An affordable and flexible non-medical
home care business opportunity

AHI Group | StartupHomeCare is North America’s premier non-franchise business opportunity in the non-medical home care industry. If you are looking for a rewarding career as a business owner in a booming industry you have found the best! StartupHomeCare is the training and support division of AHI Group, Inc – a nationwide Membership Organization of 450+ home care agencies StartupHomeCare provides a comprehensive non-medical home care agency start-up and support solution for those individuals who want to truly own their business and receive unlimited financial return while providing a valuable and rewarding service to help seniors stay independent in their own homes vs. going to a facility.

AHI Group | StartupHomeCare provides a turn-key smart alternative to purchasing a home care franchise

If you have gone through the due diligence process with a franchise that charges $36,000 – $63,000 for a small territory purchase and has an ongoing across the board royalty fee of 5 – 8% on all revenue then you will know that what AHI Group is offering comes at an incredibly reasonable cost.

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AHI Group has a one-time Lifetime Membership Fee of $12,500. Our members need an additional $15K for their startup costs such as insurance, office space, state license fees, etc. Financing is available for up to $20,000 for those with credit scores of 680+ with no bankruptcies, no foreclosures, and above $50K income – no exceptions. The reason AHI Group can keep its up-front pricing so low is that AHI Group does not pay 50% of its up-front fees to independent franchise business brokers who sell most franchise territories. In addition, AHI Group makes recurring revenue from its unique all in-house VA Pension Benefit Program. The recurring revenue pays for the coaches and mentors (who provide daily support to our members) deferring the need to impose a royalty on our members income.

The following are some of what is included in AHI Group’s Lifetime Membership:

  • 10 Days Initial Comprehensive AHI Group “Boot Camp” Training (5 Days In Our AHI Group, Inc Offices And 5 Days Remote). Our founders will teach you the secrets of their success in the highly competitive market place of Southern California. We provide five training Boot Camps per year and our members have unlimited access to all ongoing. After attending a live training in our office, our members get access to our online training portal – which covers all the same training as our in – office training. You can get all your future employees trained and certified in whatever aspect of the business you would like them involved in without paying for their travel to California. Our Boot Camps are small in size and allow everyone to get the attention they need. Our proprietary tools/programs are not shared with thousands of other home care agencies. Click Here to view our 5 day in office Boot Camp daily schedule.
  • Daily Coaching/Mentoring From Our Team Of Seasoned Home Care Professionals – For the lifetime of owning your home care agency. An assigned coach/mentor is a big part of the true value of what AHI Group is providing. Having a team of people behind you who have actually owned multi-million dollar home care agencies means you are getting support from people who have actually been in your shoes, know exactly how you feel, and know exactly what you need to do in order to be successful in the multitude of situations that will arise during the first year of running your business and beyond.
  • Mastermind Weekly Sales Calls and Webinars. We realize that your assigned seasoned coach/mentor will be your “go to” person for help day to day after opening your doors for business –but we also have weekly Mastermind Sales Calls that include members who have been in business for a number of years. There are currently 165 hours of recorded mastermind sales calls that any of our members can listen to anytime.
  • All The Legal Forms, Operational Policies, Procedures, Manuals, and Documentation Needed
  • Resources to Recruit Quality Caregivers – this is the second hardest thing to do (behind finding clients). You will be able to pay your caregivers in the top 20% of what caregivers get paid in your as you won’t have a franchise royalty payment taking 1/3 of your net profit. You get to give that money to your caregivers. In addition, providing your caregivers with Certified Senior Care Aide® Certifications at no cost to them will entice them to work for your organization as this is a certification that benefits their career ongoing. AHI Group members get a 75% discount on the normal cost of these certifications in the industry.
  • If A License Is Required In Your State, we will assist with completing your state license application and provide you all the necessary policies and procedures to get your license application approved. We have had zero license denials and guarantee that you will get your license as long as you pass your background check – or we will issue you a full refund of your entire Lifetime Membership fee. We will help you get into unlimited additional states with no extra fee for your license applications. You are responsible for paying all state licensing fees.
  • Save An Average Of $6,000 In Your First 3 yrs in professional liability insurance & bonding insurance premiums with our discounted group policy.
  • Back Office Solutions – that will save you $3,000 a month during your first year.
  • Client Leads via the Web (cost is $40-$70 per lead and each have talked to a case manager and been pre-qualified), 50+ National Long Term Care Insurance Contracts, Medicaid Waiver Programs, and Government Programs. We will assist you with accessing these programs at no extra cost. Others charge their clients thousands of dollars on top of their initial fee to give access to these contracts/programs.
  • Access to AHI Group Exclusive In-House Veterans Pension Benefit Program – we are the only home care organization in the nation that cut out the middle-man 3rd party based in St. Louis, MO (that all other home care agencies have to use to process their client’s VA Pension Benefit applications) and brought the program in house. Our program closes 70% more clients than the 3rd party due to our unique interest free care loan for the family. The loan allows the family to avoid any out of pocket expense to get their care started while waiting on benefit approval – causing 70% more people to move forwards with their benefit applications. Also, our VA Program always provides more hours of care than the 3rd party program – guaranteed.
  • Assisted Living Placements And Medical Staffing “Snap On” Business Lines. You Get Trained On Multiple Senior Care Businesses to diversify your revenue.
  • Quality Marketing Materials like 40+ Flyers, Brochures (see example), Banner Ads, A Quality Website, etc. (see example), Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Optional Daily Support With Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc.
  • Assistance with business Identity Setup (S-Corp, LLC, etc.), IRS & State Legal Filings
  • Unlimited Access To Our Online Caregiver Training Academy; Train Your Employees With Our 50+ FREE Caregiver Training Video Tutorials.
  • 50% Discount For The “Excellence In Home Care® – Trusted Provider” Certification to give your agency credentials that stand out in your local community.
  • Complementary Certified Senior Care Manager® (CSCM) Certification – upon completion of AHI Group Boot Camp Training –let’s people know you are qualified to be managing their care.
  • Home Care Management Software ($12 per client, per month) – this state of the art cloud based software will schedule your employees, track their hours, billing, Payroll, caregiver recruiting, HR, remote family portal login, referral management, ACH and credit card billing, etc.
  • Back Office Solutions – save thousands per month on employee costs in your first couple of years via using our Home Care Case Manager Call Center to handle your phone calls when you are busy and no-one can pick up the phone to talk to a potential client, referral source, or caregiver who is calling and needs help right away. The Home Care Case Managers are available 24x7x365 and the cost starts at only $220 per month. Look bigger than you are and never lose business by missing an important call – for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own employees to handle your calls.

Click the video to learn the basic steps to start a home care business

Ask us about getting access to the other three video’s in our free “Intro To Home Care” video series that include these topics:


  • Keys To Success In Home Care
  • AHI Group Competitive Edge
  • 3 Reasons Why Home Care Agencies Fail
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“AHI Group | StartupHomeCare offers all the
benefits of a franchise without the strings
and large upfront investment.”


— Mark Dunning,
President, AHI Group | StartupHomeCare

We automate the day to day management of your business

Our state-of-the-art home care management software will save you thousands of dollars a month in office staff payroll. Our turn-key software solution manages all aspects of a home care agency’s operations including recruiting, hiring, HR, scheduling, payroll, same day pay advance, billing, invoicing, client care portal, and more. Unlike a franchise, we will not require you to use our software if you should want to use another product. All of our programs and proprietary solutions are optional.

Find And Retain
Qualified Caregivers

Hiring quality caregivers can be a challenge for franchises in today’s market place because they cannot pay them in the top 20% of caregiver hourly pay. Our AHI Group Members do not lose 1/3 of their profit to a royalty payment and therefore can turn those funds around and give them back to their caregivers. A recent study of thousands of caregivers showed that 89% would move agencies for an extra $2/hour.

Get your FREE “10 Questions To Ask” Guide

Contact us to get your FREE copy of our “10 Questions To Ask During Your Due Diligence.” This document will help you compare apples to apples as you search for the right business opportunity. It will also help you ask the hard questions that need to be asked before making a leap forwards with any organization.

What will it cost?

At AHI Group, we have a one-time Lifetime Membership fee of $12,500 for all of our services. There are no additional service fees for the life of owning your business. Have you considered having your business operate in another state that is close by? We will assist you get licensed in unlimited states at no extra cost. You will also need an additional $15K for startup costs such as insurance, office space, state license fees, etc. Financing is available for $20,000 for those with credit scores of 680+ with no bankruptcies or foreclosures, and above $50,000 in income. Credit scores of 700+ can get up to $50,000 in loan funds.

Our Membership Fee includes all of our services

Lifetime Membership Fee
Our Lifetime Membership Fee is currently $12,500. This fee includes all our services for the duration of the time you retain ownership in your business. This fee pays for all the things we do for our new members before they open their doors for business. i.e. Help create their legal entity (S-Corp/LLC), help them get a home care license in their state, get them trained via our 10 days of initial training, and get them ready to launch.

Day To Day Support/Mentoring
Once launched, our members need constant hand holding and day to day support from people who have actually owned their own senior care business and grow it from zero to a multi-million dollar operation. Our members only get support from those who have actually done what we want each of our members to do. In order to pay for this type of talent to assist our members we need recurring revenue to pay for such.

Paying For Our Ongoing Support/Mentoring
Instead of charging our members a 5-8% royalty on their gross revenue (which equates to a 1/3 of their take home profit), we brought a Veterans Pension Benefit Program in-house and that provides the ongoing revenue we need in order to pay for the support/mentoring services we provide ongoing to members. It’s a win-win! See the “Better Way To Success In Home Care” section above for more information on how we cut out the middle-man and stopped outsourcing our VA Pension Benefit revenue to a 3rd party in St. Louis, MO (like all other home care agencies still do) and brought that program and revenue in house.

We Are Looking For The Right People
At AHI Group we know that finding the right people to join our exclusive Membership Organization is more important than finding people who have the most money. With 450+ members nationwide and a goal to grow to 700 over the next four years, we are always looking for people who fit our values and requirements for Membership. With that said, we encounter many individuals who are the right fit for us but don’t have a large amount of money up front to start their business. For this reason, we try to keep our up-front fee as low as possible and use the revenue we make from our VA Pension Benefit Program to make up the difference.

Our unparalleled
commitment to our members

We are confident that our new AHI Group Members will be thrilled with our membership model, training, programs, materials, and support/coaching services. However, if they believe that they should have purchased a home care franchise within 30 days of attending our on-site Boot Camp Training we will offer a full refund so they can purchase a franchise. Also, we guarantee our members will get licensed in their state or we will issue them a full refund (refund based on owners passing a state background check). We stand by our services and Membership Model.

Our Members Are Certified

Our AHI Group members get their Certified Senior Care Manager® (CSCM) Certification – included in our Lifetime Membership Fee. This national certification gives referral sources/families comfort that you are appropriately trained and can provide a Gold Standard of care. In addition, our members can get their Certified Senior Health Coach® (CSHC) Certification for a 50% discount. This national certification trains individuals to assist seniors to implement a balanced diet/meal plan for their diseases associated with aging. Training for the CSHC Certification is provided during a night class at our initial training Boot Camp and an additional fee is required. Lastly, our members get a 75% discount on the Certified Senior Care Aide® (CSCA) Certification for all their caregivers. Having certified caregivers sets an agency apart.

Ongoing support and coaching should not cost you a third of your take home income

Included in AHI Group’s Lifetime Membership Fee is unlimited daily coaching/support from our team of former successful home care business owners. Each member is assigned a personal coach who will assist them grow their business day to day.

Find out more about our unique & innovative model

Success in the senior care industry doesn’t need to cost you a third of your profits.

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