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How To Start And Grow A Home Care Business

Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you enjoy helping the elderly? Do you like the idea of helping seniors stay in their homes vs. going to a nursing home? If you answered yes to all of these questions the senior care industry could be a good fit for you! Have questions? We love questions! Our team will take the necessary time to answer all your questions.

What Is Senior Home Care?

Caregivers and Aides perform a critical role in helping those who are not chronically ill, yet need assistance with daily activities like bathing, house keeping, personal hygiene, using the toilet, running errands, cooking, etc. The home care services industry is currently a $70 billion industry and is expected to continue to flourish over the next 30 years as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. Here are some facts about the industry and the role AHI Group plays:

  • June 5, 2010 – Eight out of ten Seniors prefer to stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home; it is called “Aging in Place.”
  • August 4, 2012 – The U.S. population of those aged 65 or older was 35 million in 2010. By 2030 that number will grow to 70 million and continue to increase until 2045. Most adult children live hundreds of miles away from their parents, which makes providing care to their parents a challenge.
  • January 15, 2014 – AHI Group launches it’s 100th Home Care Agency.
  • June 14, 2014 – The US Bureau of Labor stated that, “The home care industry is in its first inning, and explosive growth will happen over the next three decades.”
  • January 8, 2015 – The US Bureau of Labor named the Senior Care Industry as having three out of the top 10 job growth markets through to 2025.
  • January 7, 2016 – AHI Group launches it’s 200th Home Care Agency.
  • December 13, 2017 – AHI Group launches its 300th Home Care Agency.
  • May 3, 2018 – Medicare Advantage Insurance Companies announced they will start paying for Long Term Care Services like assistance with activities of daily living to help seniors on their plans stay in their homes for as long as possible and avoid expensive nursing home costs. Payments to start in January 2019. Nineteen million people currently have Medicare Advantage Plans in the US and that number is growing rapidly. In addition, CMS (Medicare) announced it is putting a bill together to fund Long Term Care Services to help seniors stay in their homes and avoid expensive nursing home costs. Sixty million people are currently signed up with Medicare in the US and that number will continue to grow as the senior population grows over the next 20 years. These Medicare announcements are ground breaking. Medicare has traditionally not paid for Long Term Care. Medicaid does pay for Long Term Care but recipients must have only $2,000 in their bank account to qualify.


What Does AHI Group | StartupHomeCare Do?

StartupHomeCare is the business development and training arm of AHI Group, Inc (AHI). AHI is a nationwide membership organization of 300+ independently owned non-medical home care agencies that specialize in providing personal care services to seniors in their homes (or chosen place of residence) to help them avoid going to a nursing home.

Do you want to start and grow a profitable home care business using senior care industry professionals to guide you every step of the way but without the downside of purchasing a franchise?  AHI Group, Inc – StartupHomeCare offers a turn-key smart alternative to purchasing a home care franchise. Franchisers are motivated to help their franchisees grow as they impose an across the board royalty on all revenue each franchisee makes. The franchise royalty usually works out to be 1/3 of the franchisee’s take home income. In addition, franchisees are restricted to providing their services only within a small predesignated territory.  As a result – some consumers go in the opposite direction and hire home care consultants to avoid the restrictions of a franchise model. However, a consultant’s revenue is not tied to the revenue of their clients which means there is little financial motivation for the consultant to help their clients grow long term.

Why Choose AHI Group | StartupHomeCare?

In 2007, AHI Group founders launched their own non-medical home care business in the most competitive home care market place in the nation – Southern California. The founders were able to grow their business into a multi-million dollar operation.  In 2010, AHI Group founders began helping others achieve this same success across the nation.

AHI Group | StartupHomeCare Provides A Turn-Key Smart Alternative To Purchasing A Home Care Franchise 

AHI Group offers a Membership model which provides the advantages of BOTH the franchise and consulting models but without the downsides.  The Membership model solves the lack of financial motivation to help its Members grow (experienced in the Consulting model) as AHI Group’s revenue is tied to its members revenue – but not in the form of a franchise royalty on all income. AHI Group has optional programs that its members can opt in or out of anytime. If AHI Group Members see value in a program they will use it and AHI Group will receive increased recurring revenue as its member’s client base grows in the program.

AHI Group Membership model also solves the franchise downside of restricting its franchisees to a small territory that may or may not be lucrative. AHI Group allows its members to expand their business in any direction at anytime to follow their leads and referral sources wherever they take them. AHI Group’s Membership model also solves the franchise downside of restricting its franchisees from snapping on similar businesses – like transportation services, assisted living placements, medical alert device sales, or anything else the business owner wishes to add on to their service offering.

THE END RESULT: On average, AHI Group Members can save over $400,000 in net take home profit during their first five years using our Membership Model vs. what they would pay to a franchise. In addition, our AHI Group Members get to have true business ownership by being able to expand their service area as far and wide as they desire – as they continue to grow. Many members have multiple offices in the same state and others are in multiple states – at no additional cost. Flexibility and freedom are the cornerstones of AHI Group’s Membership Model.

AHI GROUP GROWTH:  AHI Group is the fastest growing non medical home care organization in the nation and has been growing at a steady pace of adding 50 new home care agencies per year for the last 4 years to total over 300 as of December 2017. AHI Group’s five year goal is to grow its membership to 500 home care agencies nationwide over the next four years (which will give it reach into most all metropolitan areas). At that point AHI Group will cease bringing on board new members and drive revenue solely through its optional programs.


  • We are turn-key smart alternative to purchasing a home care franchise. We give our members all the training, materials, software, and ongoing support they need to be successful.
  • We are a Membership Organization – not a franchise.
  • Proven system since 2010. AHI Group has developed and supports 300+ member locations across the nation.
  • No territory restrictions that stunt growth.
  • Pipelines to clients via AHI Group’s innovative programs.
  • AHI Group opt-in program fees. No franchise royalties that take a 1/3 of your take home income.
  • Lifetime day-to-day superior support from home care professionals who have owned home care agencies.
  • Our agencies choose their new company’s name and become a member of AHI Group.
  • Training on four additional senior care businesses – i.e. Assisted Living Placements.
  • State-of-the-art cloud based software system for managing your agency.
  • AHI Group up front fee of $17,500. Financing available.
  • Complementary Certified Senior Care Manager Certification for agency owners. 70% discount on all Certified Senior Care Aide certifications for our member’s caregivers.


Exceptional Support And Programs = Superior Success

AHI Is Financially Motivated To Help Its Members Grow. AHI makes its ongoing revenue from optional programs that its network of member home care agencies can opt-in to use. As each agency grows and uses the optional AHI programs, both the agency and AHI benefit financially. It’s a win-win scenario with the benefit of an agency opting out anytime, if so desired, and continuing to grow their business without using AHI programs and thus paying AHI no more money. AHI is therefore dedicated to ensuring its member agencies grow their businesses as AHI recurring revenue is directly tied to the size of each of its member agencies. This is unlike some other consulting/membership organizations who charge a flat monthly fee of their clients which gives little incentive to make sure their clients grow as they get paid the same no matter if the member is making $40,000 a year or $4 million a year in gross revenue.


Our Member Stories

Click Here to view two of our $5+ Million Club Member Stories. Also, Click Here to see the 50+ FIVE STAR Google Certified Reviews from our Member Agencies.

To view our brochure CLICK HERE or click our FAQ page to view our responses to questions people typically ask us about our organization that has successfully launched, trained, and helped grow 300+ home care agencies nationwide.

Aides and Companions assist seniors and others one-on-one in their homes with activities of daily living (ADLs), which include things like grooming, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, transferring, etc. They also assist clients with medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping, and other similar non-medical activities that people need assistance with day to day.

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How Do I Get Into The Senior Care Business?

There are several ways to get into the Senior Care Business; start your own, hire a consultant, buy an existing business, purchase a franchise, or get into a membership organization like AHI Group | StartupHomeCare. Buying a franchise usually means a territory purchase price of $25K-$85K and then 2.5%-7% of your gross sales for as long as you own the franchise. Click here to view regional and national franchises start up costs.


What Will It Cost?

Our up front fee is $17,500 which includes comprehensive training on how to operate a successfully home care agency (taught exclusively by people who have started and grown their own home care agencies into multi-million dollar in revenue companies), day to day coaching and support after launching, marketing materials, lead generation programs to get you clients, and much more. You will also need $10,000 – $15,000 to cover your first few months in business expenses (insurance, office space, etc.). See Our Services page for details.  NOTE: Due to increased costs to provide the superior service, programs, and support that AHI Group members need to be successful, AHI Group up-front fee of $17,500 will increase to $20,000 on October 1, 2018.

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