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Ongoing Support And Coaching For AHI Group Member Agencies

The main reason that 70% of non-franchise home care agencies fail in their first two years is that they don’t have sufficient support after opening their doors for business. Many of these individuals think that reading a book or spending $3,500 to $10,000 to attend a 3-4 day seminar will be enough to help them beat out their embedded competition and build a home care agency that stands the test of time and will truly build them wealth over the next 5-10 years. Franchise failure rates average around 20%. Franchises are a little harder to track as they usually have $150,000 early termination fees for franchisees who don’t stick with their 10 year contracts – pushing franchisees to stay in the game even when they are making very little money. AHI Group | StartupHomeCare failure rate is currently 8.5%.

Two key questions to ask about the support/coaching an organization provides:

1) What is their motivation to provide superior ongoing coaching and support to help you become a $5+ million company vs. a $100,000 company?

2)  Which individuals will be providing the coaching and support and have they founded and grown multi-million dollar non-medical home care businesses?

Financial Motivation:  With the franchise model, the franchiser is happy to supply ongoing support and coaching as you are paying them a 2.5% – 8% Royalty Fee taken off the top of your Gross Revenue which equals 1/3 of your owners take home income. However, a franchise is definitely motivated to help you grow your business. At AHI Group we are also financially invested in our member agency’s success but the difference is that we do not charge a royalty on everything our member agencies earn – we make revenue via three optional programs our members get to ‘opt-in’ to be part of. All the rest of the revenue our members earn though private paying customers, insurance, etc goes directly in their pocket.

Who Is Providing The Lifetime Coaching And Support?  AHI Group members get the benefit of being trained by the founders of AHI Group – who personally started and grew their own multi-million dollar home care agency – launched in 2007 during a global recession in the most competitive market place for home care in the nation – Southern California. Mark and Kristy Dunning spend 90% of their time teaching and coaching AHI Group members. Being taught and coached by someone who has actually started a non-medical home care business from scratch and successfully grown it into a large organization is vastly different to being trained by someone who was once hired as an employee of an already existing and fully functioning home care business. Until someone has been in your shoes they cannot fully understand what it is like to be in your shoes. Mark and Kristy Dunning have been in the shoes of new agency owners and understand the stresses and challenges that come with starting a business from scratch. Click here to see their bio. We recommend getting the names of the individuals that will be coaching and supporting your agency (after initial training) in writing and request copies of their bio – so you know exactly what you are getting.

What Does the Lifetime Coaching and Support Consist of?  At AHI Group we know that growing a multi-million dollar business doesn’t just “happen” after attending a few days of training and going out there into the marketing place. We some times hear people tell us that a consultant has told them they will “be around to answer questions” and ask us if we do the same? The answer to that question is: “No, we are not here to just answer questions when asked, we, like a franchise, realize that consistent one-on-one coaching has to take place in order for an agency to be successful. AHI Group requires its members to submit mandatory detailed documentation – on a weekly basis – during their first year (at a minimum) so that Mark, Kristy, and their coaching team can see the details of what is happening on the ground with the agency day to day. Where are they going? Who are they talking to? What are they talking about? What is the next step? AHI Group knows that a new agency often doesn’t know what questions they are supposed to be asking so they can’t be expected to just call when they think they need to. AHI Group provides a dedicated coach who has owned a successful home care business and who is there every step of the way to assist each agency owner grow their business. In addition, Mark and Kristy Dunning personally provide weekly live “Mastermind Sales Calls” for AHI Group members to join in groups of 5-10. These Mastermind Sales Calls help build a sense of community for each AHI Group Member and are a wealth of knowledge/learning as all parties get to share their success stories, challenges, etc. and have Mark or Kristy Dunning give advice and solutions. There are over 150 pre-recorded Mastermind Sales Coaching calls that our members can listen to anytime. NOTE: “Lifetime Coaching and Support” means we will provide unlimited (at no extra cost) coaching and support during the duration of you personally owning your home care business.

In a nutshell, AHI Group allows its members to make choices – that’s the key difference between AHI Group and a franchise or a membership company who charges a flat $500 a month fee – no matter what the agency makes in revenue. AHI is motivated to have its agencies make as much revenue as possible and is motivated to provide programs that its members will CHOOSE to be apart of. If AHI programs are not unique or competitive then AHI members will not choose to use them. AHI is motivated like no other organization in the home care industry to stay current and on top of the competition. Our recurring revenue depends on it!

Be Trained And Coached By The Best!  The right coaching and support, from those who have gone before you and been successful, is invaluable in helping you beat out your local competition who may already be “embedded” in your healthcare community. What will you say in your first 60 seconds of talking to a healthcare professional in your community? What will you show them? What sets your agency apart? If you don’t know the answers to these simple questions and have unique programs to back up your organization and stand out from the crowd you will undoubtedly have a tough time cracking any embedded competition. AHI’s long term care insurance contracts, training on how to crack government paid care programs, Assisted Living and Independent Living specialty programs that will generate revenue and provide much needed goodwill, and AHI low cost Veterans Benefit Care Loan Program are just some of the things that set AHI members apart from their competitors nationwide and allow them to help their clients pay for their care.

Some people ask, “What motivates AHI Group to provide quality support?” Our answer: AHI funds its ongoing coaching/support via the recurring revenue it receives from the three optional programs its agencies can “opt-in” to be part of – like its VA Pension Benefit Program that pays fair market rates per hour and allows a net profit (on average) of $7-10/hour after paying the caregiver. The average Veteran client qualifies for 68 hrs a month which equals $6,500 per year in take home owners income for the agency. Similar to private pay clients, ninety part-time Veteran clients equals $575,000 in net profit per year for the home care agency. As each agency gets more clients with these optional programs, AHI gets more revenue. So, AHI is motivated to help its agencies not only get day to day coaching/support but to also help them grow as AHI’s recurring revenue grows accordingly!

Some people also ask, “What is the difference between AHI Group and Home Care Consultants?” Our answer in two words: Failure Rates! Many people claim to be “Professional Home Care Consultants” but one needs to look at their track record to see if they really are what they say they are. Did they start their own non-medical home care business from zero and grow it to a multi-million dollar operation in 2-3 years? How many home care agencies have they started and how many are still in business two years after starting? With some digging you will find the statistics are against people who start a home care business without a franchise or membership organization behind them. As mentioned above, 70% of independent home care agencies (many of whom read a book or attended a 3-4 day home care seminar) go out of business during their first two years of operation. AHI Group | StartupHomeCare has built a model that mirrors that of a franchise – but without the strings of a franchise. We see the value in quality day to day support and coaching from professionals who have been in your shoes and started their own home care businesses and actually built wealth from such operations. They are now helping others do the same. The question then becomes – do you want to risk your livelihood on reading a book or spending $3K – $10K and hope you are in the 30% that survive your first two years? Or, do you want a much more solid option like a franchise or AHI Group | StartupHomeCare’s Membership Model?

AHI Group, Inc Reputation: We have 300+ members nationwide and growing. With that, you will not find a laundry list of negative feedback online from our members. This is because our members are getting what they were told from our organization and are busy growing their home care businesses with our day to day support. The proof is in the pudding – so to speak. We encourage you to do a Google search on “AHI Group, Inc” and see for yourself.

Click Here to watch this 5 minute video of an AHI Member located in San Francisco who launched their agency in 2012 and achieved $5 Million in revenue during 2017. The owner is not an extraordinary individual. He just has a passion for helping others – combined with the day to day coaching from our expert team of former home care agency owners and a lot of hard work on his part – he successfully implemented the AHI Group programs into his local community.

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