of winter, you may require an indoor spot for this exercise.
Locations seniors can walk indoors include:
• The mall
• A community center
• Your local university
• A community center
Regardless of what form of exercise your senior chooses, remember to:
• Respect your limits
• Exercise with a friend
• Stay hydrated
• Have fun

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