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Start and grow a successful home care business!

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Start and grow a successful home care business!

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    Learn about AHI Group | Startup HomeCare and the growth of the senior care industry. Click Here for AHI Group member testimonials.

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    Thought of starting your own home care agency and helping seniors in your local community get the care they need?


Start and grow a successful non-medical home care business with the daily coaching and mentoring of people who have successfully grown multi-million dollar home care companies from the ground up. AHI Group | StartupHomeCare offers a premier turn-key non-medical home care business opportunity that provides the advantages of a home care franchise but without the downsides. Check out our FREE four part “Intro To Home Care” video series – to see if you have what it takes to be successful in the home care industry and also find out some of the keys to success in home care. Fill out the request form on our “Contact Us” page and say “Send me the videos link” in the ‘Questions’ section.

StartupHomeCare is the business development and training arm of AHI Group, Inc (AHI). AHI is a nationwide membership organization of 300+ independently owned non-medical home health care agencies that specialize in providing personal care services to seniors in their homes or chosen place of residence. AHI offers a turn-key smart alternative to purchasing a home care franchise or hiring home care consultants. Home care franchises have had a proven system for many decades. Franchises are motivated by a royalty to help their franchisees be successful and have a dedicated system to support their franchisees after they open their doors for business. However, franchises typically take 1/3 of the net profit of their franchisees and restrict their service areas to small territories.  As a result – some consumers go in the opposite direction and read a book or attend a 3-4 day home care seminar and hope that will be enough to be successful and beat out their local embedded competition. Unfortunately, 70% of them go out of business within their first two years as they don’t have a team of senior care professionals helping them after opening their doors for business.

AHI Group offers a membership model which provides the advantages of the franchise model but without the downside. AHI’s revenue is tied to its members revenue – but not in the form of an across the board royalty. AHI funds its personal coaches/mentors through three optional programs that its members can opt in or out of anytime. If AHI members see value in a program they will use it and AHI will receive increased recurring revenue as its member’s client base grows in the program. AHI also allows its members to expand their business in any geographical direction at anytime to follow their leads/referral sources and have unrestricted growth. Contact us today to schedule your FREE Consultation and learn more about AHI Group’s unique Membership Organization that can help you achieve your dream of owning your own successful business in the booming senior care industry!

Caregivers and Aides perform a critical role in helping those who are not chronically ill, yet need assistance with daily activities like bathing, house keeping, personal hygiene, using the toilet, running errands, cooking, etc. Seniors prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home; it is called “Aging in Place.” In 2010 the U.S. population of those aged 65 or older was 35 million. By 2040 that number will be 80 million. Call us today!