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How Do I Become An AHI Group Member?

Step 1

Review our website for details about our membership organization and then talk to one of our business development representatives. Complete our Client Pre-Qualification Form (click here) and submit it to one of our representatives, fax to our office at 800-694-5593, or email to info@startuphomecare.com. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone with any questions during the application process. Click here to see our step by step membership application process.

The prospective member discusses their work experience and desire to enter the senior care industry with one of our business development team. The prospective member completes the Pre-Qualification Form and submits evidence of their financial capability in the form of bank statements (with the account numbers redacted). We offer financing for those with a credit score of 710 or higher. The prospective member then meets with the President of AHI Group | StartupHomeCare. This is a formal opportunity for the member prospect to help AHI Group, Inc understand more about their background and the prospect’s desire to be part of the senior care industry. It is also an opportunity for the member prospect to find out more information about AHI Group | StartupHomeCare.

Once the prospective member has notified AHI Group that they would like to be considered for membership, their application packet is submitted to the AHI Group New Member Board for review. Those approved to become part of AHI Group can then review and sign the AHI Group Membership Agreement and pay the AHI Membership deposit of $8,750 – which gets them on-boarded as members of AHI Group.

If you prefer to pay by check or money order make it payable to “AHI Group, Inc” and mail to our Corporate office address in Irvine, California. Once your signed member service agreement and deposit have been received we can reserve your seat at your choice of AHI Group | StartupHomeCare Boot Camp course (subject to availability at a given course) and send you a confirmation via email/phone. You are allowed to bring one other individual with you to the training at no extra charge. If you have a third person in your team they can either pay an additional $250 to attend the Boot Camp Training or they can watch the pre-recorded Boot Camp Training online on our website (which is available for anyone on your team to watch anytime after you have paid in full).

Step 2

Once your AHI Group | StartupHomeCare Boot Camp Course seat has been reserved and your confirmation email sent out we will begin working on your pre-course tasks. We recommend that you register for the course at least two months in advance of its start date to ensure you secure your seat but also to allow us time to complete your pre-course tasks so you can launch your new agency soon after you complete the course. The two main items that take time to complete are the corporate entity setup (S-Corp, LLC) and the state licensing (if applicable to your state). The corporate entity setup usually takes 4-6 weeks and licensing will take 3 months on average (some states are longer). Corporate entity setup must be completed before applying for the state home care agency license.

Step 3

You make payment in full at least three calendar weeks prior to your course start date. You attend the AHI Group | StartupHomeCare Boot Camp training course of your choice (as long as there is still room). All course materials will be provided at the Boot Camp Training. If you wish to receive your course materials sooner you can make payment in full anytime and receive them shortly thereafter.

Step 4

After attending our AHI Group | StartupHomeCare Boot Camp training course and completing all the necessary pre-launch tasks you are ready to open your doors for business and get plugged into our day to day support team who will help you manage your time, stay accountable each day, and grow your business.

Step 5

We provide post Boot Camp coaching and day to day support to help our members grow their business. Our office is open from 7:00am to 4:30pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday. You grow your business and become a leader in your community at providing non-medical home care services and other optional revenue driving snap on businesses. Note: you have lifetime access to all AHI Group | StartupHomeCare Boot Camp training classes for you or your staff for the lifetime of your business at no extra charge. For example, if you hire an office manager – a year after being in business – and want them to get their ACSAH Certified Senior Care Manager certification you can send them to any of our Boot Camp courses at no extra charge. You can even attend with them if you wish and get a refresher on our Boot Camp course.