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Our Story

AHI Group was founded by a husband and wife team (Mark & Kristy Dunning) who started and grew their own non-medical home care business into in a multi-million dollar operation. Before starting their home care business, Mark and Kristy had background’s in sales, marketing, and operations with Fortune 1000 healthcare organizations such as Pfizer and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Healthcare Consulting. Mark and Kristy each have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Public Health with minors in Gerontology and Sociology from Brigham Young University (BYU). BYU Public Health program has the largest gerontology database in the nation – which is constantly getting updated by its Public Health undergraduate and graduate students with important information about the health and well-being of seniors across America. Both Mark and Kristy were involved in working with seniors at events such as the World Senior Games to test certain participants for diseases associated with aging and learned first-hand the issues that seniors deal with day to day and how those issues affect their physical and mental well-being. Mark was elected as the Vice President of BYU’s Chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma (National Public Health Honorary Society) and participated in nationwide Public Health initiatives in that role. Mark also has a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from BYU’s Marriott Business School.

Kristy worked as a Certified Medical Assistant in an orthopedics office during her time at BYU – to pay for her schooling. Kristy learned first-hand what it is like to sit on the “other side of the table” and have people come in and try to sell their products and services to the orthopedics office. Kristy became friends with one particular medical sales person who was very good at selling her company’s product and she invited Kristy to apply for a position with their nationwide company after Kristy graduated from BYU. Kristy interviewed, was hired, and established herself as a top nationwide sales representative in that company of over 400 sales people. Kristy achieved “Presidents Club” in her 2nd year and maintained that status until she left the company after six years to take a role at Pfizer. In addition, both Mark and Kristy are Certified Senior Care Managers and are active members of the American Geriatrics Society and the Gerontological Society of America. Mark regularly appears as a senior care industry expert guest on nationwide radio shows through which he helps families across North America understand the care options available for their aging parents and the avenues to pay for such care. Mark is also a consultant for many U.S. State Home Care Associations and assists their member home health agencies with adding Private Duty (non-medical) services to their organization. Lastly, Mark is in the process of publishing a book that will help families plan strategically and financially for taking care of their aging parents. The book is named, “Taking Care Of Mom – a comprehensive guide to community care options for seniors.”

After working in the corporate world as a healthcare sales executive for a number of years, Kristy decided she would like to own her own business and enjoy the schedule flexibility that comes with that – so she could better attend to the needs of her growing family. Kristy had personally seen a number of aging individuals in her local church go into nursing homes and develop cognitive depression followed by little physical activity each day. Most of these seniors did not require skilled nursing care but were placed in a nursing home because their immediate family did not understand the availability and affordability of home care services to help their parent stay at home. Kristy realized that there is a knowledge gap in many communities regarding understanding what home care services are available to help seniors stay in their homes. Kristy decided that she wanted to bridge that knowledge gap in her local community in Southern California and began putting the building blocks together to start her own Non-Medical (Private Duty) Home Care Agency. With much effort and 1.5 years of time invested, Kristy and Mark built and launched their own Non-Medical Home Care Agency “Americare” in the highly competitive healthcare market of Orange County, Southern California.

Two weeks after launching their new home care business, Mark and Kristy contracted with their first client family to provide non-medical in home care services to an 82 year old lady who wanted to stay at home with her daughter. However, the daughter had a physical disability and could not care for her aging mother as she used to. Therefore, they asked Mark and Kristy to assist them. The family needed daily care and continued with that care for the next five years. With much hard work Mark and Kristy were able to inform many other families in their community about their in home care services and were able to beat out their competition and grow their business into a multi-million dollar operation.

“Thanks for stopping by and visiting our web site. At 46 years old, I have seen the need for senior care services with my own grandparents and know that my parents have already told me that when the time comes they want to remain at home rather than going to a nursing home. I have seen first-hand how quality home care services can allow seniors to remain independent for as long as possible and we are passionate and committed to providing non-medical care services to seniors across all of North America. Feel free to call us anytime to discuss your desire to enter the booming senior care industry and have a rewarding career by owning your own business and serving seniors in your local community!”

Best Regards,

Success In Home Care

The founders made many wise decisions during their first two years of business – but due to their inexperience in actually owning a home care agency they also made some poor decisions that amounted to thousands of dollars in lost revenue and wasted operational/marketing efforts. Had the founders received the day to day personal coaching and mentorship that AHI Group, Inc – StartupHomeCare provides they could have avoided much stress and lost revenue – leaving more time and money to spend on marketing and operational procedures that would have benefited their business.

The founders were often asked what the secrets to success were with starting and growing a successful home care agency in a competitive market place. The founders decided to put together a turn-key home care business solution to help others get into the booming home care industry and grow their business without the strings of a franchise model. AHI Group | StartupHomeCare was born.

Today, AHI Group has launched and provides ongoing support to 300+ independently owned successful home care agencies across the US and has plans to expand to 500 agencies over the next four years. AHI Group will then cap its membership enrollment at 500 and continue to grow revenue to adequately support its members through the growth of its in-house Veterans Pension Benefit Program – instead of sending that revenue to an expensive 3rd party – like all other home care companies must do.


Our Member Testimonials

  • Watch this 5 minute video story of one of our Five Million Dollar Club members (Greg McCarthy) who joined AHI Group in 2012. With our membership system behind him every step of the way he achieved five million in annual revenue during 2017. This member is located here in California – one of the most competitive senior care market places in the nation.

    Click Here to read about two more of our Five Million Dollar Club members. One of them is named Carol Purdu. Carol was providing care to families in their homes here in California as a caregiver when she approached us to start her own home care business. With our day to day coaching and mentorship after opening her doors for business, she was able to grow to five million in annual revenue within three years. The other member (Dave Ellenwood) is located in Pennsylvania and came to AHI Group in 2010 with a background in sales. Dave grew his business 15x over in his first six years and won the “E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in 2016!

    Click Here to see dozens of our Member’s FIVE STAR reviews on GOOGLE CERTIFIED REVIEWS. Our AHI Group members are happy with our initial 10 days of training and the ongoing coaching/mentorship they receive after opening their doors for business.

  • Our February 2012 AHI Group Boot Camp graduates. Our newest Certified Senior Care Managers (CSCM)! One graduate is a Physical Therapist (Greg) and worked as a P/T in a health care facility. Greg onboarded with AHI Group in January 2012 and attended our Boot Camp Course in Feb 2012. After being in business for two months Greg had closed his 8th client. Greg’s take home net profit by his 16 week mark was over $10,000 per month.

  • Our May 2012 AHI Group Boot Camp Certified Senior Care Manager graduates! We had a great week with this new group – one client was an ER Doctor, another an Assisted Living Manager, another a High School Principal – each with unique perspectives on the senior care industry and educating people to provide a quality service. Their next step now is to finish their post Boot Camp tasks and prepare for their launch date! One attendee wrote the following about the Boot Camp, “Really enjoyed meeting you guys in person and appreciate so much everything – you guys are awesome and do an amazing job! You were right, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ and I realized that despite my background in Healthcare there was so much I needed to learn about growing a successful home care agency!” Also, here is what one of our agencies said in an email because they missed their weekly sales coaching call with their coach this week: “We just hit our 18 month mark and are a little behind our target revenue goal by a smidgen but all in all we are super excited with where we are at and what we have going on. We just started getting referrals from a large hospital chain that we cracked using the ‘backdoor marketing program’ and are hoping to see the same response from a large skilled nursing facility down the street from the hospital! We are still hitting the Veterans Pension Benefit Program hard and about 50% of our clients are part of that program right now. You were right about the VA Healthcare Homebound Program!… we went to the VA Hospital (after signing up as a vendor for the VA) and the case workers at the VA hospital said they were not looking to make any changes to the home care agencies they already worked with and to come back in two years when they have open enrollment again!… frustrating – but nothing we didn’t expect after learning all of this from you guys. So, we are truly glad that we have the VA Pension Benefit Program through you guys to allow us to service Veterans and get them money to pay for their care! We do need to find more caregivers to staff our new clients!… but I’m not worried as we pay much more than everyone else around here and the word is getting out about what we pay. That’s all for now. Sorry I missed the call today. I’ll be back in the saddle next week for our call.”

  • Our Aug 2012 AHI Group Boot Camp Certified Senior Care Manager graduates! Another great group of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. We had a Family Practice Doctor, an Adult Day Care Center owner, a financial services executive, an HR executive, to name a few. Here is some of the feedback we received after the Boot Camp training: “Thanks so much for everything you all put into the training this week! You all did a great job of explaining everything in terms that we could understand and you even made it fun! We are so excited to get our state license and get launched. So glad we chose Startup HomeCare!” We also got the following email this week from one of our agencies that has been in business for 2.5 years. They were actually the 2nd home care agency we launched in April of 2010. They are from Pennsylvania. “Hey Mark and Jennifer, just wanted to give you my update via email as I won’t be on the call this week due to a function that I will be attending with the VA Hospital. We had a good week! That water bottle idea worked out really well and everyone was loving it at the facility. We already got 3 in-home assessments scheduled because of that and a bunch of phone numbers of people looking for care. We are already going to hit our end of Q3 revenue target goal of $210,000 gross billing per month. Super excited about that! We did run into a little snafu with a client that I want to talk to you about – but not urgent so it can wait till next week’s call. Hope all’s well with you guys this week. Take Care! Dave.”

  • Our Nov 2012 Boot Camp Training Class. One of the agency’s from this Boot Camp was referred by word of mouth from another one of our agency owners who started their business in Indiana 14 months ago. Our member agency in Indiana now has 27 clients and is billing 50% private pay and 50% Medicaid. StartupHomeCare assists its clients with identifying the state sponsored home care provider programs in their state to help them gain a mix of both private pay and public funding based clientele. With that being said, many State Medicaid programs pay very little money per hour and most home care agencies will only make $1/hour net profit and so it is not worth working with the program as one can make $7-$10/hour with our Veterans Pension Program or private paying customers. That’s what we love about our Veterans Pension Benefit Program – the profit margins are great and it is super awesome to help Veterans and their Spouses get the money they have earned to pay for their care at home. Right now there are an expected 15 million Veterans/spouses who could qualify for this Pension Benefit and only 3% of them currently have it. The is much need for educating these Veterans and their families across the nation and we give our AHI Members the tools and knowledge to do just that.

  • Our May 2013 Boot Camp Training Class. One of the agency’s from this Boot Camp was an existing agency with gross sales of $6 million per year focused on Medicaid in their state of Georgia. However, their owner was tired of only making $1-2/hour with the state Medicaid program and so he wanted his team to learn how to effectively market to private pay clients and also take part in our exclusive Veteran’s Pension Benefit Program we are launching in August of this year. Their CEO said this after going through our training, “Thanks so much for the great training this week, we were very impressed with the training content and the pace at which is was presented. We feel ready and are super excited to go out and implement the marketing plan and tools that you have given us! We would never have come up with these tools on our own and we think they are genius and will really make an impact in our local communities out here in GA! We also look forward to the launch of the Veterans Pension Benefit Program in August!”

  • Our August 2013 Boot Camp Training Class. We had another great group of people in our class. Some RN’s, a PT, and others from various industries – all with a passion for helping seniors and those with disabilities. One of our RN’s said this about the Boot Camp, “…thanks again for a great week. We were thrilled with the level of detail and expertise your company brings to the table to assist us with growing our home care business. We are so glad we decided to go with AHI – StartupHomeCare!” We had our monthly “Operations Coaching” webinar this week and many of our agencies joined to learn about this month’s topic which was “10 ways to recruit and retain quality caregivers”. At the end of the webinar we opened it up for Q&A and let our agencies fire away with their questions and comments. We always enjoy hearing what everyone is doing to tackle common issues that all our agencies deal with across the nation. Everyone learns from our coaches and also from those agencies who have been doing this for a couple of years and know the drill now. One of our agencies said that they met up with a friend of theirs who decided to go with some consultant type company and paid them $5,000 to help them setup their business. They realized, all too late however, that getting your doors open for business is only 1/10th of the battle. The real work starts once you are launched and now have to recruit caregivers and find clients. Our member agency said that their friend told them the consulting company they used were no-where to be found after they opened their doors for business and told them to go to a website forum to ask their day to day support and marketing/sales questions. The forum turned out to be filled with other new home care agencies who had no clue about what they were doing and didn’t know the answers to hardly any questions. It essentially was the blind leading the blind. Our member expressed how she was truly glad she joined AHI Group so that she could get guaranteed support for those all important first two years and then from time to time after that when a new issue raised its ugly head, etc. At AHI Group, we take our support of our agencies very seriously and only those who have owned their own multi-million dollar home care business before provide coaching to our agency owners.

  • November 2013 Boot Camp Class. Yet again, another great week with these new AHI Members. We got the following message from one of our AHI member agencies who came through our Boot Camp three and a half years ago in April 2010: “Hey Mark, I have been really busy and sorry I haven’t been on the weekly calls for a while… just so busy…but that is a good problem to have, right?…lol. Anyway, things are going so great for us over here in NJ and we hit our milestone again this quarter which we are very excited about! All in all, we will hit close to 3 million in revenue this year. Anyway, thanks for everything your team have done for us day to day to assist us – you have given me more freedom in my life than I ever envisioned possible!”

  • February 2014 Boot Camp Class. This was a wonderful group to work with during our Boot Camp Class – all very excited to go out and make a positive difference in their communities. One of the comments we got after training was, “Thank you so much for all the great training and support so far! I thought you would do a good job but you really over delivered and wowed us. I love the back door marketing programs and can’t wait to implement them in our community. The VA program is exciting too – I didn’t realize the VA Pension Benefit Program was for Veterans and also their surviving spouses – that really opened up my potential referrals in some of these senior living facilities and hospitals I volunteer at currently. Also excited about your long term care insurance contracts and just getting out there and implementing the 3 steps to selling and getting that private pay business! So excited to start marketing all of this!” We also heard from one of our agencies in Northern California who launched their agency a year ago. Here’s what they said, “Hey Kristy and Janet, I hope your week is going well! Just wanted to give you heads up that I won’t be on the weekly coaching call this week. We are doing a booth at a senior fair where we will be displaying our Veterans Pension Benefit Program. We have really been hitting that program hard this week since our last call and I’m already having a great response to it! Everyone wants to help Veterans and their spouses and have been more than happy to put us in touch with their patients who are Vets/spouses of Vets so we can talk to them about getting them $2,100 a month to pay for in home care services. The family members of Vets we have talked to so far have been super excited about the possibility of getting money to pay for their parent’s care! Out of the 8 families we met with this week, only 3 look like they will qualify for the VA Pension Benefit, but 3 of the other 5 we talked to are interested in private paying for their care services. You were right about the Veterans Pension Benefit – it is a great hook to get into people’s homes and close them on our services! Talk to you a week from Wednesday! Pete.”

  • May 2014 Boot Camp Class. Here is the update from one AHI Member that attended the class, launched their business four weeks after class got out, and has now been in business for three months: “Hey Mark, wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you have done for me. Your company has given me an opportunity I have always dreamed of. I’m pushing hard with the Veterans Pension Program and the interest free loan option is a real head turner that is giving my clients options they cannot find down at the VA directly. I have a handful of VA clients already in the paperwork pipeline and love letting people know about this benefit! Your ‘front and back door’ marketing techniques and the ‘3 steps to selling’ have really given me the day to day game plan that we needed to get in doors seemingly closed to other competitors in our area and we just started getting calls from one of the facilities we have been marketing to which discharges many seniors looking to private pay for home care services. Take care and talk to you soon!” Shirell.

  • July 2014 Boot Camp Class. Great group! Here is what one said about the training: “Hi, Mark: Again, to you and your wife, Kristy, Christine M., and all your support staff: Maud and I REALLY enjoyed the training we received. We appreciated the depth of knowledge exhibited by you and the care and concern you displayed toward all, and the willingness to answer all of our questions, no matter how seemingly small. The marketing programs are amazing…no wonder AHI members are so successful! We’re looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor in the upcoming months when we apply what we are learning and start with the support coach and calls. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO.” Bruce, Maud, and Byron. Six month updates from our November 2013 class: “We have been launched for six months now and have 14 clients. We are one client under our goal of 15 for our first 6 months but we have a number in the pipeline so next month should get us to where we are on track. Love the Long Term Care Insurance and VA programs! Our competitors just cannot compete with the flexibility of our VA loan program. We get to help the ones that other home care agencies cannot not help as they have too little money. For those facilities who have heard of this VA benefit we have an edge because we realized we can usually help about 90% of those who are eligible vs. our competitor agencies who, it seems, can only help around 40-50% of those they encounter. Can’t thank you guys enough for your constent support and programs that set us apart from the competition out here in Maryland!”

  • November 2014 Boot Camp Class. Another amazing group of entrepreneurs! One thing we continually realize with our Boot Camp Classes is just how many great people are out there who have a passion for helping seniors. Many have this passion due to their existing careers in healthcare and others due to their experience with a family member in a similar care need scenario. Whatever the source, we are always on the look out for people such as those in this group who have the fire and passion to help seniors have a bright ending to the sunset of their lives! Check in from our August 2013 group – most of which have been launched for a year now: “Hey Mark – just wanted to update you on our progress. I’m sure Kristen has told you but I wanted to let you know too – we almost hit our annual goal of 25 clients. We had 23. We feel very good non the less about where we are currently at and feel like we are just getting up to 4th gear now and starting to realize the benefits of our hard work during the past year. Please pass along our gratitude to your team for their patience and efforts with my wife and I over the past year. We probably have not been your easiest couple to work with but we sure appreciate their attention to detail and consistent effort day to day to help us understand things we were struggling with. Setting milestones and goals, with the support team’s help, for how many clients we wanted to get each month/quarter certainly helped keep us motivated though some of the challenging days and its great to look back now and see all that we have accomplished! On another note – we may be taking a cruise in 3 months from Long Beach, and if we do we will be sure to stop by while in town. Thanks again! Take Care, Jen and Dave.”

  • January 2015 Boot Camp Class. These people are going to do great! A nice mix of medical and non-medical professionals in this group. We all enjoyed sharing tidbits from all our backgrounds. Each added to the group with their own work/life experience. One couple had even paid a Home Care Consulting/Membership type company a large sum of money and didn’t end up getting far once they launched their business. Their competition was too strong in their area and what they were going out with each day did not set them apart from their competition. The consulting company had great management software and helped them build a good website and social media network – but at the end of the day these things did not drive business to their company and they had to close their doors. They are now starting over with AHI Group. Here’s what they said about our training vs. the other company, “Wow, wow, wow, I now understand why your agencies are soooo successful in marketing and getting clients! Your lead generating programs are amazing and we can’t wait to start using them. We also love the backdoor marketing techniques that can drive additional revenue to our agency and create a lot of Goodwill with the healthcare community. I only wish we had come to your company first and saved ourselves paying double and losing a lot of time and sleep!”

  • April 2015 Boot Camp Class. Another great group of medical professionals and people from various non healthcare industries – all with a common passion and desire to help seniors. Four of our newest agency owners almost signed with nationwide home care franchises and a fifth almost signed with a consulting/membership organization when they ran into AHI Group – StartupHomeCare. Here’s why one of them chose AHI Group, “Our decision came down to comparing apples to apples. We realized we were getting everything and more when we compared line by line what the franchise was going to give us vs. AHI. The VA program, LTC Insurance corporate contracts, Workers Compensation Insurance contracts to drive new client leads, and ALF referral programs that bring clients to our business were also a huge selling point.” This boot camp also brought two existing home care agencies to AHI who wanted to learn how to better sell private pay services in their local community. One of them is the largest home care agency in the state of Georgia and runs on Medicaid Waiver revenue. This agency had hired marketing consultants, marketing sales people, etc. but had never been able to crack the private pay market place – despite being the largest independent home care agency in Georgia with 500+ employees. Upon speaking with AHI Group – StartupHomeCare, this Georgia agency owner knew very quickly that AHI has an outstanding and unique organization and wanted to come on board to learn how to beat out their local competition in the private pay world. In addition, getting access to AHI’s VA Program, Long Term Care, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Medical Device Corporate Contracts were a few more reasons they paid the same funds as everyone else to become a member of AHI. We look forward to meeting this agency owner in Tampa, FL next month for the National Assisted Living Association Annual Conference where AHI will be a Gold Sponsor. If you are in Tampa come visit us at booth #1121 May 4-6, 2015.

  • July 2015 Boot Camp Class. This was a wonderful group of new AHI Group Members. From Doctors, Nurses, to non medical HR professionals and in between, this group came from many walks of life but with one thing in common – a strong desire to help seniors in their local communities get the care they need in the sunset of their lives and grow their home care businesses to be the Gold Standard of Care in their communities using AHI Group’s tools and coaching! Also, here are some recent updates from some of our member agencies out growing their businesses. “Hey Team, just wanted to let you know that we have 43 clients now. We hope to hit the 50 mark by end of next month to keep on track with our next milestone! Anyway, just wanted to thank you and your team for all your hard work and consistent support of our agency. We love the lead generating programs and other marketing tools that give us a great edge in our community. Talk to you on next weeks call! Also, we’ll be out in CA for vacation in a couple of months and will let you know so I can drop by and take you guys out to lunch! Talk to you soon. Mike and Laurie.”

  • September 2015 Boot Camp Class. This group of new AHI member agency owners was a hoot…lots of laughs last week! From RN’s, to Corporate executives, to former small business owners, to former stay at home mothers – all with a mutual desire to own their own business and help seniors live more independently. We look forward to seeing these newest members launch their agencies and plug into our lead generating programs! We recently received the following message from one of our agencies who launched 4 years ago: “…I wanted to take opportunity to thank you personally for opening up a whole new world for me. Owning my own home care agency has been a challenge – especially in the beginning – but has given me the financial and schedule flexibility I dreamed of for years in my prior Corporate career. I never thought that making this kind of money and loving what you do was possible for me but you and your team showed me this is possible with hard work and persistence. Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to prove myself….” James.

  • Its been so busy around here this past 8 months we have not put up our recent Boot Camp pictures and testimonials. Here we go for July 2016 Boot Camp. Another great group of our newest AHI Group Members. We had a great week together and look forward to getting their doors open for business in the next few weeks – once their pre-launch tasks are completed. They will then be assigned into one of our coaching/mentoring groups where they will be coached by our support team who have previously owned a successful home care business and are each now working in our Corporate office after selling it. They will learn from those who have actually been there and successfully ‘done that’. Unlike some of our competitors in both the franchise and non-franchise worlds who have no-one on their corporate team who has actually owned (from the ground up) a successful Home Care business. We consistently see that those of our AHI Group Members who use our unique programs stand out from the crowd in their local communities. The devil is in the detail and we guarantee that our AHI Group Members can beat out any competitor home care agencies who are claiming to have a VA Program due to the discounted care pricing and the interest free loan we offer families. It equates to more hours of care for the Veteran/Spouse and allows them to start care often without paying out of pocket due to our interest free loan program. It all rolls out to be the most attractive and cost effective VA Program for families nationwide. Add to that our National Insurance Contracts that bring clients to our AHI members door’s without requiring them to do any marketing and you have two programs that can pay for the personal care services of your clients – which is a huge determinant in whether or not people get care services in place or not. If families cannot afford the care then they cannot start care. However, if they can get their care paid for then they are usually very eager to get the care in place and start reaping the benefits of it in their day to day lives. At the end of the day – that is the most rewarding part of doing this type of business – we get to see lives change for the better every day as we help these wonderful seniors maintain their lives at home instead of going to a nursing home or something similar. You can’t put a price tag on how good that feels.

  • Our September 2016 Boot Camp Class. Yesterday we got feedback from one of our agencies that launched exactly 3 years ago in Northern California Bay Area. They are a mother and son team. They started doing caregiving for family and friends as individuals a number of years ago and decided they wanted to start a company to do such and hire others to go out and do the caregiving work. They chose us at AHI Group to help them accomplish their dream of owning their own Non-Medical Home Care Agency. They are currently billing $500K a month ($6 Million per year) of which 18% is their net profit (Approx. $1.1 Million in net profit per year). They are now opening a new office in Southern California. Another example of a couple of people who had a passion for helping others and when plugged into our AHI Group model were able to be very successful at owning their own home care business. One interesting fact is that they are getting all their revenue from private pay clients. An example of how effective our “3 Steps To Selling” program for the private paying clients can be when implemented with diligence and consistency in a community.

  • January 2017 Boot Camp. We had three existing home care agencies attend this boot camp. These agencies have already been in business for a number of years and were looking to get access to our Veterans Program and our Workers Compensation Program to help them drive more revenue and clients to their home care agencies. The owners of these existing agencies were very impressed and pleased with the Boot Camp training and stated “the training was so detailed and very well organized” and “wished I had got this training before I launched my own home care business as it would have saved me thousands of dollars in insurance premiums alone, and legal fees, and wasted marketing dollars…” We also had seven other parties who are new members of AHI Group and starting their home care agencies in various locations across the nation. All enjoyed the ‘kick off’ to their new career as a home care agency owner and are looking forward to the networking, weekly coaching calls, and day to day support from our AHI Group Support Team to help them remember and successfully implement what they learned this past week at our 5 day Boot Camp Training.

  • April 2017 Boot Camp. Another great group to go through our onboarding training. They will finish up their training by doing an additional two days of home study – which will total 8 days of training. For those who have got their state license already they are able to launch within 2-3 weeks after completing our Boot Camp and become our newest AHI Group Members! We recently got feedback from one of our agencies who launch 1.75 years ago in PA. The agency now has 110 employees and is “growing fast” according to their agency owner who was previously an RN and worked in a hospital setting before coming onboard with our organization. It is always great to see our home care agencies providing jobs out there and most of all helping seniors get the care they need so they can enjoy the sunset of their lives.

  • July 2017 Boot Camp. Another terrific group of individuals from various backgrounds that are getting ready to open their doors for business and jump into our post boot camp support teams that consist of a coach who has previously owned a successful home care agency and a handful of other AHI Group member agencies from across the nation who have already launched their agencies. On another note, we recently saw that two of our home care agencies are posted on a large home care software company’s website – as two of the fastest growing home care agencies in their respective states. Click here to see a copy of the two articles. One of the home care agencies has grown 15x in size in the last 6 years of being in business and last year decided to start their own franchise – which is allowable under the AHI Group model. The other doubled their revenue for the second year in a row during 2016. Great to see these AHI Member Agencies making their mark in their local communities and taking great care of seniors and those with disabilities!

  • September 2017 – Another excellent group of entrepreneurs to go through our Boot Camp and become our newest members of AHI Group, Inc. This group had a nice group of Nurses and other healthcare professionals like Physical Therapists, Pharmaceutical Sales Reps, and Medical Device Sales Reps. AHI Group is always looking for bright and talented individuals who have a passion for helping others. If you feel like you are such an individual and would like to find out more about starting a home care business in the booming senior care market place then reach out to our business development team for a free consultation by calling the above phone number or filling out our ‘Contact Us’ form above. On another note – we had an AHI Member from Indiana notify us that they are opening another office in a neighboring state and would like our assistance in helping them get licensed in this state. Per our agreement with them back in 2012, we agreed to assist them at no extra cost with getting licensed in as many states as they desire as they grow their business. We are always proud to see our AHI Member Agencies growing into new market places and expanding the capability of our VA Program across the nation.

  • November 2017 – Time sure does fly by and we have reached the last Boot Camp of 2017 for AHI Group, Inc. Another amazing group of entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others and improving the nature of home care services in their local community have become a member of AHI Group, Inc. A couple of individuals from this group gave us Google Reviews – so go out today and look at what they said about our organization! Do a Google search for “AHI Group, Inc” and you will see our Google+ page come up – where you can click on our “Google Reviews”. We also encourage qualified candidates to have a chat with a couple of our AHI Member agencies – to get a feel for what their experience has been with our organization and how profitable their businesses have become, etc.

  • January 2018 – Welcome to our newest 2018 AHI Group, Inc members! They were a fun bunch with lots of vitality and humor. We wish our Members lived closer so we could see them all more often – but alas they are spread across the country so phone calls and emails have to suffice. We really do feel like each of our members becomes part of our “AHI Family” once they have gotten to know our team and been with us for 5 solid days here in Irvine, California. This is just the beginning, of course, the real work starts once they open their doors for business – but the groundwork has been completed and their relationships with our founders (Mark & Kristy Dunning) and our support team here have been solidified. This gives a solid platform and friendship to work with ongoing – which is very important to the culture and approach of AHI Group, Inc. Every member of AHI Group, Inc is an integral part of the whole operation and we truly value each member’s individual contributions to further the good name of AHI Group, Inc nationwide and promote our Gold Standard of Care in the Senior Care Industry.

  • Bootcamp July 2018

    July 2018 – Another great group of our newest AHI Group Members getting ready to open their doors for business in their various locations across the nation! We had a guest speaker at our boot camp who is an AHI Group Member of 6 years. He joined AHI Group in 2012 and now runs a $6 Million home care agency in California (a state with one of the highest levels of competition in the home care industry). Our guest explained how beating out his competition was key to his agency’s success over the last 6 years. He said that the unique programs and tools that he received from AHI Group were the catalyst to getting him in doors that were closed to others. This agency now has three offices with plans to open additional offices in other locations across California. The owner is super glad that he has not been restricted to small territory as has been able to follow the business wherever it has taken him and his agency. The owner said that his gut feeling to not go with a franchise 6 years ago has led to him being able to have true ownership of his business and expand it to achieve much more than he could ever have achieved if he purchased a franchise territory in his local area… especially when most of the “good” territories had already been sold to other franchisees – leaving him with just one small good territory to market his business and no prospects for purchasing another good one close by to enable expansion. With AHI Group, our agency owners are able to expand their business any time in any direction and follow the leads and referral sources wherever they are located. This allows our members to capture all the opportunities that come to them. That’s true business ownership and a core value at AHI Group!

Media & Sponsors

  • October 2012 – AHI Group, Inc – StartupHomeCare sponsored its annual booth at the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) annual conference in Orlando, Florida. The President of NAHC (Val Halamandaris) announced at the conference that “…. the future of Medicare Home Health and Hospice will continue on a small incremental increase in demand over the next 30 years – while Private Duty (Non Medical) Care will grow exponentially in an almost vertical curve over the next 30 years.” Val encouraged existing Home Health & Hospice Medicare billing agencies to “….get into providing Private Duty care services immediately to capture this massive growth opportunity.”

  • AHI Group, Inc – StartupHomeCare assists existing home health and hospice agencies to get into the private duty non medical arena as well as helping qualified individuals who want to start a new business in the booming senior home care field and want the backing and ongoing support of a large organization but without the restrictions of a franchise: a franchise royalty and a territory restriction.