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What will you say to a discharge planner at a hospital that says, “We don’t recommend home care agencies to any patients.” How will you get referrals from that discharge planner now? What if your client chokes to death while the caregiver is in the rest room? What will you do next? What if the client has a G-Tube, or a catheter, what are you legally allowed to do with those devices? What if the client has shaky hands and can’t hold a dixie cup to give themselves medication pills – what can you legally do to help them?

What will you do if a discharge planner at a skilled nursing facility, VA hospital, long term care insurance company, or Medicaid Waiver program says, “We are super happy with the four home care agencies we have been referring to for the last three years as they handle all our difficult cases super well, they have well trained caregivers, and they have great specialty training in hospice and Alzheimer’s – so we are not looking for anyone else right now – but thanks for coming in though!”

What will you say next? Without having a seasoned coach/mentor to discuss the situations that occur each day – you will have a difficult time figuring out how to handle each situation and could end up getting a ‘black eye’ in your community before you ever get off the ground.

Contact us to get a FREE copy of the “Hard Questions You Need To Ask About Support/Coaching.” Understanding who will be your coach and what exactly you will be doing with them on a daily basis is very important to the success and growth of your organization long term. Included in AHI Group’s Lifetime Membership Fee is unlimited daily coaching/support from our team of former home care business owners. Each member is assigned a personal coach who will assist them grow their business day to day.

AHI Group founders started their own agency at the beginning of a depression (January 2007) in the most competitive market place in the nation – Southern California – with over 200 other existing home care agencies. AHI Group’s founders were able to market their new home care agency and grow it into a multi-million dollar business. The founders are now sharing the secrets to their success and the hard lessons they learned that can be avoided.

Our marketing approaches and tools are unique, give back to the healthcare community, and have proven highly successful in today’s difficult economic landscape at beating out the local competition. Our members get trained and supported only by staff who have (or currently own) their own successful senior care business. Our members are coached only by those who have actually started a home care business from scratch and grown it into a multi-million dollar operation.

We provide ten days of initial comprehensive training. You are required to complete five intense days of AHI Group “Boot Camp” Training in our Corporate office in Irvine, Southern California in which we will train you and provide you with tools you need to launch and grow your home care business. Our tools, documentation, and marketing programs will give you the ability to hit the ground running in your community. You will be given “Lunch and Learn” PowerPoint Presentations that you will use to present to Case Managers in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

You will be given 45 flyers with fresh content and backup references to all the data on them so you can wow your potential referral sources with your knowledge about the home care industry and your ability to help them solve their problems. We have exact scripts that you will use to overcome objections you will encounter. Details matter, and nothing is left to chance or interpretation. You will learn the skill set required to compete with the best home care marketers in your community and be able to beat them out due to your knowledge and tools. You can bring one additional person to training for no extra cost.

However, despite offering state of the art and cutting edge training and solutions during our 10 days of initial training, we realize that this can only take you so far. You will encounter situations every day that we cannot possibly have time to cover in 10 days of training. Knowing what is “normal” and what is “not normal” can be the difference of handling a situation well and winning the business or not handling it well and losing. At AHI Group, you will be trained and provided support by highly accomplished non-medical industry professionals who have been in the trenches of actually OWNING their own home care agency and know the detailed in’s and out’s of how to market and grow that business day to day. NOTE: Five days of training is normally provided in our Corporate office (Irvine, Southern California) and the other five days you will do at your home via DVD and study materials. However, due to the pandemic, we are offering the 5 days of in office training via LIVE BROADCAST over the internet. Everyone will join via a WebEx/Zoom type software and be able to interact with our Boot Camp Team LIVE from the comfort of their own home.

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