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Coaching And Mentorship For AHI Group Members

What will you say to a discharge planner at a hospital that says, “We don’t recommend home care agencies to any patients.” How will you get referrals from that discharge planner now? What if the client has a G-Tube, or a catheter, what are you legally allowed to do with those devices? What if the client has shaky hands and can’t hold a dixie cup to give themselves medication pills – what can you legally do to help them? What if the client has bed sores – what can you do/not do to assist them? How will you set yourself apart from the other home care agencies in your area that have been in business for five years already?

What will you do if a discharge planner at a skilled nursing facility, VA hospital, long term care insurance company, or government Medicaid Waiver program says, “We are super happy with the four home care agencies we have been referring to for the last three years as they handle all our difficult cases super well, they have well trained caregivers, and they have great specialty training in hospice and Alzheimer’s – so we are not looking for anyone else right now – but thanks for coming in though!” What will you say next? Without having a seasoned coach/mentor to discuss the situations that occur each day – you will have a difficult time figuring out how to handle each situation and could end up getting a ‘black eye’ in your community before you ever get off the ground.

Contact us to get a FREE copy of the “Questions To Ask About Support/Coaching”. Understanding who will be your coach and what exactly you will be doing with them on a daily basis is very important to the success and growth of your organization long term.

Included in AHI Group’s Lifetime Membership Fee is unlimited daily coaching/support from our team of former home care business owners. Each member is assigned a personal coach who will assist them grow their business day to day.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

We have 300+ members nationwide and growing. With that, you will not find a laundry list of negative feedback online from our members. This is because our members are getting what they were told from our organization and are busy growing their home care businesses with our day to day support. The proof is in the pudding – so to speak. We encourage you to do a Google search on “AHI Group, Inc Complaints” and see for yourself.

Click Here to watch this 5 minute video of an AHI Member located here in California who launched their agency in 2012 and achieved Five Million Dollars in revenue during 2017. The owner has a passion for helping others and is not afraid of hard work. Combine his passion with the day to day coaching from his assigned AHI Group mentor and he successfully implemented our AHI Group programs into his local community and grew a multi-million dollar business that services over 200 clients each day.

Click Here to meet two more of our Five Million Dollar Club Members – featured on a large provider of home care software’s website as “Leaders and innovators” in the home care industry! One member is located here in California and the other is located in Pennsylvania. The member located in PA joined AHI Group in 2010 and grew their business 15x over and was named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Ernst & Young in 2016.