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How To Set Your Home Care Agency Apart From The Crowd

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Setting your new non-medical home care agency apart from the crowd in your local community is key to getting off the tarmac and successfully launching and growing your home care business into a multi-million dollar operation. Saying the same things that everyone else is saying will usually just lead to “glazed over” looks from your potential referral sources. Having tools that no one else has can be key to winning or losing the game. In addition, proving that you can not only talk the talk – but walk the walk is key to keeping your clients and referral sources happy over the long haul. The below is a tip for keeping your clients happy and standing out from the crowd when doing so.

Look And Act Professional From Start To Finish

“Say what you do, and then do what you say.” Its and old saying but still very applicable in today’s home care environment which is rife with people who do neither. When you tell your client you will do something – you do it. Sounds simple, but many home care agencies over promise and under deliver – leaving the client feeling disgruntled and taken advantage of. If you cannot deliver on a promise then be sure to follow up with the client and let them know the situation and why you cannot deliver right now and what you are going to do to deliver soon or in the future. I always recommend giving the client some value added gift for their hassle and your lack of delivery on your promise. Something like 4 hours of free care if you cannot provide a caregiver on a scheduled shift can help a client feel better about the situation. Don’t ever “No Call, No Show” on your client like some agencies do. Always, call them and discuss the situation and let them know you are working on a solution to the situation – like getting one of your on-call caregivers to come and cover the shift as soon as possible.

At the end of the day any business relationship is about meeting each others expectations. If those are consistently not met on either side the relationship will fail. Don’t let that happen with your customers – be the Gold Standard of Care Services in your community!

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