Yes, AHI Group, Inc is a Strategic Partner of ACHC (one of the three Healthcare Accrediting bodies in the USA). There are only three other Home Care Organizations that have the coveted role of Strategic Partner with ACHC. Click Here to view AHI Group, Inc on ACHC’s website.

The home care industry is poised for huge growth as we come out of the initial stages of the CoVID19 pandemic. Family members who have considered putting their parents into a nursing home or assisted living facility are thinking twice about doing that due to the large CoVID19 death toll in such facilities vs. keeping the family member in their own home. CoVID19 has shown all of us that a pandemic can happen at any time and being able to isolate those who are vulnerable is very important. The best way to isolate seniors is in the comfort of their own home,  surroundings, pets, and neighborhood.  Staying at home helps keep seniors happy and reduce their chances of depression – which only weakens their immune systems.

AHI Group was founded by senior care professionals who started and grew their own non-medical home care business from the ground up to a multi-million dollar business. AHI Group has been launching and growing non-medical home care agencies since April of 2007. We have a proven track record and business model that works.  Yes, there are other options out there, but if you compare what we offer (in detail) to what they do and add our track record of success (91.5% success rate) to the equation you will find that we are a safe bet in a world of potentially risky new business ventures. We encourage you to talk to one of our business development group to get even more in depth information. AHI Group is constantly evolving its marketing techniques to stay ahead of the competition. All in all, AHI Group is an ethical organization from top to bottom.

AHI Group consistently out performs its competition in local market places across the nation. Given the knowledge and seasoned industry expertise that its founders and key executives have through their experience in the healthcare industry as a whole and also in the senior care market place. This broad knowledge of healthcare industry experience allows AHI Group to read between the lines of new legislation affecting the senior care industry, analyze where the greatest opportunities will lie ongoing, and plug into numerous industry feeds that – when combined – give AHI Group a clear gauge on where to focus its efforts each year to drive the most revenue for its members. AHI Group is constantly evolving its programs to seek out new opportunities for revenue growth that are untapped or underutilized.

Innovation is what put AHI Group on the map and has allowed their members to consistently beat out their local competition in competitive markets across the nation. That innovation is a continuous and evolving process. Those who rely on copying AHI Group innovations will always be “behind the 8 ball” so to speak and never on the leading edge – unlike our AHI Group members who get to splash everything that is new in their local communities and be the first to market. Last but not least, at AHI Group, we stand by our service and organization and are willing to refund anyone’s full investment in us if they attend our initial Boot Camp Training and are not 100% satisfied with what they learn there – and instead decide to purchase a franchise within 30 days thereafter.

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