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Beat the Winter Blues as a Caregiver

by Sebo Marketing

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During the long, cold winter, isolation and/or depression can be a challenge for seniors and caregivers. Proper home health care training for winter can help make those months more bearable. Some individuals suffer from SAD or “Seasonal Affective Disorder”. For those experiencing SAD, the absence of natural sunlight during this season upsets the sleep-wake cycle. SAD may also affect hormones like melatonin and the balance of chemicals such as serotonin in the brain, which can change someone’s mood. Whether someone just has an annual wintertime malaise or truly suffers from SAD, these darker colder days can actually take a toll.  Combine that with cold-weather ailments and the flu season and it is understandable why many people flock to places like Arizona and Florida during the winter. However, this option is not available for many. So, whether you are a caregiver or senior, consider the following tips to beat the winter blues.  Befriend the Birds…

Keeping Your Seniors Sidewalk and Stairs Safe This Winter

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During the winter season, cold temperatures, snow, and ice can make life challenging for seniors. Home health businesses need to plan around cold temperatures and slippery sidewalks. These two items can cause in a wide array of illnesses and injuries. One way to prevent injuries from a fall would be to check the weather before leaving home. If the forecast expects freezing rain or snow, simply reschedule any activities taking place away from home. Senior falls in the snow or ice can be especially dangerous during the winter season. Your senior loved one may not understand just how slippery the sidewalks may be and a slip and fall could result in a great deal of damage to their body. Countless seniors will experience a bone fracture of some kind, especially in their wrist, hips, shoulders, and ankles. Unfortunately, a bone fracture of this type can be life-changing for the elderly. This is why it…

Best Winter Activities for Seniors

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During the cold winter months, you probably worry about your senior loved one falling or suffering from hypothermia. These are valid concerns to have as a home health care business. However, another hazard that your aging loved one is at risk of experiencing is seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD. It is a certain type of depression people experience in the winter. Seniors are at risk for developing SAD since winter weather makes it more difficult to get out of the house. Keep your elderly loved one from experiencing depression by engaging some winter activities this coming up winter. Bake Together There are so many tasty treats to make with the holidays approaching. So, spend some time together in the warm kitchen doing some baking. Delicious home-made treats are irresistible on a chilly winter day. Winter Movie Night Make some warm drinks, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up with a warm cozy blanket…

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