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Questions You Should Be Asking About A Home Care Business Startup

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For answers to the below home care business startup questions – please visit:

Q: Will you give access to clients via your Corporate Programs?
Q: What do Companions and Aides (caregivers) do?
Q: Is private duty (non medical) home care covered by insurance providers?
Q: How much does it cost to start a home care business? Can I start it in a home office?
Q: Do I need a healthcare industry background to start a private duty (non medical) home care business?

Q: Do caregivers I hire need licenses or certifications to provide care services and do you provide a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) Training Program in house at no extra cost?
Q: Do I need a license to operate a private duty (non medical) home care agency?
Q: What type of people do I hire to be caregivers?
Q: Why eight days of AHI University™ Boot Camp Training?
Q: Will I be able to use the name “AHI Group”? Will I get to display the “AHI Member ” icon on my web site?
Q: Will I get a territory and do you protect it? Will my web site be the same as other AHI StartupHomeCare client web sites?
Q: What type of support does AHI StartupHomeCare offer after we launch our agency?
Q: How much competition is in this business already?
Q: A Franchiser told me I would receive leads from their web site – how will I get leads with your option?
Q: A franchiser told me that they allow their franchisees to communicate and learn from each other – do you allow that with your customers?
Q: A franchiser told me they have software for time keeping, employee logging in/out, accounting, etc. that saves the administrator time and money. Do you have this type of thing?
Q: A franchise wants to charge me $37,000 for a small territory and then pay 5% of my gross sales in royalties. I asked why they charge so much and was told that, quote, “You get what you pay for. If you want quality you have to pay for it.” How does your company charge so much less and still provide a quality program and ongoing support? What’s the catch?
Q: What exactly am I getting for my money?
Q: How much does the AHI Group – StartupHomeCare – membership cost?
Q: Why should I choose AHI Group – StartupHomeCare – Membership Organization?
Q: Are payment arrangements an option? Are you accredited by the BBB?
Q: A franchise told me that they are “Joint Commission Accredited” and that only 10% of other non medical home care agencies out there have this accreditation and that I will win more business due to having this accreditation. Is this something I should get for my agency to help me win business?
Q: What is special about your organization? What sets you apart from others doing what you do?
Q: What is this unique “Veterans Program” I heard your organization provides?
Q: What type of Business License do we need? Are there any states you don’t offer AHI Memberships?
Q: How do I obtain my employees and clients?
Q: Is this service only for seniors? How do seniors pay for care services?
Q: Where do I receive my training and why do you limit your training Boot Camp class sizes to a small group?
Q: Is the senior care industry right for me?
Q: How much money do I need to start this business?
Q: What support do you offer once I get done my Boot Camp training?
Q: A Franchiser told me that they spend thousands of dollars per year on marketing and that having their name will give me access to a lot of potential clients who have seen that advertising, is that correct?
Q: A franchiser told me their franchisees sell ‘mobile alert devices’ that their patients wear on their wrists and can push if need assistance and are in trouble when a caregiver is not around. Do you offer this optional product?
Q: A franchise told me that they offer expert marketing training that will help my business grow quickly – what do you offer?
Q: Do you offer discounts on background checking software? Do you provide back end office management software to manage our employees, referral sources, clients, scheduling, billing, payroll, etc?
Q: Do we use your AHI Group, Inc name or do we create our own agency name?
Q: Do you offer access to discounted professional liability insurance to save us money on premiums?
Q: Do you offer any other ‘snap-on’ business solutions like assisted living community placement services?
Q: I understand that each participant in your Boot Camp gets the Certified Senior Care Manager™ (CSCM™) certification?
Q: Why should I choose AHI Group, Inc – StartupHomeCare Membership Organization instead of buying policies and procedures and some marketing materials online for only $1,500?
Q: Have any of your member agencies failed and gone out of business? If so, what were the reasons?
Q: Marketing is essential to a business’ survival. What type of marketing training do you provide?

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