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    AHI Group’s Non Medical Home Care Membership Organization Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Of Owning A Home Care Business And Successfully Growing it!

    Partnering with the right organization is critical to the success of any business. If you have a passion for helping others and would like to get into the booming senior care industry with an organization that has stood the test of time and has an outstanding success rate, then we encourage you to read through the main parts of AHI Group’s membership model below and give us a call to see if we are a fit to partner with each other!

    An Affordable And Smart Alternative To Purchasing A Franchise

    If you have gone through the due diligence process with a franchise that charges $36,000 – $63,000 for a small territory purchase and has an ongoing across the board royalty fee of 5-8% on all revenue then you will know that what AHI Group is offering comes at an incredibly reasonable cost. The reason AHI Group can keep its up front pricing so low is that AHI Group does not pay 50% of its up front fees to independent franchise business brokers who sell most franchise territories. In addition, AHI Group makes recurring revenue from its unique in-house VA Pension Benefit Program. This ongoing revenue enables AHI Group to keep its one-time Lifetime Membership Fee of $12,500 as low as possible and still provide quality post launch coaching/mentorship/programs, etc. – without ongoing fees or a royalty.

    The following are some of what is included in AHI Group’s Lifetime Membership:

    • 10 Days Initial Comprehensive AHI Group “Boot Camp” Training (5 Days In Our AHI Group, Inc Offices And 5 Days Remote). Our founders will teach you the secrets of their success in the highly competitive market place of Southern California. We provide five training Boot Camps per year and our members have unlimited access to all ongoing.  After attending a live training in our office, our members get access to our online training portal – which covers all the same training as our in-office training. You can get all your future employees trained and certified in whatever aspect of the business you would like them involved in without paying for their travel to California. Our Boot Camps are small in size and allow everyone to get the attention they need. Our proprietary tools/programs are not shared with thousands of other home care agencies. Click Here to view our 5 day in office Boot Camp daily schedule.
    • Daily Coaching/Mentoring From Our Team Of Seasoned Home Care Professionals – For The Lifetime Of Owning Your Home Care Agency. An assigned coach/mentor is a big part of the true value of what AHI Group is providing. Having a team of people behind you who have actually owned multi-million dollar home care agencies means you are getting support from people who have actually been in your shoes, know exactly how you feel, and know exactly what you need to do in order to be successful in the multitude of situations that will arise during the first year of running your business and beyond.
    • Mastermind Weekly Sales Calls and Webinars. We realize that your assigned seasoned coach/mentor will be your “go to” person for help day to day after opening your doors for business – but we also have weekly Mastermind Sales Calls that include members who have been in business for a number of years. There are currently 160 hours of recorded mastermind sales calls that any of our members can listen to anytime.
    • All The Legal Forms, Operational Policies, Procedures, Manuals, and Documentation Needed
    • Resources to Recruit Quality Caregivers – this is the second hardest thing to do (behind finding clients). Providing your caregivers with Certified Senior Care Aide® Certifications at no cost to them will entice them to work for your organization as this is a certification that benefits their career ongoing. AHI Group members get a 75% discount on the normal cost of these certifications in the industry. Also, you will be able to pay your caregivers in the top 20% of what caregivers get paid in your area due to the fact that you won’t have a royalty payment taking up 1/3 of your net profit. You get to give that money to your caregivers.
    • If A License Is Required In Your State, we will completed your state license application. We have had zero license denials and guarantee that you will get your license as long as you pass your background check – or we will issue you a full refund of your entire Lifetime Membership fee. We will help you get into unlimited additional states with no extra fee for your license applications.
    • Save An Average Of $6,000 In Your First 3 yrs in professional liability insurance & bonding insurance premiums with our discounted group policy.
    • Back Office Solutions – that will save you $2,000 – $3,000 a month during your first year.
    • Access to 50+ National Healthcare Insurance Contracts, Medicaid Waiver Programs, and Government Programs. We will assist you with unlimited applications for these programs at no extra cost. Others charge their clients thousands of dollars on top of their initial fee to get their clients access to these types of contracts.
    • Access to AHI Group Exclusive In-House Veterans Pension Benefit Program – we are the only home care organization in the nation that cut out the middle-man 3rd party based in St. Louis, MO (that all other home care agencies use to process their client’s VA Pension Benefit applications) and brought the program in house. Our program closes 70% more clients than the 3rd party due to our unique interest free care loan for the family. The loan allows the family to avoid any out of pocket expense to get their care started while waiting on benefit approval – causing 70% more people to move forwards with their benefit applications. Also, our VA Program always provides more hours of care than the 3rd party program – guaranteed.
    • Training On Five Additional Senior Care Businesses to diversify your revenue – like Assisted Living Placements (make up to $7,000 every time you refer someone to an assisted living facility), Medical Staffing, and more.
    • Quality Marketing Materials like 45 Flyers, Brochures (see example), Banner Ads, A Quality Website, etc. (see example), Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Optional Daily Support With Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc.
    • Assistance with business Identity Setup (S-Corp, LLC, etc.), IRS & State Legal Filings
    • Unlimited Access To Our Online Caregiver Training Academy; Train Your Employees With Our 50+ FREE Caregiver Training Video Tutorials.
    • 50% Discount For The “Excellence In Home Care® – Trusted Provider” Certification to give your agency credentials that stand out in your local community.
    • Complementary Certified Senior Care Manager® (CSCM) Certification – upon completion of AHI Group Boot Camp Training – let’s people know you are qualified to be managing their care.
    • State-Of-The-Art Scheduling, Time And Attendance Software ($10 per client, per month) – to schedule your employees and track their hours, billing, Family Portal, Referral Management, ACH And Credit Card Billing. The software is free until you get your first client.
    • Access To Low Cost Leased Office Space – save thousands on office space in your first 3 years.

    What A Franchise Won’t Tell You

    We are sometimes asked by those who have talked to a franchise how our AHI Group agencies will beat out the franchises who are already “embedded in their local community?” Our response is to encourage these individuals to go to a hospital or other healthcare facility in their local community and ask a discharge planner “could you recommend a home care agency to me?” What they typically find is that most of the discharge planners will refer them a home health company (for skilled RN care) and the ones that do understand the difference between non medical and skilled home care will usually say “we don’t refer, we give out a list” and hand you a list of 5-10 home care agencies. If you look at that list you will see there may be some franchises listed on there but 1/2 of the home care agencies are usually not franchises (on average).

    So, franchises are certainly not the only group out there getting referrals from the healthcare community. The reason being that everyone knows that every home care agency (franchise or not) is owned by an individual and that person can be a good or not so good manager of their business. There are great franchise owners out there and terrible ones – and these case workers have been around long enough to know that.

    In addition, a recent large study showed that 89% of caregivers will switch home care agencies for an extra $2/hour. Those agencies paying the most attract the best caregivers. Franchisees are paying 1/3 of their take home income to their franchiser and have less to pay their caregivers. The end result is a franchise has to charge the client more if they want to compete with getting the best caregivers.

    No Name Brand In The Home Care Industry

    The general public usually have no idea what the home care industry is all about – let alone know of a quality home care agency they can trust. The litmus test for this is to go and ask five of your neighbors this question: “Which home care agency would you recommend for my aging parent?” You will find some blank looks on their faces or scratching of heads. However, if you were to ask them: “Where can I find a good burger around here?” they would likely give you the name of a McDonald’s, or Burger King, etc. close to their area – because these are branded names in the food industry.

    In reality, there is no name branding in the home care industry. There is no free lunch for a franchise. Everyone must go out there and make it happen to get noticed in their community and stay on the noticed list. This is where it is very important to have something that sets you apart from the crowd. Our unique all in-house Veterans Pension Benefit Program is one thing that sets our AHI Group members apart from the crowd and we guarantee that you will beat out anyone else in your community if they are doing anything with Veterans Pension Benefits. Request access to our “Intro To Home Care Video” series to watch a video on how our VA Pension Benefit Program beats out any competition in that arena – hands down.


    What A Consulting Company Won’t Tell You

    We are sometimes asked what makes us different to a consulting company? Our answer comes in three parts. Firstly, our members are successful because our model has mutual financial motivation baked in.  Secondly, AHI Group has former successful home care agency owners who are personally assigned as coaches/mentors to each AHI Group member after they open their doors for business. The result is that AHI Group members get the day to day help, expertise, tools, and motivation they need to handle the situations that occur and set themselves apart from their local competition. Thirdly, a large consulting company will share its tools and techniques with literally thousands of home care agencies – leading all their clients to use the same play book. AHI Group only shares is proprietary marketing programs, tools, and techniques with its 300+ members.

    The franchise model is a proven system that has stood the test of time with much lower risk for those who get plugged in. Similar to a franchise, AHI Group is motivated to care about the success and growth of its member agencies – due to its exclusive in-house Veterans Pension Benefit Program. The more clients AHI Group members bring to the in-house Veterans Pension Benefit Program the more recurring revenue AHI Group will receive – its a win-win. Compare this to a home care consultant who’s goal is to fill seminar classes, has already been paid their seminar fee, and is “on to the next”. Consultants rarely keep track of whether or not the people who attend their seminars are still in business a few months or a couple of years down the road.


    Meet Some Of Our Five Million Dollar Club Members

    Click Here to go to our “Testimonials” page to view a 5 minute video of one of our 5 Million Dollar Club Member Agencies. This agency owner lives here in California and came on-board in 2012. He grew his business to $5 Million in five years and now has 3 offices and continues to expand his foot print and grow exponentially. Incidentally, California is one of the most competitive home care market places in the nation and any knowledgeable home care professional will agree with that statement. If someone can be a success in the home care industry here in California – they can almost always replicate that anywhere else in our nation. This is the value of AHI Group vs. a franchise – our members can grow into whatever areas they deem attractive and open up new offices to continue their growth.

    Then, Click Here to see two more of our $5+ Million Club Member Stories. These were two individuals who had a passion for helping others and with our help grew their businesses to $5 Million in revenue within 3-4 years. One member is located here in California and the other is located in Pennsylvania.

    Then, Click Here to see the 80+ ALL Five Star Google Certified Reviews from some of our Member Agencies.

    Lastly, we encourage you to speak with our AHI Group members in person. Qualified candidates will get the opportunity to do this when they have reached a certain point in our discovery process.

    No Territory Restrictions That Stunt Growth

    AHI Group does not restrict its members to a small territory consisting of 250,000 people – like a franchise does. The average city has 10% seniors located within it. So, if one has a territory with 250,000 people that leaves 25,000 seniors in that community. On average, about 10% of seniors need assistance with activities of daily living. Therefore, that leaves 2,500 seniors who will need your services. Depending on the existing competition in your community, this may or may not be an issue. However, why take the chance of restricting yourself to such a small area when starting out? What if you get your foot in the door of a hospital or healthcare facility that is “outside” of your area and you are not able to get that same foot in the door in your own area right away? You are passing up massive amounts of potential revenue when you are not able to move where the business and your marketing efforts lead you.

    AHI Group wants you to have the best chance of success and so it does not restrict it’s member’s ability to market wherever they want. After all, we cannot stop every other home care organization out there moving into your “protected territory” – even if we were to restrict our other members from coming into your area. We believe it is better to allow the 1 or 2 potential other AHI Group members to have access to your area rather than restrict them that access and therefore have to restrict you and them to a territory that we cannot protect from all the other home care companies out there.

    Deciding where you want to market and being able to follow your leads – wherever they take you – with the constant backing of our coaching team will allow you the best opportunity to grow your business during that all important first year. Giving you the option to market wherever you get a “foothold” and having our seasoned coaches/support team behind you every step of the way will give you the edge needed to help ensure your success. It is important that you go into your local market place with both hands free and professional coaching/mentors behind you – as apposed to struggling with one hand tied behind your back due to a small territory or no solid support system. That’s what we call flexibility, innovative thinking, and unlimited revenue potential!

    Aide Care For 15 Million Veterans And Their Spouses

    There are 15 million elderly veterans and their surviving spouses who can qualify to receive $2,200 per month from a VA Pension Benefit to pay for their care services. We encourage you to watch our VA Program video (request access from our team) to see exactly how our program is different and how our members always beat out anyone else doing anything with VA Benefits in their local community – hands down. Your clients will love that you can get them funds which can be used to pay for up to 20 hours of care per week – without a penny out of their pocket to get started – due to our unique interest free/no fees Veterans care loan. You will love serving our honorable Veterans and their surviving spouses. The margins in the Veterans Pension Program equate to $6,400 take home owners profit for each part-time client you are providing care for. Ninety part-time clients equals $575,000 in owners take home income per year.

    Evidence of our VA Program’s competitive advantage can be found in a national home care franchisees VA Benefit Brochure (see bottom right of the brochure) click here. They state in their brochure that their VA Pension Benefit clients get a maximum of 60, 50, 30 hours of care per month for each care scenario (Couple, Single Veteran, or Surviving Spouse – respectively). Our AHI Group members can provide (on average) around 80, 70, 45 hours of care per month for each scenario. Which home care agency do you think a client is going to choose if both approach them and explain there is a VA Pension benefit that can be used to pay for home care services? Our members will always beat any other competitor when it comes to helping Veterans – as we provide an interest free care loan and always provide more hours of care.

    Our Members Are Certified

    Our AHI Group members get their Certified Senior Care Manager® (CSCM) Certification – included in our Lifetime Membership Fee. This national certification gives referral sources/families comfort that you are appropriately trained and can provide a Gold Standard of care.

    Find And Retain Qualified Caregivers

    Hiring quality caregivers can be a challenge for franchises in today’s market place because of two factors.  First, franchises cannot pay their caregivers top dollar due to their franchise royalties eating up their net profit.  Second, franchises offer a lack of career advancement tools for their caregivers. Through our relationship with the Association of Care Services at Home, our members get a 75% discount on the cost of Certified Senior Care Aide® Certifications. Certifying one’s caregivers allows our AHI Group members to gain the “Excellence In Home Care® – Trusted Provider” certification at a 50% discount which helps them stand out from other agencies in their local community.

    10 Questions To Ask A Home Care Franchise Or Consultant

    Contact us to get your FREE copy of the “10 Questions To Ask During Your Due Diligence” to help you compare apples to apples as you search for the right business opportunity. This document will help you ask the hard questions that need to be asked before making a leap forwards with any organization.

    Please visit our FAQ page for more questions about the home care industry, our model, and our answers.



    AHI Group Initial “Boot Camp” Training Content & Schedule

    Our initial 10 days of training is always taught by the founders of AHI Group. You get to learn directly from those who have been in your shoes and actually grown their own business from zero to a multi-million dollar operation and are now sharing the secrets of their success.

    The following are a list of the major content categories included in the 10 day initial training (5 days in office and 5 days remote via video and text book). The five day live training is completed at our Corporate Office in Irvine, Southern California.

    Human Resources & Liability Protection – information and tips for hiring, firing, and avoiding liability in the home care industry. Applying for liability, workers compensation, and bonding insurance.

    Policies, Procedures, and Caregiver Training – review of home care policies, procedures, practices, guidelines, and client/employee legal documentation. Training on how to provide senior care (what one can and cannot do, and the best practices for doing it).

    Hiring – how to find, hire, and retain quality senior care aides; what behavior is normal/what to expect of your employees. Orientation/application/interview process review and time/liability saving tips. Running background checks. Caregiver training.

    Sales and Marketing – hands on guidance to marketing your agency: marketing plan creation; assessing local competition and market analysis; AHI Group competitive edge tools; where to focus time and efforts for maximized benefit and referrals; creating the look and feel of a professional and stable agency that people can trust; beating out embedded competition, etc. Due to the fact that sales and marketing are so important to the success of a home care business we spend one third of the Boot Camp training on these topics. However, as mentioned previously, even spending 3.5 days on sales and marketing will still not cover all of the obstacles and situations you will encounter day to day after opening your doors for business and that is where your assigned personal coach/mentor who has owned their own multi-million dollar home care agency comes into play and helps motivate, guide, and direct you to success after you open your doors for business.

    Five Additional Senior Care Revenue Streams – Training on four additional “Snap on businesses” that will drive additional revenue to your home care agency. Assisted Living Placements, Non-Medical Transportation, Medical Alert Devices, Telehealth, etc.

    Staffing – how to schedule and incentive your home health aids to be a professional face to your company (includes hands on software training). What is normal? How many hours and what type of hours do they expect to work? How far should you push them? What should you pay them? This is where our members have a leg up on a franchise as they don’t have a royalty taking away 1/3 of their profits and they can turn that around to their caregivers and pay them in the top 20% in their local community.

    Client Intake – end to end sales approach – how to sell your clients on your services over the phone and distinguish yourself from the competition (includes hands-on training on tracking all sales calls and follow up).

    Client Assessments – How to perform an in-home assessment and close the sale. What is normal? What is the competition doing?

    Client and Senior Care Aide Matching – How to match the right Senior Care Aide with your clients.

    Client Service and Maintenance – How to keep your clients. What are they looking for? What do they expect? What does the competition do to maintain relationships?

    Billing/Accounts Receivable – How to operate your cash based business and keep a zero aging report (no outstanding receivables). What is normal? How far can you push clients if they are late with payment? Late fees? Phone calls? Tips on incentive them to pay on-time. ACH and credit card payment software training and setup. Quick Books hands-on training.

    Payroll – How to track employee hours, automated GPS systems to track caregivers, overtime laws, mileage expense laws, bonuses.

    Technology – How to use technology and automated tools to significantly reduce the time and effort required to perform basic office functions like recruiting, hiring, orientation, staffing, time sheet retrieval, document management, web-site and marketing materials editing (includes hands-on software training). This also includes information on our back office solution that saves our members $2,000+ a month in office overhead.

    AHI Group Initial Training Schedule

    NOTE: Five days of additional training is required remotely via home study. Click Here to view a copy of the in office portion of our initial Boot Camp Training.

    September 10-14, 2018 – Full Group.

    November 12-16, 2018 – Full Group.

    January 14–18, 2019 – Full Group.

    April 1-5, 2019

    June 24-28, 2019

    September 9-13, 2019

    November 11-15, 2019


    To start the process to apply for AHI Group Membership – please go to our Steps To Success page and follow the simple steps. Alternatively you can fill out the form on our “Contact Us Page” or give us a call today!