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Tips For Planning A Vacation With A Loved One

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Tips for Planning a Vacation with an Aging Loved One As a caregiver of an aging loved one, taking a vacation may sound impossible. Who makes sure mom eats while I’m away? Will dad remember to take his needed medications? What would mom do if there is a power outage? The list of questions you ask yourself goes on and on, increasing your anxiety until you give up on the idea altogether. However, in addition to poor health, not taking some needed time away from the daily responsibilities of a caregiver can result in extreme stress and burnout.

How Do I Market My Home Care Business?

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Marketing your new non-medical home care business will be the hardest thing you do during your first year in business. This is the period of time that most businesses fail – so it is key that you know what you are doing each day and execute with accuracy and professionalism in order to stand out from the crowd and grow your business. Here are three things to keep in mind when marketing your business.

How To Set Your Home Care Agency Apart From The Crowd

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Setting your new non-medical home care agency apart from the crowd in your local community is key to getting off the tarmac and successfully launching and growing your home care business into a multi-million dollar operation. Saying the same things that everyone else is saying will usually just lead to “glazed over” looks from your potential referral sources. Having tools that no one else has can be key to winning or losing the game. In addition, proving that you can not only talk the talk – but walk the walk is key to keeping your clients and referral sources happy over the long haul. The below is a tip for keeping your clients happy and standing out from the crowd when doing so.

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