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Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you enjoy helping the elderly? Do you like the idea of helping seniors stay in their homes vs. going to a nursing home? If you answered yes to all of these questions, starting a senior care business with AHI Group could be a good fit for you! Have questions? We love questions! Our team will take the necessary time to answer all your questions.

What Is Home Care?

Caregivers and Aides perform a critical role in helping those, such as the elderly, who are not chronically ill, yet need assistance with daily activities like bathing, house keeping, personal hygiene, using the toilet, running errands, cooking, etc. The home care services industry is currently a $70 billion industry and is expected to continue to flourish over the next 30 years as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. Here are some facts about the industry:

  • Eight out of ten Seniors prefer to stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home; it is called “Aging in Place.”
  • The U.S. population of those aged 65 or older was 35 million in 2010. By 2030 that number will grow to 70 million and continue to increase until 2045. Most adult children live hundreds of miles away from their parents, which makes providing care to their parents a challenge.
  • The US Bureau of Labor stated that, “The home care industry is in its first inning, and explosive growth will happen over the next three decades.”
  • The US Bureau of Labor named the Senior Care Industry as having three out of the top 10 job growth markets through to 2025.
  • The Veterans Administration recently opened their Pension Benefit up to millions more seniors nationwide to help them qualify for funds to pay for their care expenses.


What Does AHI Group Do?

Startup HomeCare is the business development and training arm of AHI Group, Inc. AHI Group is an exclusive nationwide membership organization of 300+ independently owned non-medical home care agencies that specialize in providing personal care services to seniors in their homes (or chosen place of residence) to help them avoid going to a nursing home. Click Here to download our printable 4 page brochure that discusses the highlights of what we do.

Do you want to start and grow a profitable home care business using former owners of multi-million dollar home care businesses to train, coach, and mentor you?  AHI Group offers a turn-key smart alternative to purchasing a home care franchise or using a consultant.

The Franchise Model

Franchisers are motivated to help their franchisees grow as they impose an across the board royalty on all revenue each franchisee makes. The franchise royalty usually works out to be 1/3 of the franchisee’s take home income. In addition, franchisees are restricted to providing their services within a small predesignated territory. What if their newly purchased territory is not so lucrative? Franchisees are forced to purchase another neighboring territory – assuming one is still open. Further expansion of a franchisees footprint always comes with additional territory purchase fees and restrictions.

The Consultant Model

Home care consulting companies will usually help you get a home care license in your state, give you 3-4 days of training, and say they provide “support” after you open your doors for business. The downside of consultants is that they have no incentive to help you grow after you open your doors for business as they get paid up front and have no ongoing financial incentive to help you grow. This naturally equates to a lack of quality coaching and support during that all important first year in business. Most consultants, if asked, don’t have any idea what happens to their clients after they get done their 3-4 day training seminars.

Also, consultant tools and techniques are passed around to thousands of home care agencies. One of the large consulting companies out there state they have helped ‘thousands of home care agencies’. This begs the question of how their clients set themselves apart from others (who have been trained by that same consulting company) when they are all using the same tools/techniques?


AHI Group – An Affordable And Smart Alternative

In March 2007, AHI Group founders launched their own non-medical home care business in the most competitive home care market place in the nation – Southern California – at the beginning of a global recession. The founders were able to grow their business into a multi-million dollar operation.  In 2010, AHI Group founders began helping others achieve this same success across the nation through the launch of StartupHomeCare.

The founders have created a unique business model that fits the needs they personally encountered as new home care business owners in a competitive market place. Our members get taught and personally coached/mentored by best in class senior care professionals. Our founders share the secrets of their success and give our members the unique tools necessary to beat out their local embedded competition. AHI Group currently has 300+ members nationwide and intends to grow that to 500 and cap it. AHI Group only shares its cutting edge proprietary techniques/programs with its exclusive group of members.

Exceptional Support And Programs = Superior Success

Our 10 days of initial “Boot Camp” training will give you the tools necessary to get out in your community and get in doors closed to others. Our post launch day to day coaching/mentoring from our team of former home care agency business owners will help keep you motivated, triumph over your competition, and grow your business. Unlike a franchise, AHI Group does not charge its members a royalty to pay for their post launch coaching/support.

Mutual Financial Motivation Is Key

AHI Group funds its ongoing coaching/support through its in house Veterans Pension Benefit Program. No other home care company has this capability in house and must send their Veteran Pension Benefit clients to an outside 3rd party for assistance. The 3rd party assists the Veterans get approved for the VA Pension Benefit, handles the billing, and coordinates their home care services. The 3rd party makes profit from the services they provide. Instead of using this 3rd party, AHI Group developed an in house Veterans Pension Benefit Program that can not only help 70% more Veterans than the 3rd party is able to help but provides the revenue AHI Group needs to fund the ongoing coaching/support of its members. Result: AHI Group members get the backing, coaching, and support system of a franchise but without paying a royalty on their income. In addition, AHI Group is motivated to help its members get more clients in its VA Program. Its a win-win!


What Will It Cost?

AHI Group has a one-time Lifetime Membership fee of $12,500 for all of its services. There are no additional charges/fees, ever. Have you considered having your business operate in another state that is close by? AHI Group will assist you to get a home care license and open your doors for business in an unlimited amount of additional states at no extra charge. Compare this to other organizations that make you pay $5,000 per state application.

We Are Looking For The Right People

At AHI Group, we know that finding the right people to join our exclusive Membership Organization is more important than finding people who have the most money. With 300+ members nationwide and a goal to grow to 500 over the next four years, we are always looking for people who fit our values and requirements for Membership. With that said, we encounter many individuals who are the right fit for us but don’t have a large amount of money up front to start their business. For this reason, we try to keep our up-front fee as low as possible and use the revenue we make from our VA Pension Benefit Program to make up the difference.

For the previous six years our Membership Fee was $17,500. We were happily able to drop that to $12,500 due to an extremely good year with our Veterans Pension Benefit Program. We cannot say how long it will stay at the lower amount of $12,500 as that all depends on the revenue coming in from our VA Program. If we continue to see the same growth in our VA Program and our costs don’t increase up significantly due to wage and insurance increases then we will be able to keep our up-front fee at $12,500. If not, it will have to go up to $17,500 again.

How Will I Get Clients?

Most areas across the nation have a healthy deck of competition in the home care market place. AHI Group only considers about 20% of the competition ‘true competition’ as the majority of home care companies out there are not marketing their businesses with anything that sets them apart from their competition. Telling referral sources and families you have “specialty Hospice or Alzheimer’s trained caregivers” is just going to make people yawn as everyone says things like that. During our 10 days of initial Boot Camp training, our founders (former multi-million dollar home care agency founders) will give you the secrets to their success in the most competitive senior care market place in the nation – Southern California.

We won’t just tell you to “optimize your website for search engines” and make empty promises about getting you on page one of Google – which can take years – and only provides the top Google ranked home care businesses 10% of their referrals per year. We won’t lead to you believe that government Medicaid Waiver Programs (that pay net 120+ days, usually pay an average of $16 per hour, and have no guarantee of giving out any referrals) will be an amazing source of revenue. However, if it makes sense and you do want to get access to Medicaid Programs we won’t charge you $2,500 per application to do that – that’s included for free with your Membership.

You will get trained on our cutting edge proprietary programs with a focus on the high margin, easy to bill, private pay arena. Our tools will set you apart from your local competition and get you in doors closed to others. Our proprietary tools/programs are not shared with thousands of other home care agencies.

We give our members access to our corporate contracts with Long Term Care and Workers Compensation Insurance companies – to get referrals. We won’t charge you $2,000 to sign up – like other companies do. You get unlimited contract applications (of any type/program) included at no extra cost in your membership. Keep in mind – there is no guarantee an insurance company will give a home care business referrals – you still have to market to them and set yourself apart from your local competition. This is where AHI Group excels with its unique and proprietary programs that get its members into doors closed to others.

We won’t tell you that we have a “Veterans Referral Program” and make you believe that we have a pipeline of Veterans just waiting to start care services with your new home care agency. Be wary of anyone claiming to be able to “send you Veterans who want to apply for VA Pension Benefits” – there is no such pipeline anywhere.

AHI Group is the only Home Care Organization in the nation that has an In-House Veterans Pension Benefit Program. Everyone else has to seek the help of a 3rd party based in St. Louis, MO. We help Veterans and their spouses apply for a pension benefit that can pay $2,200 per month to their bank accounts to help pay for their care services. AHI Group’s unique in-house program has an interest free, no fees, care loan the family can use to pay for their care while they wait for their benefit to get approved. Once approved, the VA will send the family their benefit money which they use to pay back their care loan. The care loan allows us to help 70% more Veterans (and their spouses) vs. the 3rd party company that doesn’t have a care loan. People don’t want to pay out of pocket for their care if they don’t have to.

There are 15 million people who can qualify for this benefit across the nation and only 3% have it today. The possibilities are endless to help our honorable elderly Veterans and their spouses get the care they need to stay independent in their homes for as long as possible. Our members have been featured on both radio and TV in their local communities as they go out and use our tools to educate their communities about the pension benefit. The education/marketing becomes a self made pipeline of Veteran Referrals for our members in their local communities.

Finally, your assigned coach, who has owned their own large home care business, will be your day to day guide to help you over the hurdles you will encounter when marketing your business. Your seasoned coach will give you the guidance you need on the ground to impress your potential referral sources and beat out your local competition.

See Our Services page for more details on our services.

Need financing? If you have a credit score of 710 or higher (no exceptions) you are eligible for up to $50,000 in low interest financing assistance.