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Helping 15 Million Elderly Veterans And Their Surviving Spouses Pay For Their Care

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There are 15 million veterans and their surviving spouses who can qualify to receive $2,200 per month from a VA Pension Benefit to pay for their care services. AHI Group is the only home care organization in the nation that has an in-house Veterans Pension Benefit Program. This program allows our members to help 60% more veterans than any other home care agency using a 3rd party to process their VA Benefit applications. In addition, our members will always be able to provide more hours of care in this program vs. any home care agency using the 3rd party – guaranteed.

We encourage you to watch our VA Program video to see exactly how our program is different and how our members always beat out anyone else doing anything with VA Benefits in their local community. Your clients will love that they can get funds which can be used to pay for up to 25 hours of care per week – without paying a penny out of their pocket to get started! You will love serving our honorable Veterans and their surviving spouses. The margins in the Veterans Pension Program equate to $6,400 take home owners profit for each part-time client you are providing care for. Ninety part-time clients equals $575,000 in owners take home income per year.

Evidence of what we are explaining can be found in a national home care franchisees VA Brochure (see bottom right of the brochure) click here. They state in their brochure that their VA Pension Benefit clients get a maximum of 60, 50, 30 hours of care per month for each care scenario (Couple, Single Veteran, or Surviving Spouse – respectively). Our AHI Group members can provide (on average) around 85, 73, 47 hours of care per month for each scenario. Which home care agency do you think a client is going to choose if both approach them and explain there is a VA Pension benefit that can be used to pay for home care services?

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