Yes, we have a state-of-the-art back office cloud enabled HR, scheduling, billing, CRM, telephony, etc. software tool that our members can use. Our AHI Group software is $12 per active client – so you only pay for what you use. We charge NO onboarding/training fee. In addition, we provide 5 one hour LIVE training sessions to teach you how to use the software and learn it quickly and efficiently. Compare this to other software companies that charge flat fees of $150 – $250 per month starting out with a $600+ onboarding/training fee that only provides pre-recorded training where you cannot ask questions in real-time to learn how to use their software.

Our software is a state-of-the-art cloud based software system to run your entire agency from your iphone, ipad, laptop computer: referral tracking, caregiver HR, client scheduling, client profile, caregiver time tracking via GPS on smart phone app, family portal (so family can login and see what has been going on in the home each day), send texts to all caregivers regarding new jobs with one click, and much more!

Save countless hours and reduce the need for a lot of office staff. etc. products. However, at AHI Group, Inc we don’t force you to use our software like a franchise will. YOU get to decide which software product you would like to purchase according to price, functionality, ease of use, etc.

NOTE: Our software is one of the three totally OPTIONAL programs that AHI Group has developed to receive ongoing revenue instead of charging a Royalty on our AHI Group Members income. When AHI Group members get more clients in the software, AHI Group recurring revenue increases. AHI Group is therefore financially motivated to help its members grow their business.

Most all states don’t require a specific caregiver certification to provide non-medical care services. However, a way to attract caregivers to your agency and to make your agency look quality is to have all your caregivers get their Certified Senior Care Aide® Certification. We provide you with an unlimited lifetime online access to a training portal with 50+ caregiver training videos that cover the full spectrum of non-medical home care provider training and industry best practices.

Your caregivers will be able to create their own login UserID and Password and get access to this site. They will be able to watch any of the 50+ videos and be required to take a quiz after each video and then be able to download and print a certificate of completion for each training video which they can show as evidence to you – their agency administrator – that they have completed the courses you asked them to complete. Through our relationship with the Association of Care Services at Home® (ACSAH) your caregivers will also be able to get Certified as Senior Care Aides® $100 instead of $700 – $1,000 which is what they would pay if they went to a similar training academy.

This is a great incentive for your potential employees to come on board with your agency – allowing you to attract quality caregivers and retain them. We are the only home care organization in the nation that offers a CSCA training program with a cost of only a $100 per certification. In addition, if all your caregivers are certified (along with some other requirements) your agency will be able to qualify for the “Excellence In Home Care® – Trusted Employer” and “Superior Provider” designations which will help you stand out in your local community.

Lastly, keep in mind that 89% of polled caregivers in the industry say they will switch jobs for $1 – $2 more per hour. This is great news for non franchise home care agencies as they have 1/3 more net profit (that they are not giving to a franchise) that they can use to pay their caregivers more money and therefore attract more of them. Many franchises talk about the “caregiver shortage” but our AHI Group agencies don’t have that same concern as they are able to pay their caregivers better than all the franchises out there and still maintain affordable pricing for their clients.

No, it is not required. However, we are looking for people who meet certain work experience requirements to become a member of AHI Group. We have 300 – 400 people a month that come to our organization with interest in joining us and we have to funnel that group down to a handful that we will bring on as members each month. Our comprehensive ten day initial AHI Group Training “Boot Camp” (5 days in our Corporate Office and 5 days remote from your home) assumes that you know nothing about the home care industry and will start you on your journey to becoming a seasoned and successful home care business owner.

Your assigned AHI Group coach/mentor (an individual who has started their own home care agency and grown it to a multi-million dollar home care business) will then guide you along the path to growing your business day to day after you open your doors for business. The day to day coaching/mentorship from our team of seasoned former home care agency OWNERS combined with our comprehensive training, tools, and unique programs will allow you to hit the ground running and beat out your local competition.

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