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How to Tell When a Loved One Needs More Care Than What You Can Give Them

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We all have that special elderly loved one in our lives who may need some attention soon. Whether it is an aunt, uncle, mother, father, brother, sister, or even a cousin, one of these days, they will need more care than we can provide them. But, how do you know when that time comes? How can you tell when your elderly loved one is ready for assisted living or even a full-time nursing home? Here are a few of the first signs that your loved one might need more care than you can give them.

They Start to Get Aggressive

Whether it is physical aggression or emotional aggression, either way, this is one of the first signs of Dementia, and this may mean they need more care than anyone in the family can provide. Once an elderly loved one starts getting mean to you or anyone else when you are trying to care for them, this is usually a sign that it is time for someone more professional to step in and give them the care they need.

You Start Getting Stressed Out

Once things get too hard for you to handle and you, as the caregiver, starts to get stressed out just by giving them the love and attention they need, this is one more sign that it may be time for assisted living or a full-time nursing home. Your family at home needs you too, and you shouldn’t feel guilty feeling like you have to choose between one or the other. Call a professional who is more equipped to give your elderly loved one the full-time care he or she needs once and for all.

Their Home Safety is at Risk

Once they start falling more often, whether they are just walking from one room to the next, or even fall in the bathtub or the shower, this is one of the main signs that they need more professional caregiving than what you can give them. If you don’t put your elderly loved one in an assisted living facility or a nursing home soon, you could find them hurt bad or worse, one day. No one wants that to happen!

They Seem to Need More Care Than What You Can Provide for Them

Once you realize that they need more than just your help, this is a major sign that it is time to put them in a full-time assisted living home or nursing home. It is for their health and safety that you do this for them.

They Start Wandering

Once they start walking to places they usually don’t go, this is another sign that they need more care than what you can give them. What if they went into a neighbor’s home thinking it was their own and something bad happened to them?


These are just a few signs you should pay attention to when you realize your family member needs more care than you can provide them. Once you realize they do need assisted living or nursing home care, it is time to start doing your research to find the best, local place for them to live out their remaining years. You can visit them as often as you want.

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