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Meet Some Of Our AHI Group Members!

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You do not have to purchase a franchise to be successful – but you do need people behind you who are financially motivated to help you grow.


Meet Some Of Our Five Million Dollar Club Members

Click Here to go to our “Testimonials” page to view a 5 minute video of one of our 5 Million Dollar Club Member Agencies. This agency owner lives here in California and came on-board in 2012. He grew his business to $5 Million in five years and now has 3 offices and continues to expand his foot print and grow exponentially. Incidentally, California is one of the most competitive home care market places in the nation and any knowledgeable home care professional will agree with that statement. If someone can be a success in the home care industry here in California – they can almost always replicate that anywhere else in our nation. This is the value of AHI Group vs. a franchise – our members can grow into whatever areas they deem attractive and open up new offices to continue their growth.

Then, Click Here to see two more of our $5+ Million Club Member Stories. These were two individuals who had a passion for help others and with our help grew their businesses to $5 Million in revenue within 3-4 years. One member is located here in California and the other is located in Pennsylvania.

Then, Click Here to see the 175+ ALL Five Star Google Certified Reviews from some of our Member Agencies.

Lastly, we encourage you to speak with our AHI Group members in person. Qualified candidates will get the opportunity to do this when they have reached a certain point in our discovery process.

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