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How To Start And Grow A Home Care Business

Do you want to start and grow a profitable home care business? Do you dislike the idea of an across the board 5-8% royalty on all your future gross revenue? Do you wonder if the franchise territory you may be considering to purchase will be a lucrative location?  Do you want to grow your business by opening multiple offices – in new areas – whenever you want to?  Do you wonder how you will stand out from your local competition? You have come to the right place to get answers to these questions and more!

StartupHomeCare is the training and business development arm of AHI Group, Inc (AHI) – a nationwide membership organization of 300+ independently owned home care agencies. AHI offers an affordable alternative to purchasing a traditional non-medical home care franchise. Why pay franchise royalties and be restricted to a small territory? AHI gives you training, client leads, ongoing support, etc. but without territory restrictions and an ongoing royalty payment. Ask us about getting access to our free Home Care video series to see if you have what it takes to grow a profitable home care business – and also find out some of the keys to success in growing a home care business.

AHI Group offers a turn-key solution to getting you licensed (100% guarantee*) and trained but also provides the level of commitment, incentives, lead generating programs that actually bring clients to your door, and daily support ongoing that a franchise provides – but without the territory and financial restrictions of a franchise. Getting a home care license can take a bit of time (depending on the state) but the process is straight forward and easy to step through. However, getting clients after opening doors for business is the #1 problem new home care agencies have – and why many (who don’t have any programs that set them apart from their embedded competition) end up failing. AHI Group doesn’t just help its members get a license, train them for a few days, and then wish them “good luck with getting clients.” AHI Group provides pipelines of business to its member agencies so they can get clients quickly, beat out their embedded competition, and grow.

*Licensing Guarantee – we guarantee we will get you licensed in your state or we will issue you a full refund of our fee. This refund is based on you (and any business partners) passing a state background check.

“Exceptional Support & Programs = Superior Success”

AHI Is Financially Motivated To Help Its Members Grow. AHI makes its ongoing revenue from optional programs that its network of member home care agencies can opt-in to use. As each agency grows and uses the optional AHI programs, both the agency and AHI benefit financially. It’s a win-win scenario with the benefit of an agency opting out anytime, if so desired, and continuing to grow their business without using AHI programs and thus paying AHI no more money. AHI is therefore dedicated to ensuring its member agencies grow their businesses as AHI recurring revenue is directly tied to the size of each of its member agencies. This is unlike some other consulting/membership organizations who charge a flat monthly fee of their members – which gives little incentive to make sure their members grow as they get paid the same no matter if the member is making $40,000 a year or $4 million a year in gross revenue.  Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding and AHI agenices have achieved $3+ Million in revenue in their first five years in business – with 17% average take home owner profit margins. Click here to see examples of AHI Group Agency growth potential.

AHI Goal: AHI has added over 300 offices to its nationwide organization in the last seven years. No other national home care organization has achieved this rate of growth – according to Entrepreneur.com. AHI’s strategy is to continue to grow to 500 home care agencies nationwide so it has coverage in all major areas and then cap its membership and continue in business running on the recurring revenue it receives from its opt-in programs that drive new clients to its members.

To view our brochure CLICK HERE or click our FAQ page to view our responses to questions people typically ask us about our organization that has successfully launched, trained, and helped grow 300+ home care agencies nationwide.

Aides and Companions assist seniors and others one-on-one in their homes with activities of daily living (ADLs), which include things like grooming, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, transferring, etc. They also assist clients with medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping, and other similar non-medical activities that people need assistance with day to day.

Need financing? Click here to get up to $50,000 to finance your new home care business.

Click Here to see a news article about two AHI Group Member Home Care Agencies– that are in the $5+ million club – featured on the largest national provider of home care software’s website (ClearCare). ClearCare is congratulating these two AHI Group home care agencies as leaders and innovators in the senior care industry.


What Is Senior Home Care?

Caregivers and Aides perform a critical role in helping those who are not chronically ill, yet need assistance with daily activities like bathing, house keeping, personal hygiene, using the toilet, running errands, cooking, etc. The caregiver/aide services industry is currently a $9 billion industry and is expected to continue to flourish over the next 40 years as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. Here are some facts about the industry and the role AHI Group plays:

  • Eight out of ten Seniors prefer to stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home; it is called “Aging in Place.”
  • The U.S. population of those aged 65 or older was 35 million in 2010. By 2030 that number will grow to 70 million.
  • Most adult children live hundreds of miles away from their parents, which makes providing care to their parents a challenge.
  • The US Bureau of Labor recently stated that, “The home care industry is in its first inning, and explosive growth will happen over the next three decades.”
  • January 5, 2010 – The US Bureau of Labor named the Senior Care Industry as having three out of the top 10 job growth markets through to 2020.

How Do I Get Into The Senior Care Business?

There are several ways to get into the Senior Care Business; start your own, buy an agency, or pay a lot of money to a franchise organization. Buying a franchise usually means a territory purchase price of $25K-$150K and then 2.5%-7% of your gross sales for as long as you own the franchise. Click here to view regional and national franchises start up costs.


What Will It Cost?

Our fee is $17,500 which includes comprehensive training on how to operate a successfully home care agency (taught exclusively by people who have started and grown their own home care agencies into multi-million dollar in revenue companies), day to day coaching and support after launching, marketing materials, lead generation programs to get you clients, and much more. You will also need $10,000 – $15,000 to cover your first few months in business expenses (insurance, office space, etc.). See Our Services page for details.

Need financing? If you have a credit score of 710 or higher you are eligible for up to $50,000 in low interest financing assistance. Click here for more information.

What Do I Get With AHI's Membership Opportunity?

Our business development specialists can help you understand all the benefits of AHI’s membership organization but here are some of the things you get:

  • Assistance with creating your S-Corp / LLC. For those in licensed states, we complete your home care state license application form and mail it to the licensing board for you. We have not had any licensure denials.
  • No Revenue Stunting Territory Restrictions. AHI Group does not restrict its members to a small territory consisting of 250,000 people – like a franchise does. The average city has 10% seniors located within it. So, if one has a territory with 250,000 people that leaves 25,000 seniors in that community. On average, about 10% of seniors need assistance with activities of daily living. Therefore, that leaves 2,500 seniors who will need your services. Depending on the existing competition in your community, this may or may not be an issue. However, why take the chance of restricting yourself to such a small area when starting out? What if you get your foot in the door of a hospital or healthcare facility that is “outside” of your area and you are not able to get that same foot in the door in your own area right away? You are passing up massive amounts of potential revenue when you are not able to move where the business and your marketing efforts lead you. AHI Group wants you to have the best chance of success and so it does not restrict it’s member’s ability to market wherever they want. After all, we cannot stop every other home care organization out there moving into your “protected territory” – even if we were to restrict our other members from coming into your area. We believe it is better to allow the 1 or 2 potential other AHI Group members to have access to your area rather than restrict them that access and therefore have to restrict you and them to a territory that we cannot protect from all the other home care companies out there. Deciding where you want to market and being able to follow your leads – wherever they take you – with the constant backing of our coaching team will allow you the best opportunity to grow your business during that all important first year and ensure you don’t end up failing to get off the ground like 20% of the home care agencies out there in the industry. Giving you the option to market wherever you get a “foothold” and having our professional support team behind you every step of the way during that all important first year will give you the edge needed to help ensure your success! It is important that you go into this market place with both hands free and professional coaching behind you – as apposed to struggling with one hand tied behind your back due to a small territory and no professional coaching behind you. That’s what we call flexibility, innovative thinking, and unlimited revenue potential!
  • Ten Days Of Intensive Best of Class Training Via AHI University™. Five days in office and five days of home study – on how to innovative, market, operate, and successfully grow your non-medical home care agency. Also, all the required policies, procedures, marketing documents, etc,). Our innovative marketing techniques and programs make our clients stand out from the crowd, beat out their competition, and add value to their communities. You will also be trained on the best practices of how to provide non-medical care services by those who own or have owned successful home care agencies – to ensure you are not just learning from someone who was an employee of a home care agency and to help you avoid taking wrong steps that could lead to law suits and adult protective services coming after your new agency.
  • All agency policies/procedures, forms, and required legal documentation. JCAHO Certified (Joint Commission Accredited). AHI Group offers the option for its members to become JCAHO Certified. The certification fees are paid by the agency directly to JCAHO at a cost of around $2,500 per year. This is not a required certification – but some AHI Group Agencies choose to get it as they use it as one more thing to set them apart from other home care agencies in their area.
  • A quality web site including logo, all needed content, and Search Optimization. A quality brochure and business card with your logo. A quality 8×3 foot ready to print file for a stand up banner (for trade shows), presentation folder, 12 sales flyers with unique and engaging content on each to attract your customers attention.
  • Training On Four Complementary Senior Care Businesses that our members have the option to implement as they desire and can drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue to your home care business. One such business is providing Assisted Living Placements. The other three are proprietary and can be discussed further into your membership application process.
  • Weekly Mandatory “Out the gate Sales Coaching” with our expert home care sales/marketing coaches. Reporting on your daily activities: Who you talked to, what you talked about, and what your next steps are, etc. is documented on forms and reviewed weekly by your personal sales coach. Once this mandatory coaching period is over, each member agency determines how often they would like to connect with their sales coach ongoing – be it day to day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. at no extra charge for the life of their business. Ask us to send you a 5 minute snippet from a weekly AHI Support Call that involved an AHI Member Agency owner who has been in business for 1.5 years as a “guest speaker” to discuss their strategies for maintaining good caregivers and getting new business referrals. Also, ask us to send you another 5 minute snippet from another weekly AHI Support Call where the AHI Coach is discussing techniques for building relationships with referral sources and asking for referrals. All weekly calls are recorded and there are over 100 support calls in the archive that AHI Members can listen to anytime – to help them constantly sharpen their saw.
  • One-On-One Ongoing Support And Sales/Operations Coaching From Our Team Of Home Care Professionals. Reading a book or attending a few days of “seminar style” training with dozens of other people on how to start your own company will unfortunately rarely suffice in today’s competitive environment. We have built a business model to achieve maximum success in competitive home care markets and teach our AHI agencies this model in small, personalized groups so they fully understand each intricate detail to achieve maximum success. Daily access to your personal sales coach will help you navigate the nuances you will encounter as a new home care agency and help you maximize your revenue potential. See our “Our Support” page for more details.
  • Access To National Healthcare Insurance Contracts And Our Unique Veterans Benefit Program. Get clients from 55 Healthcare Insurance companies via our training and contacts nationwide. Most insurance policies pay for $100 – $250 a day in home care services. National Healthcare Insurance contracts provide clients requiring in home care services. Also, provide care to Veterans and spouses of Veterans through federally paid VA benefits that we assist your clients obtain through our VA program. Our AHI Veteran Program can help you assist Veterans and their surviving spouses (1 in 3 seniors) get up to 25hrs of home care per week paid for by the Veterans Administration without requiring them to spend a penny out of their pockets to get the care. Our VA Program is all in house (no other home care organization in the nation has this) and allows us to provide financing to our member agency’s clients who don’t have the funds to pay for care while their application is in process with the VA. Our member agencies pay a 3-15% fee of their VA client invoices. There is no cost to the families as the member agency pays the 3-15% fee out of their profit. The program pays our agencies Net 30 days. Your clients will love that they can get funds which can be used to pay for up to 25 hours of care per week – and often without paying a penny out of their pocket to get started – and you will love serving our honorable Veterans. The margins in the VA Program are the same as Private Pay and Long Term Care Insurance which allow an agency to get an average of $7,000 per year in net profit for each part-time client they are providing care for. Ninety part-time clients equals over $630,000 in net take home profit per year. Lastly, AHI provides access to Healthcare Insurance Programs – to get you more clients. Each insurance client can provide $6,000 to $24,000 in net profit per year for the home care agency.
  • Some Home Care Consultants/Franchises May Claim To Have A “VA Program” but when you ask for the details you will find they are referring to a home care finance type company who loans money to any home care agency clients and charges the agency 25-30% of their invoice and pays Net 60 days (any home care organization claiming to have a “VA Benefit Loan Program” to assist low income Veterans is referring to this company guaranteed). Evidence of this can be found in a national home care franchisees VA Brochure (see bottom right of the brochure) click here. They state in their brochure that VA Aid & Attendance benefit clients get a maximum of 60, 50, 30 hours of care per month for each care scenario (Couple, Single Veteran, or Surviving Spouse – respectively). They are basically increasing their hourly rate so they have more net profit per hour – but that means they must provide less hours of care per month as the VA pays fixed lump sums per month depending on if it is a couple, single Veteran, or surviving spouse. Our AHI agencies can provide (on average) around 86, 73, 47 hours of care per month for each scenario. Which home care agency do you think a client is going to choose if both approach them and explain there is a VA benefit that can be used to pay for home care services?
  • OR the home care agency is referring to the “VA Homemaker Program” that is run by VA Hospitals and highly competitive to get access to – if they are accepting new Home Care Agencies at all. We train people how to go after the VA Hospital Homemaker Program business too but we also provide the VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit Program to allow our agencies to provide services to clients who make up 1 in 3 seniors and can provide services to them without paying 25-30% of their gross invoice which equates to $5-7/hr of their net profit. AHI Program charges its agencies $0.60 – $3.60/hour (3-15% of invoice) depending on the client situation. Innovative thinking and unique programs set us apart from our competition at all levels. A number of Home Care Franchises have tried and failed to create a similar VA Aid & Attendance Benefit Loan Program over the years and some people ask why ours is the only one left standing? The answer simply is the people on our VA Team. There are literally only a handful of people across the nation who have the vast knowledge and experience required to process VA Benefit Applications to the competency level required for a home care organization to put their money where their mouth is and loan out their own money to their agency’s customers. We have that level of competency and experience on our VA team and are therefore are able to put our money where our mouth is and loan funds to our agency’s clients in order for them to get approved for the VA benefit without them spending a penny out of their pockets to get the care started and get approved for the benefit. Contact our team to find out more about our VA Program and how you can connect with the millions of Veterans and their surviving spouses who may qualify across the nation!
  • Social Media And Website SEO – training and support with SEO on the website we build for you, social media campaigns such as blogging, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. to build your presence online. Access to all of AHI Group newsletters and blog articles – that you can use to keep in touch with your referral sources and potential customers.
  • Includes Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM) Certification to give you credentials that stand out from the crowd when you go out an market your new home care agency. One disadvantage an independent home care agency owner has when starting out is that potential referral sources they meet with will often say, “I haven’t seen you before, when did you start your business?” It is hard to say, “We just started last week” and expect people to not see you as a “Mom and Pop shop.” Being a member of AHI Group allows you to say, “We are a member of AHI, a nationwide organization of 300+ independently owned home care agencies and we recently opened an office in this area. You can check out the Corporate website at www.ahi-group.com.” This response gives the potential referral source some peace of mind that you have been appropriately trained, are backed by a proven nationwide organization, and can therefore effectively take care of the clients they can start referring to you. This is a major obstacle that some independently owned home care agencies never get over when starting out and end up failing because of it. In addition, all of our members get their Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM) Certification – giving referral sources comfort that our agency owners are trained and can effectively take care of their patients.
  • AHI Group, Inc Reputation: We have 300+ members nationwide and growing. With that, you will not find a laundry list of negative feedback online from our members. This is because our members are getting what they were told from our organization and are busy growing their home care busineses with our day to day support. The proof is in the pudding – so to speak. We encourage you to do a Google search on “AHI Group, Inc” and see for yourself.
  • Certified Senior Care Aide (CSCA) Certification – attract and retain more caregivers by providing them a career building certification – at no cost to them. Unlimited free access for all your caregivers for the lifetime of your agency to over 50 caregiver training videos with quizzes. Obtaining quality caregivers can be a challenge for many franchises in today’s market place because of two factors: 1) They often cannot pay their caregivers well due to their franchise royalties eating up their net profit.  2) They offer a lack of career advancement tools for their caregivers – like offering a free Certified Home Health Aide Certification (instead of the caregiver paying $800 – $1,000 on their own to get such in their local community). Certifying one’s caregivers allows our AHI Members to gain the “Excellence In Home Care – Certified Provider” certification which helps them stand out from other agencies in their local community.
  • A+ Insurance Policy – Professional Liability, Non-Owned Auto, and Bonding ($150 – $200/mo. average premium). Workers Compensation Policy also available. Save an average of $12,000 over your first three years on street prices for new agencies.
  • Save thousands with discounted office space
  • Lifetime Access To All Our AHI University™ Training Courses (online and in our Corporate Office), Monthly Training Webinars, And Superior Day To Day Coaching/Support Services from our team of senior care professionals (at no extra cost)


10 Questions You Should Be Asking At This Point: Unfortunately, there are a lot of “Home Care Consultants” out there that would lead you to believe a lot of things that may not be completely accurate about the senior care industry or their consulting services. We encourage you to do your due diligence on their background before jumping into business with them. After all, this is going to be your career and life on the line once you pay them and commit. 1) Getting a license is the easy part – how will you bring me clients after that? 2) How will you help me stand out from the competition in my area who are already embedded into the home care industry? 3) Do you have Corporate Insurance Contracts that I can tap into that can refer clients worth approximately $6,000 to $24,000 in net profit for me per year? 4) Does your VA program have an interest free loan for my client so they can start care with no out of pocket expense on their part?..No? How will I beat out the competitor from AHI Group, Inc who can offer a loan to the client and allow my client to get the VA benefit without paying $8K – $20K out of pocket until the VA reimburses them? 5) The 3rd party you use to do a VA Program loan charges 25% of my invoice which is $6-7 per hour – why can’t you do it for 3-15% like AHI Group, Inc members receive? 6) I know day to day support is critical after launching any business – what type of day to day support do you offer after your initial training? 7) What snap on businesses do you train your members on so they can capture additional trickle down revenue streams? 8) How many of the companies you have helped start are out of business within one year? 9) You say that you can help me bill Medicaid and Medicare… I understand that Medicare doesn’t pay for personal care services and Medicaid only reimburses $15/hr in my state…how am I supposed to make more than a $1/hr when I have to pay my caregiver $11/hr and workers compensation and employer taxes?…do you have any other pipelines of business that offer $5-10/hr in net profit so I have less work and more profit? 10) How will you help my clients find the funds to pay for their personal care? Please visit our FAQ page for more questions about the home care industry, our model, and our answers.


How Will I Get Clients?

AHI Group has nationwide access to healthcare insurance, workers compensation insurance, and long term care insurance companies that provide clients to AHI Group Member Agencies. In addition, during AHI’s intensive ten day AHI University™ Boot Camp Training (5 days in office and 5 days of home study) you will learn how to market your new home care agency to your local healthcare facilities. With our proprietary, innovative, and cost effective marketing strategies/ techniques you can build relationships with the appropriate people at local healthcare facilities and start receiving their referrals. Many home care organizations focus most of their attention on back office processes: software, caregiver training videos, and travel discounts, etc. These, however, will not get an agency clients. AHI Group’s edge is in providing pipelines of business for its member agenices. These pipelines consist of both private pay, insurance, and publicly funded sources. Having a shinny office space, great software, website, and caregiver training programs is great – but that will not generate volumes of clients. Without a steady flow of clients a business will die in its first year – no matter how slick its software or caregiver training programs are.

We are sometimes asked by those who have talked to a franchise how our AHI Group agencies will beat out the franchises who are already “embedded in their local community?” Our response is to encourage these individuals to go to a hospital or other healthcare facility in their local community and ask a discharge planner “could you recommend a home care agency to me?” What they typically find is that most of the discharge planners will refer them a home health company (for skilled RN care) and the ones that do understand the difference between non medical and skilled home care will usually say “we don’t refer, we give out a list” and hand you a list of 5-10 home care agencies. If you look at that list you will see that there may be some franchises listed on there but 2/3 of the home care agencies are usually not franchises (on average). So, franchises are certainly not the dominant group out there getting referrals from the healthcare community. The reason being that everyone knows that every home care agency (franchise or not) is owned by an individual and that person can be a good or not good manager of their business. There are great franchise owners out there and terrible ones – and these case workers have been around long enough to know that.

So, long story short, there is simply no name branding in the home care industry. There is no free lunch for a franchise. Everyone has to go out there and make it happen to get noticed in their community and stay on the noticed list. This is where it is very important to have something that sets you apart from the crowd. Our VA Program is one such thing that sets our AHI Group members apart from the crowd. Being able to say to a discharge planner: “Hey, I know you discharge people every day who need an aide at home to help them reduce their risk of falling once they get home, but I’m sure there are some who just cannot afford to pay for such out of their own pocket, right? Ok, well, if you discharge a Veteran or a surviving spouse of a Veteran could you give me a call as I may be able to get them up to $2,100 per month they can use to pay for an aide?” This stops case workers in their tracks and helps put us on their “short list.”

Ask Us About Our Veterans Benefit Program. Our VA program can get Veterans and their surviving spouses funds to pay for up to 25 hours of care per week often without a penny out of their pockets through our Healthcare Advance Care Loan.


Why Choose SHC (AHI Group, Inc)?

  • AHI Was Founded By Senior Care Professionals who are educated in healthcare (Bachelors and Masters Degrees), formally trained in Sales/Operations/ Consulting in the Corporate Healthcare arena, and have a proven track record of starting their own senior home care business in Southern California’s highly competitive market (that had over 200 existing home care agencies) and growing it into a million dollar annual gross revenue operation within two years – all during a recession. The founders teach most of the AHI University™ Boot Camp courses so you learn from those who have actually owned a home care agency and successfully grown it.
  • AHI Gives Its Members Clients Through Its National Healthcare Insurance Contracts. AHI Also Provides Cutting Edge Marketing Training And Ongoing Day-To-Day Support. Our member agencies know how to beat out their competition in their local communities using our innovative and one of a kind ‘back door’ proprietary sales/marketing program. Our tried and tested niche marketing techniques, four snap on businesses (i.e. Assisted Living Placements, Veterans Program, and more) can help you get through doors that have been shut to others in highly competitive markets and allow you to provide a “Full Spectrum” of care services to meet almost anyone’s budget, care needs, and living situation.
  • Our Low Start Up Cost Allows You To Put Your Money Where It Counts – into your local marketing efforts that get you clients.
  • We Are Not A Franchise So You Can Feel Free To ‘Snap On’ Four Additional Senior Care Services that franchises may not allow, all of which you will be trained on during our intensive ten day AHI University™ Boot Camp Training. One of these four additional senior care businesses is Assisted Living Placements – get paid $1,500 to $5,000 for providing a referral to an assisted living community via our innovative turn-key placement program, contracts, and marketing training.
  • Please contact us or see our FAQ page for more reasons why AHI is the best option to help you achieve your dream of owning your own business.


Testimonials. Here’s what our member agencies are saying about our organization and service: See ‘Our Story’ page for testimonials and pictures of our members. Contact information for our clients is available for qualified potential clients who pass our screening process. Click here to see a 20 minute video recording of one of our Boot Camp Classes where we brought in an AHI home care member agency – who had recently launched his business – for a Q&A session with the class.