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Seniors and Depression: How to Get Help Through Medicare

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Seniors have many things to think about after retirement, from their physical health to the safety of their homes. For some, making sure they have the right Medicare plan can be a long and drawn-out hassle that comes with confusing terminology, and when an individual is dealing with mental health issues, time is often of the essence. From anxiety to depression, there is an entire spectrum of disorders that many seniors are living with these days, and these feelings can become problematic when it comes to staying healthy. Depression, in particular, can affect a senior over time and lead to much more serious health conditions. The good news is that there are many ways you can get help with a mental health condition through Medicare. With an Advantage plan, you can see a trained counselor or therapist as well as get the prescription medications you need. It’s important to do a little research into…

How To Close More In Home Assessments

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When a potential customer calls a home care agency to find out more about their services the first goal of that home care agency is to ask the client engaging questions that will prompt them to give their “download” over the phone and spend about 15 minutes doing that. In order to keep someone on the phone for 15 minutes, the home care agency must ask the right questions and say the right things when asked questions. However, the ultimate goal of this initial conversation is to schedule the all important “In Home Assessment.” This is where the real magic happens and where the relationship of trust will be established with the client.  Usually, a potential customer will only want to spend 15 minutes giving their download to one agency and therefore if you manage to get them to do that you will usually end up getting them to schedule the in home assessment.

5 Dental Problems In Older Adults

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Keeping your older adult’s teeth and mouth healthy can be challenging because aging and health conditions can make them more vulnerable to dental problems. Wisdom may come with age, but so does a multitude of problems associated with aging teeth and gums. A lifetime of chewing, grinding, gnashing, and general wear and tear combined with medications, medical conditions, and a potential decrease in dental care can cause many oral health problems in older adults. These issues may result in significant tooth pain, inflamed gums, bleeding gums, or gum infection. Here are 5 common geriatric dental problems to watch out for, plus advice on prevention, treatment, and management.

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