A home care business requires fairly minimal start up costs compared to the massive upside of potential revenue and income you can drive from a successful operation. In addition to our AHI Group Lifetime Membership Fee, we recommend you have an additional $15,000 you can access during your first 6-8 months in business (credit card is fine). You will need an office address to look professional in your community but we can show you some great rates on flexible short or long term office space leasing options located in over 950 cities throughout the US with rates starting as low as $200 per month, furnished, including utilities and a shared receptionist – to give your agency a professional feel and assist you when performing potential employee interviews.

No Catch. AHI Group is a Membership Organization with no franchise royalties and no territory restrictions. AHI Group, Inc  (StartupHomeCare’s parent company) is an nationwide membership network of 450+ home care agencies. You do not have to purchase a franchise to grow a million-dollar home care agency – but you do need people behind you as your personal coach/mentor who are financially motivated to help you grow and have previously owned large home care agencies themselves.  We encourage people to do a Google search on “AHI Group, Inc” to verify we don’t have a laundry list of complaints from our member agencies. We provide an affordable alternative to purchasing a franchise and charge no ongoing royalties and have no restricted territories. We have a one-time lifetime membership fee for all of our services with no additional “add on fees” ever.

AHI Group pays for its “post launch” one-on-one coaching and mentorship via recurring revenue from three optional programs that it offers to its members. Members can choose to participate or simply decline. Those that decline will pay no more fees to AHI Group and will continue to get full membership privileges. Some thing note worthy to keep in mind is that one thing a franchise will rarely disclose is how much they pay their sales team or “independent franchise brokers” to bring them customers. On average, a franchise will pay at least $20,000 to an “independent franchise broker” for every franchise they help sell. Our internal business development team bring new clients to our organization. Saving on overhead costs helps StartupHomeCare keep its total upfront pricing down which, of course, benefits our members.

A franchise may tell you that you will always need their constant hand holding and support as you go out and grow your business. However, what you will find if you actually talk to one of their franchisees is that after the first year or two they rarely call their corporate franchise asking for help because they have already encountered 95% of the situations they will encounter and therefore already know how to handle them and don’t need someone to tell them what to do again. In our minds, if one of our members should ever be call us a lot after their first 18 months in business, then that would mean that we have failed on our end to effectively coach and develop them to that point.

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