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The home care industry is poised for huge growth as we come out of the initial stages of the CoVID19 pandemic. Family members who have considered putting their parents into a nursing home or assisted living facility are thinking twice about doing that due to the large CoVID19 death toll in such facilities vs. keeping the family member in their own home. CoVID19 has shown all of us that a pandemic can happen at any time and being able to isolate those who are vulnerable is very important. The best way to isolate seniors is in the comfort of their own home,  surroundings, pets, and neighborhood.  Staying at home helps keep seniors happy and reduce their chances of depression – which only weakens their immune systems.

If you were to ask a friend where to buy a hamburger they would probably recommend McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. Burgers are a product and that product is well advertised and a known entity. However, if you were to ask your friend where you could get non medical home care services they would probably scratch their head. This is because there is little to no mainstream marketing occurring in the home care industry and therefore there is no mainstream public understanding of companies who provide such home care services. There is no such thing as ‘branding’ in the home care industry.

Franchises will use branding as their biggest leverage to charge you large sums of money up front and ongoing to take on their ‘branded’ name. Unfortunately, franchise owners find out sooner than later when they actually get out and start marketing their new franchise office that they gain no leverage or unearned respect due solely to their name. Respect and trust is earned through relationships in the home care industry. Our proprietary and cutting edge marketing techniques will successfully get you in doors that are closed to others. One of our marketing edges is our Veterans Pension Program.

You will most likely be the only home care agency in your area doing anything with this VA Pension Benefit – but if you do run into another company who is – you will beat them hands down every time due to our superior program that will give your clients more hours of care than any competitor can provide. To understand all the details about our VA Pension Benefit Program please listen to our 18 minute VA Program Video Presentation put on by our President, Mark Dunning. Our business development team can give you access to it.

According to the federal government and the last census, Eldercare needs are going to continue to explode well past 2045. Right now, 10,000 people are turning 65 each day in the US and will continue that way for another twenty years. While there is competition in every business, the overwhelming demand for good quality, ethical, home care services will be around for some time to come. In addition, our proprietary and cutting edge marketing techniques will get you in doors that have been closed to other companies allowing your agency to expand and grow.

With that being said, we don’t want to sugar coat anything. You are not the only person who is interested in this booming industry. There are many who are already in this industry and have been in it for years. It is hard to beat out embedded existing competition in any community. Why would a referral source at an insurance company, hospital, Medicaid Waiver program, etc. want to use your agency when they have referred to another three agencies for 5 years and have a great relationship with them? You have to offer something the embedded agency is not offering.

AHI Group proprietary marketing techniques and tools get our members in doors closed to others. AHI Group holds its unique techniques and tools close to itself and so only 450+ AHI Group members know about them across the nation. Compare this to the thousands of home care agencies some consultants work with and you get the picture of why their clients have nothing that sets them apart from the other agencies in their area – as they were trained by the same people and all competing against each other.

On average, web sites provide about 15-20% of a home care agencies qualified leads. AHI Group will create your web site and then perform ‘natural’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services on it so that it will start to appear on a common search engine like Google with no ‘pay per click’ type fees on-going. In addition, we will teach you how to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to spread your message of senior care services across your community and build you online presence and ranking on search engines like Google.

Keep in mind that when people find you online they don’t know you from Adam (to coin a term) and are therefore much more skittish with choosing you over the other agencies they found online. These types of potential clients are much harder to ‘close’ than you getting a referral from a discharge planner at a healthcare facility that you have been marketing your services to. The family typically trusts the discharge planner as they are a healthcare professional and will therefore be more inclined to choose your agency over all the others out there online. However, that being said, AHI Group can provide its Member’s with web leads that have been called on the phone and pre-qualified for around $50 each.

Many home care organizations focus most of their attention on back office processes: software, their website, caregiver training videos, discounted supplies, etc. These, however, will not get an agency a lot of clients. Others focus on getting signed up with Long Term Care Insurance companies, Medicaid Waivers, and Workers Compensation companies but come to find out that some of these companies pay low rates per hour which make it difficult to make a profit in today’s caregiver shortage market place where a new agency should focus on paying their caregivers more than most other agencies in their area to attract new caregivers.

They also find that getting signed up with a Long Term Care Insurance or Workers Compensation Insurance company does not mean they will ever get a single referral from those companies. Why would the insurance company suddenly start referring to your agency when they have been referring to 4 embedded agencies in your area for the past 5 years and really like the agencies? You have to provide something that the other agency is not providing. Ask us about getting access to our Intro To Home Care Video series so you can see some of the tools our AHI Group Members have to set themselves apart from their embedded competition and win business from Long Term Care Insurance Companies, Case Managers, etc.

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