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Our Founders
Aventis Healthcare's founders were often approached by individuals who wanted to know their secrets to success in the competitive Southern California home care industry. The founders decided to create a company that specializes in giving people the knowledge, tools, materials, and skill set needed to start and successfully operate and grow their own quality home care agency - instead of purchasing a franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Q: What is StartupHomeCare? Are you a franchise? Why do you charge less than a franchise - what's the catch?

A: No Catch. AHI StartupHomeCare is a Consulting Company with no franchise royalties and no territory restrictions. Aventis Healthcare International, Inc (AHI) - StartupHomeCare Consulting's parent company is an international network of over 243 home care agencies nationwide and in Canada. Consulting companies are typically in the business to "set and forget" their customers. There is no responsibility or accountability for their customers once they finish with their service. AHI - StartupHomeCare takes its reputation of expert home care consulting very seriously and therefore believes it has to have responsibility and accountability for all of its clients. After successful screening of potential client prospects - StartupHomeCare Consulting takes each new client agency "under its wing", to coin a term, and in a sense signs its reputation next to them. Any clients who fail in their business or do not provide quality services in their community would take away from the clean reputation that AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting has built internationally. Therefore, AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting must ensure that it not only consults people who are the right fit but then appropriately trains and supports them ongoing to help ensure they succeed and provide a quality service to their community. AHI StartupHomeCare's reputation is at stake. In today's world of internet technology - AHI StartupHomeCare knows all too well that doing a Google search on a companies name with the word "Reviews" next to it will usually bring to light the problems a company has had with its customers. AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting, as you can see from doing such a search, has a clean bill of health with is customers. On a side note - AHI StartupHomeCare used to consider itself a "Membership Organization" but unfortunately the State of California did not like that concept and said it was confusingly similar to that of a franchise and wanted AHI StartupHomeCare to become a franchise or stop mentioning the term "Member". Naturally, we did not want to become a franchise as that is not the model we want to promote so took down all references to being a "Membership Organization" and have replaced them with "Consulting" to comply with the State of California's cease and desist request. AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting is dedicated to assisting qualified individuals start and grow their own business providing non-medical home care to families in their local communities. We provide an affordable alternative to purchasing a franchise that charges ongoing royalties and has a restricted territory. Our fee is currently $17,500. StartupHomeCare used to have a $800 a month client fee for ongoing maintenance and consulting support. Over time we realized that most of our clients needed 90% of their support during the first year after launching their business. After the first year they typically have encountered most all situations they will encounter in this industry and therefore don't need as much support from us. We therefore decided to take away the $800/ month fee and increase our up front pricing and provide 100 hours of consulting support with no monthly fees ongoing. We often get asked why we charge so little for everything that our clients get and our response is that we don't have to charge more to help grow our client agencies - so we don't. It's as simple as that. Also, keep in mind that one thing a franchise will rarely disclose is how much they pay their sales team or independent franchise brokers to bring them customers. On average a franchise will pay at least $20,000 to an independent franchise broker for every franchise they help sell. StartupHomeCare does work with independent franchise brokers but our commission is a fraction of what a franchise pays out because we only charge $17,500 for our whole package and therefore cannot pay out a large broker commission. Our internal sales team bring 95% of our new clients to our organization. Saving on overhead costs helps StartupHomeCare keep its total price down which, of course, benefits our clients. Lastly, a franchise may tell you that you will always need their constant hand holding and support as you go out and grow your business. However, what you will find if you actually talk to one of their franchisees is that after the first year they rarely call their corporate franchise asking for help because they have already encountered 95% of the situations they will encounter and therefore already know how to handle them and don't need someone to tell them what to do again. In our minds, if one of our clients is calling us a lot after the first year then that would mean that we have failed on our end to effectively train and develop them. This has not happened with any of our agency clients to this point but if it ever did we would need to drill down to their core and find out what it is exactly they are not understanding to help them fix it. PLEASE NOTE: AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting is not associated with any other organizations. Unfortunately we have seen another Senior Care organization using our web site address www.startuphomecare.com on their internet ads to attract potential customers to an input page where people are asked to input their information in order for it to get submitted. People do this perhaps thinking they are submitting their information to our organization. This, of course, is unethical and we are pursuing legal action against this organization as they have declined our request to take our domain name off their ads. In the mean time, they are still putting ads up on Google with our web site address on them. So, if you do a search for our company www.startuphomecare.com or startuphomecare.com on Google please ensure you look at the address of the web site you are inputting your information into - if it doesn't say www.startuphomecare.com or www.aventishealthcare.com then you are not on our company web sites. We have also seen a competitor take information directly off of our web site and copy it directly to their web site which was confusing our customers into thinking this company was part of our AHI organization. We asked the competitor to take down this information, which they did, but our patent attorney's need to continually monitor the internet to ensure they (or anyone else) do not repeat this copyright violation - which confuses our customers. In summary, we are not associated with "The Seniors Choice", "21st Century Consultants", "Home Care Seminar" or any other organization and hope to stop further confusion in this matter through the legal process.

Q: What do Companions and Aides (caregivers) do?

A: Aides and Companions assist seniors and others with activities of daily living (ADLs), which includes things like grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, etc. They also assist clients with medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping, and other similar non-medical activities that a client needs assistance with day to day. Caregivers provide service where people prefer them – in the comfort of their home or chosen place of residence.

Q: Is private duty (non medical) home care covered by insurance providers?

A: The quick answer is No. However, there are Long Term Care Insurance policies (like life insurance) that do cover in home companion care. Medicare does not provide coverage. Medicaid can provide coverage in some states and this is expanding with the changes in 'ObamaCare' so there will be more room for potential home care clients in the Medicaid arena. Having access to both Corporate and Government paid clients help our clients balance their portfolio of clients between private pay and insurance/government pay to give them a broader reach and larger potential client base in difficult economic times. The Veterans Association also provides coverage for most veterans and their surviving spouses. Ask us about our unique VA Program that helps Veterans get up to 40 hours of free care per week without a penny down - no other home care organization has what we have in our VA Program - guaranteed!

Q: How much does it cost to start a home care business? Can I start it in a home office?

A: A home care business requires minimal start up costs and can technically be run from your own home. However, we can also show you some great rates on flexible short or long term office space leasing options located in over 950 cities throughout the US with rates starting as low as $200 per month, furnished, including utilities and a shared receptionist - to give your agency a professional feel and assist you when performing potential employee interviews.

Q: Do I need a healthcare industry background to start a private duty (non medical) home care business?

A: No, it is not required. Our training eight day intensive Aventis University™ Boot Camp Training Program assumes that you know nothing about the home care industry and starts from the ground with training you into a professional home care administrator/marketer. Our AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting Client Support Team then guides you along the path to launching and growing your business day to day.

Q: Do caregivers I hire need licenses or certifications to provide care services?

A: That will depend upon the type of company you start and the levels of service you provide. If it is a Companion Care Agency, then your employees will not need to be Certified as Home Health Aides (CHHA) or Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA). If it is a 'Personal Care' Agency, then your state MAY require that they be certified as a CNA or CHHA. We provide you with an unlimited lifetime online access to a training portal with 37 caregiver training videos that cover the full spectrum of non-medical home care provider training and industry best practices. Your caregivers will be able to create their own login UserID and Password and get access to this site. They will be able to watch any of the 37 videos and be required to take a quiz after each video and then be able to download and print a certificate of completion for each training video which they can show as evidence to you - their agency administrator - that they have completed the courses you asked them to complete. Through our association with a nationwide home care industry non profit organization your caregivers will also be able to get Certified as Home Health Aides for only $50 instead of $700 which is what they would pay if they went to a CHHA training academy. This is a great incentive for your potential employees to come on board with your agency - allowing you to attract quality caregivers.

Q: Do I need a license to operate a private duty (non medical) home care agency?

A: 28 states require non medical home care agencies to get licensed before opening their doors for business. AHI will assist you with this process. You will be responsible for any filing fee's (usually around $100 - $400 depending on the state). It usually takes 1-3 months to get a license. The most costly and time consuming states are Florida, Texas, New York, and Georgia. If you live in one of those four states you will need to budget around $3,000 for your licensing and 3-5 months to get through the process. New York has a year long waiting list right now. You will need to create your legal entity (S-Corp or LLC - we will assist you) before applying for your license. An S-Corp or LLC usually takes 4-6 weeks to create in most states. You must receive your "Articles of Incorporation" from your state before your legal entity is officially completed and approved. This means that you will want to put down your deposit with AHI StartupHomeCare 3-4 months before you plan on opening your doors for business to get these tasks completed so you are not waiting on them after you complete your Boot Camp. If your state does not require home care agency licensing you will only need 1-2 months to get your legal entity setup. However, we recommend you pay your deposit at least 2 months before you want to attend a Boot Camp to ensure you get a seat because we limit the size of our Boot Camps to 12 parties to ensure lots of one-on-one attention.

Q: What type of people do I hire to be caregivers?

A: Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA's) and Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA's) are well trained to be private duty (non medical) caregivers. There are also many individuals out there who don't have these certifications but have a lot of experience working with the elderly or those with disabilities. We will train you how to recruit, screen, and hire the quality caregivers in your local market place so that you will have good people representing your agency.

Q: Why eight days of Aventis University™ Boot Camp Training?

A: We provide eight days of training. You are required to complete three full days of video training with a manual which you can complete at home. We then provide five intense in office days of Aventis University™ Boot Camp Training in which we will train you and provide you with all the tools you need to start and successfully grow your home care business. Our tools, documentation, and training program will prepare you for almost anything you are likely to encounter. You can bring one additional person to training for no extra cost. Plus, we are available to assist you and promptly answer any of your questions via phone or email after your Aventis University™ Boot Camp training so you don't need to worry about learning everything in eight days! At AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting, you will be trained and provided consulting support by highly accomplished Private Duty (Non Medical) industry professionals who have been in the trenches of actually owning a home care agency and know the detailed in's and out's of how to market and grow that business day to day. NOTE: Five days of training is provided in one of our offices and the other three days you will do at your home via DVD and study materials.

Q: Will I be able to use the name "Aventis Healthcare"? Will I get to display the "Aventis client" icon on my web site?

A: No. We will assist you with picking out your own agency name and offer guidance on the Trademark process.

Q: Will I get a territory and do you protect it? Will my web site be the same as other AHI StartupHomeCare client web sites?

A: The territory you have will be the area you choose to service - large or small. We are not a franchise, and we do not pigeon hole you into a specific territory. If you feel you would like to grow your business into another geographic region, you do not need our permission, unlike a franchiser who will either sell you another territory, or tell you no outright. Also keep in mind that a franchiser cannot protect the territory they sell you from all the other franchisees or independent business owners in the market from starting home care agencies in your area. Competition will be constantly starting up in the territory you would buy from a franchise whether you like it or not. Having a territory restriction is the single most limiting factor for any business. What if the territory you buy turns out to not be that great of a territory or that is a lot of competition in that area that you may struggle for a long time to break through? What if start getting referrals from a hospital or skilled nursing facility and they have sister facilities in locations outside of your territory? This could mean literally millions of dollars in lost revenue over time.

A: Yes, your web site will be the same as our other AHI Consulting client's web sites. The only difference is that your web site will also have your specific company name on it.

Q: What type of support does AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting offer after we launch our agency?

A: We offer comprehensive and prompt consulting support to each and every one of our clients. The fee for this consulting support is built into our pricing model so you do not pay any additional amount unless you go over 100 hours and then we charge a heavily discounted rate of $25 per hour.

Q: How much competition is in this business already?

A: According to the federal government and the last census, Eldercare needs are going to continue to explode well past 2030. While there is competition in every business, the overwhelming demand for good quality, ethical, home care services will be around for some time to come. In addition, our proprietary and cutting edge marketing techniques will get you in doors that have been closed to other companies allowing your agency to expand and grow.

Q: A Franchiser told me I would receive leads from their web site - how will I get leads with your option?

A: On average web sites. provide about 5% of a home care agencies qualified leads so this is not a large revenue driving route. However, AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting will create your web site and then perform 'natural' Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services on it so that it will start to appear on common search engines like Google and Yahoo with no 'pay per click' type fees on-going.

In addition, AHI StartupHomeCare partners with two national senior care web sites that provide families a place to find quality home care agencies and for a small fee ($17 per lead) provide leads to qualified home care agencies. Families often prefer to go to a 'neutral' senior care web site and have 2-3 companies recommended by the web site - instead of going online and trying to find a quality company on their own. These online leads can get you clients quickly while you implement our proprietary marketing plan and techniques we train you on during your Boot Camp Training - so you start getting a consistent flow of referrals from healthcare professionals in your community.

Q: A franchiser told me that they allow their franchisees to communicate and learn from each other - do you allow that with your customers?

A: Our customers are free to communicate with each other after completing our Boot Camp training - and we encourage this. There are 243 home care agencies across the nation that we have consulted from ground up. You will also find that the Boot Camp training is very comprehensive and contains the tools you will need to successfully grow your new agency.

Q: A franchiser told me they have software for time keeping, employee logging in/out, accounting, etc. that saves the administrator time and money. Do you have this type of thing?

A: Yes, we have a state of the art back office cloud enabled HR, scheduling, billing, CRM, telephony, etc. software tool that our clients can use. In addition, we provide information on a number of industry standard tools and software that can help your agency run efficiently. You then get to decide which product you would like to purchase according to price, functionality, ease of use, etc. The discounted client cost is $50 per month. for full blown agency scheduling, referral management, HR, etc. products.

Q: A franchise wants to charge me $37,000 for a small territory and then pay 5% of my gross sales in royalties. I asked why they charge so much and was told that, quote, "You get what you pay for. If you want quality you have to pay for it." How does your company charge so much less and still provide a quality program and consulting support? What's the catch?

A: No catch. First of all, there is a reason there are a lot of franchises in existence - they are making a lot of money - which they take from their franchisees. Second, AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting does not spend massive amounts of money on advertising our solution to potential buyers. Every magazine you pick up that has anything to do with franchises these days seems to have the same home care franchise listings. Third, Franchisers like to throw expensive ongoing events for their current franchisees who also need to spend money to attend such events that could be accomplished via conference calls and online methods at much lower costs. All of this, and many other expenses, add up to a much larger overhead that a franchiser needs to cover in order to stay in business. Spending hard earned money you make them on advertising to their potential franchisees instead of turning it back into their business to help provide support and improved training programs for its current franchisees is part of what franchises have to do in order to stay in business and attract new franchisees. Fourth, Franchises pay large commissions to franchise brokers who bring them new franchisees. On average, a franchise will pay over $20,000 to a broker who brings them a franchisee. StartupHomeCare does work with franchise brokers but our fee is a fraction of the amount a franchise pays out. Lastly, AHI StartupHomeCare spends very little on marketing to the public and relies heavily on free organic google searches to attract its customers and attendance at a few franchise/business opportunity events around the nation. This allows us to keep our overhead low and in turn keep the total cost of our solution much lower but still provide outstanding quality.

Q: What exactly am I getting for my money?

A: To name some of the things you will receive: extensive eight days of training (three days at home with DVD's and the other five days in our office), Employee Manuals, Policies and Procedures Manual, company forms and letters, employee forms and tests, cutting edge and innovative marketing program training, hiring aids/companions, ongoing coaching and consulting support after launching, and much more. In short, everything needed to own and operate a successful home care business and beat out the competition. Please see Our Services page for a more detailed list of the main things you get as a client of AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting.

Some other things to consider: You would probably spend $3,000 - $5,000 to get a quality web site, brochures, business cards, etc. created and printed - and you would need to create all the content yourself which usually takes many hours of time and excellent writing skills.

You would need to purchase policies/procedures and legal documents that have stood the test of time - not just online purchased documents that may not hold their water in a court situation - but documents created by business contract attorney's that charge on average $300/hr. Cost for this is anywhere from $5,000 - $20,000 depending on the level of involvement the attorney's have.

Also, the eight days of training on everything you need to know to market, operate, grow your agency, and avoid legal liability is taught by people who have already gone before you and grown their own company into a highly successful agency. You get assistance with licensing, creating your legal entity (LLC, S-Corp), discounted insurance, low cost office space, and valuable information that will most likely save you thousands of dollars over the life of your business - in addition to steering you away from potentially losing thousands of dollars and many wasted people hours in failed marketing campaigns. You get ongoing support to guide you step by step after you launch your business.

Lastly, one should consider how many other organizations out there have leadership on board who started their own home care agency in a highly competitive market like Southern California (with 200 existing home care agencies) in January 2007 at the beginning of the longest recession in 50 years and achieved $1 million in revenue ($20,000 a month net profit) in their second year. Starting a home care agency in this struggling economic era and ever changing ObamaCare regulatory environment means that the 'old way' of marketing and running a home care agency is not going to give most new agencies the edge they need in today's changed healthcare market place. The founders and their team of experienced home care professionals (with a combined 38 yrs of experience in owning very successful home care agencies during the last decade) are now teaching others how to achieve growth when starting a home care agency in a recession - but without the restrictions and cost of a franchise. Our Aventis Healthcare - StartupHomeCare Consulting leadership team have actually owned home care agencies and successfully grown them into multi million dollar agencies - they have not just worked as consultants or been employees of home care agencies before starting their own consulting organization. As those of you know who have owned businesses before, there is a major difference between being an owner of a business and being an employee/manager. Only those on our Aventis Healthcare Consulting Team who have owned a successful home care agency are allowed to help train our new agencies and provide consulting support to them ongoing. This ensures our clients get the highest quality training and support in the industry and have the ability to beat out their local competition.

Q: How much does the Aventis Healthcare (StartupHomeCare) Consulting package cost?

A: Our Aventis Healthcare - StartupHomeCare Consulting package costs $17,500 and no additional client fees or royalties thereafter. Clients get comprehensive daily consulting support to help them grow their business day to day. The fee for this support is built into our pricing model so you do not pay any additional amounts for ongoing support unless you go over 100 hours and then we charge a massively discounted rate of only $25 per hour as we know you will rarely go over the 100 hours. We also recommend that you have access to an additional $10,000 - $15,000 for initial startup costs for such things as professional liability insurance down payments, office space deposit, laptop computer, printer, etc. and enough funds to pay your monthly expenses until you get your first client(s) that cover your expenses - which should be within your first or second month. Financing is available.

Q: Why should I choose Aventis Healthcare (StartupHomeCare) Consulting?

A: The most comprehensive, in-depth, quality, home care consulting organization on the market today at a price that won't break your new business budget. You will be taught by people that successfully made their living from Eldercare every day and have a track record to prove it! In addition, the founders of AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting launched their own agency in January 2007 at the beginning of a large global recession in a market with over 200 other existing home care agencies (southern california). Despite the recession and the competition, the founders were able to successfully grow their new agency into a million dollar company within 18 months. The founders are now sharing the secrets of their success to help others achieve the same revenue in a recessive economy and provide quality care to their local senior community. Note: StartupHomeCare is the consulting & training arm of Aventis Healthcare International, Inc. Aventis Healthcare International, Inc is a network of independently owned home care agencies with a focus on providing personal care services to Veterans and their surviving spouses in their homes.

Q: Are payment arrangements an option?

A: A non-refundable down payment of $8,750 is due before your training can be booked and pre-course tasks started. The remaining balance of $8,250 is due two calendar weeks before the first day of your training. We accept checks, VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express.

Q: A franchise told me that they are "Joint Commission Accredited" and that only 10% of other non medical home care agencies out there have this accreditation and that I will win more business due to having this accreditation. Is this something I should get for my agency to help me win business?

A: The Joint Commission Accreditation costs around $7,500 to get for each individual agency who wishes to get that certification. The process is involved but not difficult to get the accreditation. Like getting a state home care agency license in some states - there are hoops to jump through but it is a process and one just has to go through that process to get the accreditation at the end. If one of our client agencies would like to get this accreditation they are welcome to do that and we assist them with that process. However, there is no requirement in the non medical home care industry to have this accreditation as it is directed specifically towards healthcare entities that offer Skilled Care Services (Nursing care, etc.). As per the President of the National Association of Home Care & Hospice recent remarks at the 2012 National Conference in Orlando, FL, "...the exponential growth of the home care industry over the next 30 yrs is NOT going to be in the skilled care services - it WILL be in the non skilled home care services." Therefore, unless one has inexhaustible budgets and time we do not recommend spending your time and money on getting a Joint Commission Accreditation as your agency will not need it - if you are going to follow the path of exponential growth in the non medical side of the home care care industry. People who provide referrals will not expect you to have the accreditation when you are providing assistance with non medical private duty activities of daily living - and not inclined to choose agencies who do have the accreditation above others who do not - as it is an accreditation directed towards skilled care with home health, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc. However, as previously stated, if our client agencies want to spend the money and get this accreditation they can do so and we will assist them in the process. The only exception to this rule is the State of Florida. They are required to get a Home Health License (same license for skilled care) in order to perform personal care services and are required to get accredited by one of the three accrediting bodies as part of their licensing process. Joint Commission is one of the three accrediting bodies.

Q: Do you offer consulting services for existing home care agencies to assist them in improving their sales?

A: Yes, we offer a range of consulting services for existing agencies who want to improve their sales and bottom line profits - contact us for more detail.

Q: What is this unique "Veterans Program" I heard your organization provides?

A: Our Veterans Program is a new program we just launched in August of 2013. The program is unique and not offered by any other home care organization in the nation - guaranteed. Some home care companies may claim to have a Veterans Program like Aventis Healthcare International, Inc but the devil is in the details and they don't end up being able to help 50-80% of the people that our organization can help through our unique service offering. Please contact us for more information about this program that provides up to 40 hours of free care per week to potentially 1 in 3 seniors in the nation without requiring them to put a penny down to start or ever. The average senior is on this benefit for an average of 5.3 yrs - according to VA statistics.

Q: What type of Business License do we need?

A: Business license requirements vary state to state. We can assist you with determining and meeting the requirements for your state. We do not currently offer consulting services to people in the following states: Louisiana and Rhode Island.

Q: How do I obtain my employees and clients?

A: There are many avenues to pursue for obtaining employees and clients. In training you will be given all the information and necessary skills to hire qualified employees and successfully market your agency to get clients.

Q: Is this service only for seniors?

A: No. There are many directions you can take your business. Your clients may include seniors, new mothers, plastic surgery clients, rehab patients, mental retardation patients, developmental disability patients, etc. Once in our Boot Camp, we will provide training on many profitable 'snap on' businesses.

Q: Where do I receive my training and why do you limit your training Boot Camp class sizes to a small group?

A: You will receive your Aventis University™ training at Irvine, Southern California. We limit the size of our Aventis University™ Boot Camp classes to less than 20 people to ensure that everyone gets the required one-on-one training and attention they need in order to learn the marketing techniques and other important skills required to operate their home care agency. Walking into a room with 50 - 100 people is not something you will encounter with StartupHomeCare. We have been to "Seminars" with 50 - 100 people in a room and we realize, like most people, that getting personal attention in such scenarios is very difficult. We want to ensure that each client agency goes out with sufficient training and knows exactly what they are supposed to do when they go out on their first day. Of course, our ongoing consulting support and training is critical to their success, but we want to ensure that they get that face to face in depth training at the beginning which will be invaluable to their confidence and ultimately their success starting out - after all, if you are not confident in what your sales approach is then how can you expect others to have confidence in giving you referrals? Confidence breads success in any arena. We will give you the confidence you need through our one-on-one training that can drill down to your specific situation and geographic location. We know that putting you in a room with 50 - 100 other people and trying to give you this same personalized training will not work out - so we don't do it that way.

Q: Is the senior care industry right for me?

A: Working in the healthcare industry may not be the right fit for everyone. Our Aventis University Boot Camp training assumes our new clients know nothing about the home care industry and starts them from ground zero and takes them all the way to 100 - so to speak. However, if you do not have work experience in the healthcare industry then we ask that you get experience volunteering in your local community - for such organizations as Alzheimer Association or at your local hospital, skilled nursing facility, assisted living community, or senior center. Volunteering will give you a sense for the senior care industry and whether or not you enjoy working with seniors. If you really enjoy volunteering then you are likely to have the passion we require to join our organization. If you don't enjoy volunteering then we recommend that you choose another industry as you will likely not find fulfillment in the home care industry and be focused only on chasing dollars which is not the type of individual we want in our organization. Agency owners who have a passion for the industry are always the most successful in this industry - all things being equal outside of that.

Q: How much money do I need to start this business?

A: You will need $17,500 for the AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting fee. We recommend you also have at least $10K - $15K in additional funds available for start up costs like insurance, office lease deposit, etc. Click here for financing information.

Q: What support do you offer once I get done my Boot Camp training?

A: AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting has both a phone and email consulting support hotline and email address. AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting client agencies can call/email AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting head office support team 5 days a week. After business hours assistance is also available via our emergency contact hotline. AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting provides "Eight weeks out the gate" mandatory one-on-one coaching to its new client agencies once they are ready to open their doors for business. The out the gate training helps our client agency owners stay accountable and on track with implementing our marketing plan and making their focus our unique Veteran Program which can get them in doors closed to others and provide a service to people that no one else can provide - with the help of our Veteran Loan Program. Contact us for more information on AHI's exciting new and totally unique Veteran Program! Other Franchisers may claim they can help Veterans too - but in reality they end up telling their clients to work with VA Accredited Attorney's in their local area who will only work with clients who need wills, trust, annuities, etc. and have the funds to private pay for care during the 3-12 month application process which works out to be only 20% of the Veteran population. AHI clients get to work with 100% of the Veterans out there and also get referrals from VA Attorneys who are sending 80% of their clients out their back door because they can't make any money off of a will, trust, annuity, etc. On a side note - if you ever plan on selling your business when you retire you can include an AHI Consulting package in your sale agreement by paying us $17,500. You can either pay this amount and discount the sale price or let the buyer know they can purchase the package for $17,500. This makes your business sale very attractive to a potential buyer as they don't need to totally rely on you, the seller, to come through for them and train them after the sale closes and you have their money in your pocket. With AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting behind them they have all the help and consulting support they need at their finger tips with or without your help as the seller.

Q: A Franchiser told me that they spend thousands of dollars per year on marketing and that having their name will give me access to a lot of potential clients who have seen that advertising, is that correct?

A: If you were to ask a friend where to buy a hamburger they would probably recommend McDonalds, Burger King, etc. Burgers are a product and that product is well advertised and a known entity. However, if you were to ask your friend where you could get non medical home care services they would probably scratch their head. This is because there is no mainstream marketing occurring in the home care industry and therefore there is no mainstream public understanding of companies who provide such home care services. There is no such thing as 'branding' in the home care industry. Franchises will use branding as their biggest leverage to charge you large sums of money up front and ongoing to take on their 'branded' name. Unfortunately, franchise owners find out sooner than later when they actually get out and start marketing their new franchise office that they gain no leverage or unearned respect due solely to their name. Respect and trust is earned through relationships in the home care industry. Our proprietary and cutting edge marketing techniques will successfully get you in doors that are closed to others. Our marketing approach is revolutionary and does not require a significant amount of funds. We can guarantee that 99% of the agencies out there are not using our unique marketing techniques.

Q: A franchiser told me their franchisees sell 'mobile alert devices' that their patients wear on their wrists and can push if need assistance and are in trouble when a caregiver is not around. Do you offer this optional product?

A: Yes, we have an agreement with a national provider of mobile alert devices that each of our clients can access.

Q: A franchise told me that they offer expert marketing training that will help my business grow quickly - what do you offer?

A: We started our own agency at the beginning of a depression (January 2007) in a market with over 200 other existing home care agencies (southern california). We were able to market it and grow it into a million dollar in annual revenue agency in our second year. Our marketing approaches and tools are unique, give back to the healthcare community, and have proven highly successful in today's difficult economic landscape at beating out the local competition.

Q: Do you offer discounts on background checking software? Do you provide back end office management software to manage our employees, referral sources, clients, scheduling, billing, payroll, etc?

A: Depending on what state you are planning on starting your home care agency, would determine whether or not the state has a requirement that you use their background checking software. If your state does not require you use their background checking software then we can recommend easy to use background checking solutions for as little as $30 a month for unlimited background checks. We provide a state of the art back office management software application that can be accessed from any internet connected device. The software provides management of employees, referral sources, clients, scheduling, billing, payroll, etc. It also allows employees to login via their cell phones (using GPS tracking) when they get to the client site or via the client's telephone - which is called 'telephony.' Our product is developed and maintained by a company located here in the US (California) and truly is the cutting edge of home health management software. It allows one to pull up employee profiles and pictures on one's ipad while sitting in a clients living room so you can show the client examples of the caregivers you could schedule to care for their family client - to name one state of the art benefit. Another is that the software has a client facing web portal that allows family clients and referral sources to login and see what activities of daily living have been performed on any given day with their family client/patient. The software also works interchangeably with Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, and Veterans Association billing. This product is not an antiquated, old fashioned looking product that some franchises use - this product was created by a private company that sells this product to large organizations such as ourselves and is always concerned about keeping it on the cutting edge of what is happening in the home health market place in order to stay competitive ongoing. You will be thrilled with what this product can do! The cost for this product is $50 per month.

Q: Do we use your Aventis Healthcare International, Inc name or do we create our own agency name?

A: You create your own home care agency name. We assist you with choosing a marketable name and the associated web domain. We create your logo and marketing materials using your chosen company name.

Q: Do you offer access to discounted professional liability insurance to save us money on premiums?

A: Yes. We can get you access to a discounted professional liability, non owned auto, and a bonding insurance policy that will save you up to $2,500 in premiums per year vs. going out on your own and trying to get such a policy. The premiums are usually $150 - $175 per month depending on the location geographically. This means that our clients, on average, save around $6,000 during their first three years in business vs. going out and getting their own individual insurance policy - if they can even get one.

Q: Do you offer any other 'snap-on' business solutions like assisted living community placement services?

A: Yes, we teach you how to market to assisted living communities and get paid by them to place residents in their facility. In addition, we teach you to be a caregiver staffer for healthcare facilities and consult families on how to hire caregivers directly as household employees and get paid to do it. These and other snap on businesses will drive additional revenue for your agency.

Q: I understand that each participant in your Boot Camp gets the Certified Senior Care Manager™ (CSCM™) certification?

A: Yes, each participant in our Boot Camp Training gets to become a Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM) after completing the Aventis University™ Boot Camp. The certification allows you to put the CSCM credentials next to your name on your business card, email signature, etc. letting potential clients and referral sources know that you are appropriately trained to manage the care of seniors - giving you credibility. You can also display this icon in your email signature:

Q: Why should I choose Aventis Healthcare International, Inc - StartupHomeCare Consulting instead of buying policies and procedures and some marketing materials online for only $1,500?

A: If you have not worked as a home care administrator before then you probably don't realize how much you have to learn. As the old saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know." Reading a book about how to win a law suit hardly qualifies you to handle the day to day work of an attorney. The same goes for a home care administrator. Will the book train you on best practices of how to provide care services and show you visually so you know exactly how to train your employees to avoid costly workers compensation claims and worse yet client law suits against your agency for negligence or doing something an RN should have legally done? How about marketing? Does reading a book get you ready to hit the street and start getting referrals? How do you know the marketing techniques you may read about are tried and proven in the real world? What about on-going new and fresh techniques to get in doors that are closed to newcomers? What about hiring the right caregivers, training them, screening them, incentive them financially and non financially? What is normal in the industry? What does it take to retain good employees? What do they expect? What are the best ways to bill clients? What if they don't pay on-time, what do you do? What is normal? All of these questions and hundreds more will have you spending your precious time stressing about things that will bring you no or little revenue and cause you a lot of time consuming issues. Your time is your biggest asset as a business owner and you need to focus on things that drive revenue and provide quality care outcomes. Having a proven business model in place to appropriately manage your employees, clients, referral sources, etc. will allow you to accomplish this difficult task. Lastly, one week of training can only take you so far. Issues will arise after you launch your business that you will need help with and AHI is here to help you with those issues for as long as you need us. We wish we could tell you that being successful in this business was as easy as reading a book - because we would publish one - but unfortunately that is not going to cut it unless you have previously worked as a home care administrator.

Q: Have any of your client agencies failed and gone out of business? If so, what were the reasons?

A: Yes, as of April 2014 we have launched 243 agencies across the US and Canada. Of those 243 there have been twenty one that have not succeeded and went out of business. Six of them had unforeseen family circumstances (divorce and death) that pushed the owners to quit. The others were mainly due to the owner's inability to follow our business model due to the fact that they believed their way of doing things was the best for their particular situation. Spending money on marketing techniques that we warned against, etc. will not help build a strong business. We do our very best to guide our clients to success but sometimes you can take a horse to water but it does not want to drink - to coin a phrase. We also encourage everyone that comes to us to ask our competitors how many Private Duty (non medical) companies they have helped set up and how many have failed? We are also more than happy to give qualified prospective clients access to speak with our AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting clients to find out what their experience has been with our organization. The proof is in the pudding!

Q: Marketing is essential to a business' survival. What type of marketing training do you provide?

A: We provide complete hands on guidance to marketing your agency: marketing plan creation; assessing local competition and market analysis; tips to increasing your marketing edge with the local competition; where to focus time and efforts for maximized benefit and referrals; creating the look and feel of a professional and stable agency that people can trust. Due to the fact that marketing and sales are so important to the success of a home care business we spend one half of the Boot Camp training on these topics. Imagine if someone put you in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson and said 'Lets see who comes out on top!' That is essentially how you will feel and stack up against other seasoned home care agency sales reps when going out and marketing your home care agency to the healthcare community if you don't have solid and laser focused marketing training/role playing. We provide this level of in depth training at our Aventis University™ Boot Camp Training. We spend two full days on our Sales and Marketing Training in office (and two more days of home study) and offer unique, innovative, and proprietary sales techniques/programs that will get you in doors closed to other seasoned sales reps. We can help you become the leader among your local healthcare community sales reps! AHI StartupHomeCare Consulting also provides "Eight weeks out the gate" mandatory one-on-one coaching to its new client agencies once they are ready to open their doors for business. The out the gate training helps our client agency owners stay accountable and on track with implementing our marketing plan and making their focus our unique Veteran Program which can get them in doors closed to others and provide a service to people that no one else can provide - with the help of our Veteran Program. Contact us for more information on AHI's exciting new and totally unique Veteran Program! Other Franchisers may claim they can help Veterans too - but in reality they end up telling their clients to work with VA Accredited Attorney's in their local area who will only work with clients who need wills, trust, annuities, etc. and have the funds to private pay for care during the 3-12 month application process which works out to be only 20% of the Veteran population. AHI clients get to work with 100% of the Veterans out there and also get referrals from VA Attorneys who are sending 80% of their clients out their back door because they can't make any money off of a will, trust, annuity, etc.